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He #2 is Here :)

Hardy Boy | Bringing Design Home

Once again we managed to cook baby boy #2 till he was nice and crispy! Arriving just at 42 weeks we are so thankful we were still able to get him here naturally and have our second homebirth experience! Even with his big brother James running around, life still feels like it’s slowed down a bit. It’s quieter around here, and the days are bit more peaceful. There are not a lot of life events where you can STOP everything and truly cherish every moment. We are enjoying one of those rare life events right now, and drinking in every last drop.

Suddenly the deadlines, the stress, and the to dos don’t feel nearly as important. Somehow, it will all get done. But right here, right now, for the first time… we are a family of four.

And it’s beautiful.

Welcome Hardy Alan

Born July 24th, 2014
8 pounds 10 ounces
21.5 inches long

We are so excited you are here and feel so blessed and completely overwhelmed that God choose you to be a member of our family!

From The Farm

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Our Growing Family :)


We’ve been keeping a little secret from you guys that’s not so little anymore! ;) It’s hard to believe we are nearly halfway there and about to find out if we’re having another boy or a girl!?

Now, it’s time to get working on that nursery and toddler room combo!

Have a great weekend everyone.

From The Farm

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The First Moments

Baby's First Snow | Bringing Design Home

With having our first baby boy born last September it’s been a year full of firsts. The first bath, changing our first REAL poopy diaper, the first time he rolled off the bed and onto the floor (don’t tell me this hasn’t happened to you!?), the first time we let him cry himself to sleep (kill me now), the first time he smiled, laughed, or sucked on his tiny big toe. :)

These are moments we all grow sick of when we read them over and over again from friends and family posting on Facebook; but, when it’s YOUR baby… Oh my, how different it is! Read More…

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He is Here :)


He is here. And life is slow and busy all at the same time. Just when you think your body is done growing a baby for nine months then starts the weeks, the days, and the hours of recovery! And oh yes… your milk comes in along with even more emotions! :)

Do moms ever catch up? :(

I know things have been quiet around here but we just decided to lay low and enjoy this time. We had been planning for an August baby and 19 days past our due date he finally came! :) It’s quite a story.

We’ll be back in October and we can’t wait to tell you more about our Little Man:

James David
Born September 2nd at 10:31pm
8 pounds 1 ounce
22 inches long

Until then…

From the Farm

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Can’t Stop


I randomly found this photo by Amelia Lyon a few months ago and have been obsessed with it ever since! Seriously, it’s been on my desktop for the last few months and I cannot stop staring at it.

It has truly captured me.

As we await the birth of our little bundle of joy I can’t help but hope that I’ll look something as beautiful as this new momma. It’s like she knows a secret that I desperately long to not just know, but to understand. I want to gaze upon my baby with that much awe and wonder. To love with more than I know how to contain and yet feel a since of protection and care unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

I know technically I’m already a momma, but oh to hold him. To gaze upon him and to know that this baby, this baby is what love has made. What God has made out of my marriage with my husband. I want to know what that is like.

When Cale and I first met being a mom was not the first thing on my radar. It’s not that I didn’t think it was a “cool” job or something I was just focused on other things. But, now that we are here, about to step into parenthood, it’s already been one of the scariest and most beautiful journeys we have embarked on thus far. It may not be climbing mountains or starting a new business, but it’s shaping a life.


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Waiting for Baby


Things have FINALLY slowed down around here.

We’ve come to terms with the fact that we don’t live to work. We are at a place financially where things can go on hold for a bit and instead of feeling guilty about this we have decided to take it in and be grateful.

We’ve currently stopped selling our products and our client work is on hold until September.

The baby showers have all been had and the nursery is done (photos coming soon!).

And now we are just waiting for baby. People say this is a terrible idea and will make you stir crazy. But honestly… we are really enjoying it.

Enjoying the quietness of the moment.

Feeling the anticipation in the air.

Taking in the small movements in Meg’s belly.

The ones that tell us our baby boy is nearly here.

38 weeks and counting! :)

From the Farm

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Bye, Bye Bambi (And Other Life Parallels)


Since we found out last week that we are having a BOY it has been full on baby mode at our house. We are getting more and more eager to meet our little guy. Meg’s starting to feel him move more and also finding it harder to get around. It’s really frustrating when your body won’t let you do what mentally you feel like you can do!

Yep, we’re in full baby pre-prep. And maybe we should have been in that mode a couple of months ago, but we’re trying really hard to slow down life and enjoy the last few months we have together as Cale and Meg. Soon we’ll be adding another name to that list and although it’s exciting we feel like we’re saying bye to a lot of what we knew. What was normal. We’re saying bye to sweet moments of sleeping in on Saturdays, and being able to catchup with friends on a whim.

Josie’s still trying to figure out what is going on…

I’m saying goodbye to my feet. The next time I see you will be when I’m holding our little man.

And we’re both saying goodbye to Bambi.

That’s right, Cale didn’t think the crib design was manly enough (I don’t know why?!) so we are painting it gray with a touch of orange!

We’ll fill you in with more photos later. Can’t wait to share.

But until then, we’re prepping for baby. As much as we can!

From the Farm

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Oh Boy, It’s a BOY! :D


When we first moved into our farm house, nearly four years ago, we had a lot of work to do! We live in the house that was homesteaded by Cale’s family in 1910. We don’t have central heating and air (thank God for window units and gas heaters!), our bathroom kinda protrudes out of the rest of the house layout since it was a much needed upgrade to the original house design (in place of an outhouse), and the second floor no longer exists (featured in the photo above). Apparently Grandpa Woody lost his leg and his wife didn’t want to go up stairs and have to clean the top floor (cause back then you cleaned the entire house instead of shutting off the entire top floor for the general public), and so they had the farm hands take the second floor off! :(

You could say it’s definitely full of “character”… so much “character” that my mom freaked out the first time she came to visit us because of it’s wonderful “character” (and much needed work)!

It’s taken a lot of vision and foresight to make this place home. I’m not gonna lie the first year we lived here I didn’t put anything on the walls because I myself was unsure of really making this place “home”.

But now, I love our little farm house. I love our first home and the amazing opportunities that have come up because we’ve chosen to live in this old house. Some of our “designer” friends come out to visit and think we are a little crazy. They prefer pristine white apartment walls, white washed wooden floors, and the sounds of the city. But at night, when all you can hear is the bugs and the frogs I swear it’s pure magic! It’s then that you realize what makes this place so wonderful. I often wonder what type of history has lived in this space before us? What were the children like that ran around this once working farm? Oh what fun stories I’m sure these walls could tell!

It’s beautiful, and I can’t think of a better place to raise our first son! We may not have very much installation in our walls (that is what extra blankets and footed pajamas are for!), and it’s true that our child will share their first bedroom with the washer and dryer, but it’s home.

It’s the place I will become known as “mom”, and Cale as “dad”.

Looking back it seemed like a tough decision to stick it out here, but we are so proud of this simple life we’ve chosen. All “design” chat aside, it’s everything we’ve dreamed it up to be. We cannot wait to see what our farm house will sound like with a little boy running around catching bugs (or chickens) and coming in and saying “I didn’t do it!”. ;)

Bring it on little baby boy! We’ve been waiting for you.

From the Farm

PS The photo above is an original family photo (and one of my personal favorites) of our farm house with Cale’s Uncle John as a little boy. Apparently he liked to carry the chickens around as pets. :)

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Blue or Pink? Moments That Change Everything

This weekend we find out if we are having a boy or girl. It’s been a crazy week and one that has barely allowed us any free time to actually process what this weekend will mean… but, this is one of those moments that changes everything.

When we first found out we were pregnant we found ourselves constantly saying; “We just want a healthy baby”. But one night as we were laying in bed Cale revealed that he was just saying that because it’s the “politically correct” thing to say. In all honesty he really wants a boy.

So… since then we have been saying we really want a boy. :)

But, we just checked the Chinese Gender Predictor (that is over 700 years old) and it says we are having girl?! All I can think about is that part at the end of Sleeping Beauty when the two fairy Godmothers keep changing her dress… “Make it blue… No, make it Pink!”. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

I have no doubt we will welcome whatever gender God has given us, but the battle wages on in my head. What is this Little Noodle (that is what Cale calls it) inside of me? Ultimately, we are excited to know either way. 24 weeks and counting!

Here’s to a weekend full of BIG events! ;)

From the Farm


PS Keep up with our nursery inspiration by following Meg’s Pinterest Board: I Have a Thing for Whales
PPS Whale image from Room29 on Etsy. It’s only a $1.00 to download and you can transfer it onto anything of your liking!

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Guess What We’re “Growing” this Spring?

Today is a big day at Green Couch as we celebrate the announcement of our first baby! That’s right… all this talk and dreaming of our little farm family is finally coming true and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s been one crazy ride after another since we literally found out the day we we’re leaving to go to KS for Christmas! It was a total surprise and although we we’re thinking we would start this summer it’s taken sometime to wrap our brains around “having” a baby when we thought we would be “starting”. I guess that is what we get for trying to “plan” this whole thing out! Lets just say the “plan” has been thrown out the window! ;)

Read More…

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