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2011 Garden Checklist: October

GCHL FreeDwnld

Winterization is the theme for September and October. As you finish up your fall gardening, you should start looking at the plants and things around your home that need to be prepared/protected from the cold.

I hope this helps as we move toward the winter months. If you winterize properly you’ll see a much quicker greening of your garden and a fuller more aggressive growth the next spring. Even though we don’t have frost on the windows yet, that time is just around the corner. So be prepared now and get ready for a beautiful garden this coming spring!

Click HERE to download our October, 2011 Garden Checklist!

From the Farm


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2011 Garden Checklist: September

Click HERE to download our September, 2011 Garden Checklist

So that should do it for September, we’ve had a long hot summer and not much rain so for those of you who had a some success I salute you! For those of you wondering why everything turned brown…join the club. Yep that’s right I lost some plants this year. It doesn’t matter sometimes how much or little you watered them they just couldn’t take the heat. SO keep reading these garden checklists and start planning now for next year because for every bad year there is a good. Next year could just be YOUR moment.

Until then, happy planting and keep it green!

Click HERE to download our September, 2011 Garden Checklist

From the Farm

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2011 Garden Checklist: August

Garden CKL 8.01.2011_August

Let’s just say it; “Here in the Midwest it’s HOT!” But with these little tips and tricks our garden can beat the heat and those veggies can last into the winter. Summer and I have a love/hate relationship. I love summer for the beautiful puff ball clouds and the long days, for the joys of the harvest and the way everything seems to just slow down a little bit as if the world senses we should pause and enjoy. I hate summer for the long heat waves and droughts and the daily work of watering. It’s summers like this that really get to you… In the Midwest it’s so hot my poor plants are wilting from the top down even as I pour the water to them. Luckily I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to keep my little green friends happy. Mulch is a big one, a strong watering schedule, and a good hat! I’ve got my favorite big brimmed straw hat… I look like a crazy old man wandering around the garden (somewhere in between Gandalf and Wild Bill)! So now that I’ve rambled along, another side affect of the heat and the south, I’ll let you get to your Garden Checklist.

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2011 Garden Checklist: July

July, 2011 Garden Checklist

If you like to garden even a tiny bit July has got to be one of your favorite months! For those of us here in the Midwest life seems to slow down some with the summer heat wave and yet all our hard planning, weeding, and watering is finally paying off.

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Fresh & Local: 2011 Summer Guide to OKC+ Farmers’ Markets


Hello friends! IT IS FINALLY HERE!! This is one post that Cale and I look forward to sharing with you every year (well, for two years now…)! We understand first hand that although you may love the idea of simple living it can be difficult to find the extra time, the TLC, the space, and sometimes the money that it takes to grow your own garden. We are passionate about connecting you with resources to help you live a simple lifestyle that still fits within the schedule of real life. So whether you are just looking for a little “filler” to add to your already growing lettuce or plan to buy all your produce locally here is a way you can take advantage of other farmers’ summer bounty!


Edmond Farmer’s Market:
Date: (June 1st – September 24th) Wednesdays/Saturdays
Time: 8am to 1pm
Location: Downtown Edmond on 1st street, west of Broadway
Payment: Cash and some vendors accept checks & credit/debit cards

Vendor List; Produce List

NWIAA’s (National Women in Agriculture Association) Community Farmers’ Market :
Date: (June 17th – August 26th) Fridays
Time: 9am – 1pm
Location: Where: YMCA; 1701 N Martin Luther King, Oklahoma City, OK
Payment: Cash

Produce List; Facebook
**If you go to their website please note that the #1 market location is closed.

OSU-OKC Farmers’ Market #2:
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 2:30 pm to 7 pm
Location: Glenbrook East parking lot located on N.W. 63rd Street between N. Western Avenue and N. Grand Boulevard, west of Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s.
Payment: Cash or Check.

Vendor List; Product List; OK Seasonal Produce Availability Calendar

(Yukon) Molly’s Garden
Date: Tuesday/Saturday
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm/8am – 4pm

Location: 10400 NW 150th, Yukon, OK 73099
Payment: Cash

** Purchase home grown fruits and vegetables at a table about 50 feet away from Molly’s Family Garden!

facebook; twitter


(Choctaw) Eastern Oklahoma County Farmers’ Market:
Date: (June 4th – October) Saturdays
Time: 8am – 12am
Location: Choctaw Creek Park located at 2001 N. Harper Road
Payment: Cash Only

(Midwest City/Del City)Mid Del Farmers’ Market:
Date: (June 4th – October) Tuesdays/Saturdays
Time: 4:30pm – 7:30pm/9am – 12 pm
Location: 7200 block of SE 29th St.  just north of Starbucks at the Mid America Blvd.
Payment: Cash, debit & SNAP/food stamps and debit. Some vendors accept WIC and Chickasaw benefits.

Vendor List; Order Online & Schedule a Pickup

OSDH Wellness Farmers’ Market
Date: (June – August) Fridays
Time: 11am – 1pm
Location: 1000 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73117 between 10th & Lincoln
Payment: Cash Only

** This is a very small community market that is looking for farmers. If you are interested in selling your produce this is a great place to start! Contact Kathy Payne at for info!

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