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Fresh & Local: STASH

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It doesn’t take long at all to understand why this little shop is called STASH. In the first five minutes Meg and I had both found five things we just loved. It was like the worlds best treasure hunting dream come true that made you want to fill your arms with all the things you could not live without.

Located in downtown Norman STASH is owned and operated by two great friends; Rebecca and Della. It started with tea at Della’s house and 2 months later STASH opened.

“We don’t really mess around when we decide we want to do something.” -Rebecca

With a focus on fair trade and American made items STASH is filled with pieces you can’t find anywhere else. There “one in, one out” space aesthetic will make you want to pop in and see what’s new or if that perfect gift you saw last week is still waiting for you. When Rebecca saw us eying a shelf of vintage tins she jumped right in to share the story behind the name.

“We love to insert STASH into the names of all our products. Those are our STASH tins. We love the sense of mystery, the feeling like you want to know what’s inside.”

As we moved deeper into STASH we found all kinds of beautiful locally made items and wonderfully designed prints. Rebecca and Della take great pride in the items they keep in the shop.

“We want the items we carry to have a sense of durability and lasting appeal, to be loved for years, not just cherished for a moment.”

And of course just around the corner from the wonderful jewelry and ceramic bowls sit our Tufa Pots tucked neatly on a little shelf to be found and loved by just the right person. When we delivered the pots we talked about how people have reacted in the past to our Tiny Tufa. Rebecca replied:

“…they really do, people come in and find a plant and hold it like a little nest…”

One of my favorite finds at STASH was this shelf of white ceramic figurines and dishes. It was my visual pause. In the mist of all the ‘oh I love this’ or ‘I have to take this home’… this collection of simple, fun, eclectic finds was home to me. Maybe it just spoke to the minimalist designer in me, or maybe I have an unrealized love of clown bookends, who knows?

My second favorite find are these awesome Seedballz made by adults with disabilities. What a fun, easy way to fill your garden with color or stick in a ‘tufa pot’ and watch it fill with tiny plants! Finding products like these is exactly what STASH is all about. It’s your stash, the place where all the best treasures are gathered and kept. And that’s exactly what we found.

We couldn’t resist sharing a few more of our favorite things:

- Old keys and vintage belt buckles for those that love that ‘old world’ aesthetic
- A collection of unique rocks with large gems and unprocessed jewels for a collectors eye
- Creative cards and stationery letter pressed to perfection

So next time your in the Norman, Oklahoma area stop by and say hi to Rebecca and Della. I’m sure you’ll walk out with more than you came in with! ;)

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