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STUFF: Fortraits


I get inspired by people who enjoy the process. There is something fun and beautiful about making something with your hands. Sometimes we let a lack of resources stop us from enjoying the creative process, but often times, if we actually slow down, we will notice that the tools we need are all around us.

Commissioned by the True/False Film Festival, Fortraits is a series of four short films by Encyclopedia Pictura.

“…a directing team working in film, art, community building, and agriculture …their unorthodox, hands-on working style often includes direct creation in all aspects of production – writing, designing, painting, sculpting, animating, photographing, directing, editing, composition, and scoring.”Encyclopedia Pictura

“They are passionate about gardening, farming, construction, villages, augmented reality, science visualization, social ecology, technological empowerment, adventure, and country living.” - Encyclopedia Pictura

Sounds like the kind of people we’d like to be friends with! ;)

Number two, “Camping Rafts”, is my personal favorite. There is something very quaint and magical about chilling on the water with a good friend and tasty snacks. ;)

What’s your favorite Fortrait in the series? What about it inspires you? 

From The Farm

Learn more about Encyclopedia Picture and True/False Film Festival by visiting their websites.

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STUFF: Katie Daisy Farmhouse Prints


It’s that time of year where the windows are constantly open, including the front door, and the old farm house seems to fade into the background of fresh flowers, green grass, and overgrown trees. Evenings seem to slow down a bit and life’s burdens feel lighter.

We love how Katie Daisy encompasses all the joys of a country spring through her lovely illustrations.

Such a sweet reminder of just how wonderful this season is… even when it takes you four hours to mow the lawn! :(

Purchase a Farmhouse Print from Katie’s shop and stop by her blog to see whats new.

From the Farm

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STUFF: Alpaca Farm Fashion from Adrienne Antonson


Ok, ok so I know that spring is “here” and summer is on it’s way, but have you been in Oklahoma lately? It’s cold! My baby filled body doesn’t know if it needs to get ready for hibernation or bare feet on the grass.

And then I saw these felted alpaca hats… remember our Everyday Design post featuring the amazingly odd bugs made out of human hair? Well it seems that artist, Adrienne Antonson, is up to more great creative goodness. In between these fantastic felted alpaca hats and the chilly spring I kinda want too crawl back into my winter hole and curl up with a cup of tea (raspberry of course!) and a nice warm fire (comfy house shoes included).

From Farm to Fashion with Adrienne Antonson from Seattle magazine on Vimeo.

After watching this beautiful video about her farm inspired creations she seems like a reasonable person (not someone who would collect human hair and spend hours sculpting them into tiny bugs). And of course I can’t help but be completely intrigued and yet captured by Adrienne’s locally produced clothing line…

“Now, we’ve known that line as NuBe Seattle; but because Antonson has left her digs on Vashon to be closer to family in North Carolina, the line has been renamed State. As Antonson tours with her artwork, she’ll collaborate with other designers, artisans, and friends around the states (hence the name) and scour thrift stores and antique shops for gorgeous threads to put back into premium circulation.” - SeattleMet by Laura Cassidy

So here I am stuck in between winter and summer and enjoying the “cool” Oklahoma spring days for as long we have them! Adrienne I can’t wait to see what else you have up your “remaker” sleeves! Winter or summer I’m definitely figuring out a way to incorporate your wonderful pieces into my wardrobe!

From the (Oklahoma) Farm

All images are from Adrienne Antonson’s Blog. Check it out!

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STUFF: Farm Prints by Dolan Geiman


We’ve been following Dolan Geiman’s work for the past three years. He and his business partner, and wife, have been an example to us as small business owners trying to make a living while being creative. It’s been really fun watching Dolan’s work take shape and move from his original one-of-a-kind construction pieces to these petite 8″ x 8″ reproductions of original collages and illustrations printed directly onto poplar wood blocks.

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STUFF: The Landscape of Growing Up Print


With spring quickly approaching we’ve been thinking and drawing out our landscaping plan for our summer garden. It’s actually coming along quite well (which we hope to share with you very soon), but I recently found this funny take on the idea of landscape drawings. I love how Emily McDowell can laugh (and has probably cried) through the ups and downs and realizations of growing up. There are times it can be exhausting but it’s truly about gaining strength in the journey and in the end knowing yourself a little better for it (“Mt. That Friend I Idolized Was Kind of an Asshole”).

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STUFF: Girls in White Dresses


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

It’s hard to believe in less than a week I’ll be boarding a plane for the 2012 Alt. Summit Design Conference! A product of ours (to be revealed next week) was selected to be a part of their goodie bags so we decided to send someone as our Green Couch Design “representative” (yep, my job is just aweful!). I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Cale just rolls his eyes cause he knows I’ll love it! I know he’s right. I’m not really a “shy” person (um, not at ALL!) but I still get nervous being thrown into a room full of bloggers that I have either never met or stalk admire. With that said it seems Alt. is pushing me into all kinds of new things. I’ve been on the hunt for a white outfit for one of their evening parties. Honestly, I have not shopped for something “white” since my wedding. I’ve been searching for a piece that is sophisticated and simple. This last year I’ve been trying to “tone down” my wardrobe meaning I’m trying to purchase pieces that are intentional and that actually go together. I found myself stuck with a closet full of individual pieces that I liked but that did not go together.

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Stuff: Chicks with Guns


I think these women are beautiful.

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Stuff: The Beauty of Design

It’s Monday. We know you’re just getting back into the swing of things after a crazy weekend (or maybe that’s just us?), but is there “more” behind what you do everyday? Day in and day out why do you do what you do? Is there purpose? Is there beauty?

Think about it.

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Garden Finds: Baskets


1) Thinkrockpaperscissors 2) Alessi Marli Wire Basket 3) Picnic & Beyond
4) Modern Door Handles 5) Gales Gifts 6) SVPPLY

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