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Meet Josie


Meet Josie:

I like running, in fact I love running! I have a thing for bones and sticks. When I get really excited I just have to find something to grab in my mouth and run around with! My favorite pass-times are laying in the shade, getting scratched behind the ears and fetching my red KONG toy. My strengths are love, faithfulness and a never tiring desire to play. I sleep a lot and chase birds and small rodents all around the farm. Don’t let me fool you, I may look cute but I pack a punch, just as long as you don’t scare me. My part in Green Couch Design is keeping the humans working and reminding them about taking breaks to throw my ball and take me for walks. I’m so glad to be able to meet you, I would lick your hand if I could. Have an awesome time browsing our website and remember to come back often and check up on the blog. I’ll be in there from time to time, giving out the secrets of successful napping, fetching and the like. Well catch ya later I’ve got a ball to…SQUIRREL…catch.

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