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GCD: 2010 Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Turkey

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Just wanted to shout out a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and share some of our Black Friday deals with you…

All of our jewelry is going to be buy two get a pair of nail head earrings free. So jump over to our Etsy shop and check out the jewelry!

Another awesome part of our shop are the Gift Certificates, you can get $30.00 and $50.00 gift certificates now good for any item in our shop!

Our kitchen line is also on sale, you’ve seen it before and you loved it so here it is just in time for the holidays. All of our Kitchen line will be on a buy two get a hand stamped tea towel free!

We hope everyone is having an awesome Thanksgiving and and a wonderful holiday season!


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GCD: 2010 Dust Bowl Arts Market

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Our second attempt at a craft show…we we’re ready with new products, better packaging, and weights for any high winds! Full of local, handmade treasures, the Dustbowl Arts Market is an event you’ll want to come back to every year.

Shop Good 2010 Mustache Bash


SHOP GOOD has landed on 9th Street! If you hadn’t heard, which probably means you were hiding under a rock or on a desert island, SHOP GOOD had their grand opening this past Wednesday. Yep yesterday was the Mustache Bash and oh what a bash it was!

Fresh and Local: Kansas Farmers’ Market


A few weeks ago we we’re able to checkout a Kansas Farmers Market while visiting my family. I was overwhelmed by their great selection of produce, homemade bread, jams, plants, and selection of art. This was one market that truly has all things local.

Nowakowski Farms: Sweet Corn

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If you are from the Midwest you know there is nothing like eating fresh corn on the cob. Marinated with the perfect blend of butter and salt and pepper, it’s the perfect addition to any summer time meal.

Fresh and Local: Fresh & Local: 2010 Summer Guide to OKC+ Farmers’ Markets


Cale and I love to support local businesses and help communities build sustainability. It takes time, labor, and love, but it’s worth it. Recently in a personal attempt to build a better relationship with our community we’ve partnered with a local boutique, Gypsy Haven, in downtown Jones, OK. Our hope is that by using our dirt covered veggies as bait we can lure in local shoppers and possibly support our ever-growing garden addiction.

GCD: Feeding Hungry Kids Part II

GCD 940 x 360_Apple FINAL

Saturday Cale and I wondered our way downtown to help raise money for our latest logo project; the Building Backpacks Program. Each week Building Backpacks, directed by The Spero Project, sends home kid-friendly meals and snacks to low-income children in Oklahoma City.

Everybody LOVES Doughnuts!


Sometimes you can find inspiration in the oddest of places. Last week while we took a short vacation to see my family my brother and I visited the most wonderful donut shop. I tell you what; if you’re ever smack dab in the middle of the United states, a.k.a Wichita, KS, make sure you stop by the Donut Whole.

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