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Around Here: Mud Puddles/Road Trips/Building a Cob House/Spring Rain/Tools with Dad/Summer Canning/Lots of Naps


The first few weeks of summer have been jam packed full of family and fun. It seems we have been trying to fit in as much as possible before baby #2 makes his grand arrival in Mid-July. With each new day we welcome more and more of the summer’s heat and with that comes the inevitable pregnancy symptom; swollen feet! :/ It’s making it harder for us to get around and be active like we want, but we’re enjoying the slow pace and trying to get in as much rest as possible before we are waking up every 2-3 hours!

Overall we are very excited that our little family is growing and actually looking forward to our second home birth! Besides growing a human being, here are a few other things we’ve been up too:

From Oklahoma to Texas, Oklahoma to Tulsa, and Oklahoma to Kansas we’ve driven our little family all over the Midwest! We’ve had the pleasure of celebrating Grandma’s and Great Grandma’s Birthdays’, Confirmation for Meg’s little brother, IKEA pit-stops, and even a trip to an indoor waterpark!

No pregnancy is complete without having to squeeze yourself into a maternity swim suit at least once, right?! ;)

We had the pleasure of meeting our dream client two years too early! Ever have that happen? :(  No really, we had a couple reach out to us about building a modern farmhouse. It seems they are planning to build their own and heard, through our blog, that we were doing the same thing! We setup a Skype meeting and had a blast sharing ideas, hearing their current process, and what inspired them to build their own sustainable farmhouse in the first place. It’s so encouraging to meet other couples out there that are planning and saving and want the storta same simple life we are striving for. Not that everyone has to do it “our way”, it’s just neat to meet other couples in our shoes who are trying to figure it all out.

One of the amazing things that we found out about our new friends, Craig and Michelle, is that they actually built their own cob house on their land in Stillwater, OK! The photo above is an interior shot and you can visit their blog to see more of their process. You guys these people are legit! They don’t mind getting their hands dirty and although they realized, once the summer heat hit, that a cob house in Oklahoma just doesn’t hold up to the climate, it’s still amazing that they did their own research and decided to try it out!?

Better yet, they made it a family affair and managed to get the kids involved too!

The Midwest has had its share of rain this spring and we’ve enjoyed every little drop that Mother Nature has given us! Rainy days are a favorite around here and James is just starting to really appreciate the mud puddles beauty of a good rainfall! There are moments where he is all little boy and then suddenly he becomes a little man, just sitting back taking it all in.

We love our little intuitive first born! ;)

We had to share just one more photo of the Cob House built by Craig and Michelle! We look forward to keeping in touch with them and sharing our process as we both figure out how to design and build a custom modern farmhouse. Our vision for Green Couch is that in the future we primarly offer residential home design services. Right now Cale is pursuing his architectural license, working full-time so that we can get out of debt as soon as possible, and establishing the capital to fund our own home design. We want to gain as much knowledge in home construction as possible. In our opinion hands on experience and actually walking through that process is the best way we can learn and become experts from start to finish!

All in all our conversation with Craig and Michelle reminded us that our biggest passion is still family and design. Our hearts long to help families create spaces that they love and can ultimatly flourish in. We’re still figuring out what all that looks like; blogging, possibly consulting, to actually walking clients through a step by step process of design and home construction. Regardless, our Skype date was a refreshing reminder of our ultimate vision for home, family, and ultimately Bringing Design Home

I know we keep saying that we are ALMOST done with the Nursery + Toddler Room Combo, but seriously we are ALMOST DONE!! After our pit-stop to IKEA we picked up a few last minute details and with the help of James, and Dad, we quickly had everything assembled.

Except that we hated how it all fit into the room! :(

Truth is, Cale and I got into a huge argument over the items we bought at IKEA. We thought they would be perfect, but once we saw them in the room, we realized they were over the top and that we had crossed the line. You know? The designer line? The modern elements balanced with the handmade/upcycled items were not coming together like we had envisioned. We didn’t go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff at IKEA, but it was obvious that the items we had purchased didn’t quite work with the existing layout and style of the room.

Meg’s been barefoot in the kitchen canning away! Ain’t no shame here, she’s obviously obsessed and has put together three amazing canning recipes that we will be sharing with you at the beginning of June, July, and August. Here’s a sneak peak at the recipes you can look forward to trying!

Can you tell spicy foods have been a craving of hers for the last 9 months!? ;)

And lastly, our little boy is going to be an official toddler at the beginning of September. He is so much fun and we can’t wait to give him a little brother to terrorize love. We officially moved him to a toddler bed and the transition has been unbelieveably smooth! We just can’t figure out if it’s because he feels like a “big boy” or the fact that he can sneak and grab cars to play with in bed?! Either way, he seems to fall asleep on his own so we are letting him keep his “little secret” (at least for now!). You gotta pick your battles!

Next up, potty training a toddler while keeping a newborn alive and well! :/

Say a prayer for us…

From the Farm

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IKEA Wish List For Nursery + Toddler Room Combo

Great way to add hanging space to a room with no closet | Bringing Design Home

We are taking a little pre-summer vacation to Dallas, Texas this week and no trip to Texas is complete without a little visit to IKEA! Love it or hate it, we enjoy just walking around getting ideas for our home and seeing how they utilize each square inch of space in their showrooms. The first time Cale and I ever went to IKEA we spent 5 hours just looking around. I know some husbands may not be the home shopping type, but I’m sooooo thankful that Cale enjoys it as much as I do (which can also be frustrating at times too!)! :/

This is our first trip to IKEA with a Toddler in tow so we have put together a little list of items we definitely want to checkout. With our Nursery + Toddler Room Combo almost complete, we are really just looking for a few key items to complete the room (can’t wait to show you the final photos!).

CLOSET: The Nursery + Toddler Room unfortunately doesn’t have a closet. I’ve been looking up ideas and fun ways to hang stuff and am loving the idea of using regular coat hooks as a decorative element in a room, while also acting as a semi-closet. Luckily for us we are planning for two boys so all we need is a little space for a few dress items, a jacket or two, and maybe a backpack.

STORAGE: When you fit multiple kids in any room toy storage and organization is definitely key! IKEA has a couple of really fun closed storage options. I like that the units are small so the kids can put their own toys away when finished and that they’ll be easy to label if needed. :) Since I’ve become obsessed with green accents in the boys’ room I’m crushing on the pine and green combination.

LIGHTING: James is a good sleeper, but sharing a room with a baby is gonna present whole nother level of challenges during his nighttime routine. We are looking to instal under counter type lighting and/or spotlighting so that we can aim the lights where we need them; like the changing table and the rocking chair.

ODDS & ENDS: What room isn’t complete without a few fun odds and ends? We love taking everyday items and using them in a functional and unique way. For example, instead of buying a normal boring diaper pale, wouldn’t it be cool to have a metal trash can with a lid (as long as it holds the smell!)?!

Tiny colorful metal flower pots are a great way to organize and display smaller games and crafts likes dominoes, matchbox cars, and little plastic cowboys and Indians. :)

And what boy’s room wouldn’t be complete without a road play mat? We’ve decided to let all aesthetics out the window and get over our “designer” selves. This is purely for our kids’ enjoyment and pleasure since James continues to fall more in love with cars, trucks, and tractors.

We’re hoping this list will give some us some direction and keep us focused so we don’t get too distracted. Countdown to nap time starts as soon as we get to IKEA so we need to utilize every spare moment we have! ;)

Any advice for long shopping trips with a Toddler?! 

Wish us luck! :)

From The Farm

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Small, Yet Simple, Kitchen Storage Solution

Simple + Small Kitchen Shelf Storage Solution

Living in a farmhouse built in 1910 definitely has it’s moments of nostalgia, but also frustration when it comes to organization. There are hardly any closets, the house was not built for a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, or even A/C. If we add any of these items to the house we take away highly valued real estate forcing us to consider every inch of space we leave open or fill up.

This wall is about 4 ft from our kitchen island. Normally we would love to put a thin table along the wall for more hidden storage, but it would make getting in and out of the kitchen very difficult. By creating a storage unit that hangs everything up on the wall it allows us to utilize the precious wall space without taking up any floor space.

We found these great raw shelves from IKEA and painted them white (they didn’t have the white option when we purchased them). These shelves have become the perfect place for stashing teas, sprinkles, paper muffin tins, and other spices that we don’t use on a daily basis. As a semi-closed storage system they help us organize all the little stuff that would otherwise get lost in drawers. Their tiny size keeps us from overloading them with “stuff” and helps us remember what is in each box. I also love that they are easy to pull out and use as a display for specific items, like tea bags, on the counter when entertaining guests.

My mom is so great at finding vintage items and using them in a way I would never have thought of. She is the one who gave me the idea of taking a floral frog pin, originally used for standing up flowers in a vase, as a way to display cards from friends and family.

(The boots image is a thank you card I received from my good friend Shelley. She takes wonderful photos of her own farm life. Check em out here!)

Our giant coffee mugs are a must, but they take up a TON of counter space. By hanging them with these screw-able hooks (you can buy at your local hardware store and you don’t even need a fancy tool to attach them to the shelves!) they clean-up extra cups in a very organized manner.

I also love hanging fresh onions or even potatoes in my no-sew market tote bag I made thanks to Martha (a really great homemade Christmas gift idea… just sayin!)! I’m looking for a vintage wood potato/onion bin, but until then we have no extra space in our cabinets for our farm fresh veggies!

This little shelf unit gives me a great place to display holiday decor and fresh flowers in the spring. We recently got some tiny pumpkins and Indian Corn in our latest Bountiful Baskets Order (find one near you!) and I am totally obsessed!

Don’t they look adorable?!

Living in 1,000 square feet definitely presents it’s challenges, but it also encourages us to live simpler and come up with invent storage solutions that really utilize each bit of extra space. There are days I would REALLY love a bigger house, but then I think about having more to clean, and more rooms to fill up, which means more excuses to buy more “stuff”.

Right now, I’m happy with our little home and it’s tight knit quarters… just ask me how I feel once we start having more kids!? Especially since James still resides in the laundry room!! :/

Do you have any tricks to share in organizing all the little spices and such that take up counter space in your kitchen? We’d love to hear your ideas!

From the Farm


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