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My Two NEW Best Friends


Over Christmas Cale and I made a very large purchase. Now, when I say big I mean BIG! Like the kind that makes you throw up in your stomach a little bit after you purchase it? That’s right. That kind. See we’ve been married for a little over three years now so we decided it was time to officially settle in and plan for some larger purchases in 2012. Now you maybe thinking items like a NEW TV (not this year honey)  or (enter announcer voice HERE) a NEW car! But nope, it’s even more exciting than that!


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Love on a Dime: Melon Carving


Throughout history, wars have brought nations together to fight a common enemy.
We’re not condoning or condemning war here.  But this month’s date on a dime brings that philosophy into the relationship.


Not just competing for the nicest house or car, or best behaved kids – but a competition which stimulates the creative juices & brings a couple together to work as one.

Introducing melon carving.

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Fresh and Local: Kansas Farmers’ Market


A few weeks ago we we’re able to checkout a Kansas Farmers Market while visiting my family. I was overwhelmed by their great selection of produce, homemade bread, jams, plants, and selection of art. This was one market that truly has all things local.

Canning with Grandma: Dill Pickles


Cale loves Kosher Dill pickles. Unlike the the sweet Bread-and-Butter Pickles he likes the old school sour ones and eats them like french fries. As a fun surprise and a way to save the mound of cucumbers growing on my kitchen counter I decided to grab Grandma’s expertise and try my hand at pickling!

A few of our favorite things! (anniversary 2010)


2 Years! Yep it’s been that long, we’re so excited to be able to launch our first website, step into the unknown adventure of freelance design and have Meg’s first “Monday” (Tuesday) home all in the same 12 hours. It’s crazy you say? We know, only God could write a love story this awesome and launch us into our own business at the same time. We love it! So enjoy a little mush from us for a moment; here are the images of our little table arrangement for our anniversary!

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