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GCD: Early Bird Tea Towel Sale

You know what they say; “The early bird gets the worm” and in this case…it’s our Egg Tea Towels!


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GCD: Concrete Christmas [Ornaments]

GCD 780x432_thumbnail22

Midwest Media and Marketing was looking for something heartfelt and real, something…local, to give this holiday season. Sure enough, that started our wheels spinning and wouldn’t ya know it, we landed right in the middle of our favorite material…concrete!

GCD: Craft Show 101

GCD 940x360_thumbnail_2

They say the third time is a charm and in this case…they we’re right!

This past Saturday we joined other local vendors in the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar. Of course if you know us you know we can’t do anything halfway so in the typical Green Couch Design style it was go big or go home.

GCD: Deluxe 2010 Craft Show Sales


We wanted to take a second and let everyone know of all the great Christmas deals we will have going on at Deluxe and at our Etsy shop this Saturday. So get your Christmas lists out and get ready to take notes…

GCD: Tiny Tufa


Another exciting development for us are these recently redesigned tufa pots. We still make the large decor bowls we’ve always had but through conversations and feed back on Etsy we felt that many of our wonderful customers wanted something a little smaller, more quaint, and cute. So without further ado I would like to unveil the new and improved ‘Tiny Tufa’!

GCD: New Kitchen Line Giveaway!


It’s that time of year where you gather around the kitchen with mom and grandma. The house begins to fill with smells of homemade breads and candies. It’s one our favorite times of year and we wanted to celebrate the joys of family cooking with our new kitchen line!

GCD: Fall Line Up 2010


A new look book and fun new ideas are just around the corner all awaiting this upcoming season of change! It’s been a wonderful year, and we’ve loved sharing it with all of you! So happy summer, and hello fall, it’s time to look forward and celebrate all that is to come!

GCD: 2010 Dust Bowl Arts Market

GCD 940 x 360_thumbnail_finalfinal3

Our second attempt at a craft show…we we’re ready with new products, better packaging, and weights for any high winds! Full of local, handmade treasures, the Dustbowl Arts Market is an event you’ll want to come back to every year.

GCD: Hope for Kenya Concrete Angels


Concrete is quickly becoming our material of choice, especially when it’s used for something not common to concrete. So when we were asked to do 100 Christmas tree ornaments for the Hope for Kenya event, you guessed it, we went straight to concrete.

GCD: Custom Bed Design


When we got the call from Lorelei about possibly working on a new bed, I jumped at the chance. My forte was working with found materials and reclaimed wood but this project stretched me into new areas using fresh materials and a more polished look.

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