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When Dead Things Grow


Can you believe it’s time to start planting onions and garlic? Every year planting sneaks up on us and before we know it, it’s time to get back to it! This past weekend we we’re all needing a breath of fresh air so we dusted off the old rake and shovel and spent an afternoon cleaning out our garden beds. After being sick for the last four days it felt good to get outside and enjoy the sun on our backs. Cale has been working hard (like a champ!) studying for number 2 of 7 architecture exams in order to receive his architectural license. Apparently there is a lot of liability when it comes to designing buildings like people dying, breaking laws, and wasting millions of dollars! Let’s just say it’s been a bit overwhelming recognizing the amount of responsibility a person carries as an “architect”.

But, thanks to Spider-Man, we can all rest assured that:
“With great power, comes great responsibility”! :)

Now to gain that kind of power, that sort of confidence in yourself and assurance in the process you have to take it one day at a time.

One day at a time… watching and believing that, that miracle is growing.

One day at a time… finding your joy again.

(I love it when he wears flannel and gets all dirty! That’s my designer handy man!)

One day at a time… discovering that, that thing you thought was dead is actually very much alive.

We didn’t expect to find a harvest of carrots leftover from our fall garden. In fact we did not plan on them surviving the winter.

But they did.


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Awkward & Thankful


This Thanksgiving things are different.
This feels different without you here.
You were our rock. The family cornerstone.
And we’re all a little lost without you.
Thanksgiving feels a little clumsy and we’re not quite sure what this looks like without you here.

But, you are here.
You are here in your granddaughter’s eyes.
You are in your son’s latest opinion. :)
You are in the gravy and your favorite chocolate pie.
But most importantly, you are in our hearts.

Thanksgiving feels awkward. But we’re determined to live life.
To let it be full, as much as we can without you here.
And we will remember.
We will be thankful.
For every moment we had with you here.
And for every moment we have together.

This Thanksgiving, embrace all things family. Play cards. Eat Aunt Gertrude’s pie cause damn it, it will make her happy! You never know when it will be your last Thanksgiving with the people you love. Cherish these moments because it’s these moments that make life so sweet.

From the Farm


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Grandma’s Small Stuff


A couple of weeks ago I went to KS to help my almost 90 year old Grandma move from full-time independence to complete dependence upon her family. It turns out several months ago she had an un-detected minor heart attack that has now left her happy little heart pumping at only 20%.

We rummaged through old photographs and shared old stories but I couldn’t help but wonder, what has made her keep THESE things all these years? What makes THESE things so special to her? It seemed that each item whispered a little secret that I just had to know.

At times it felt weird divvying up her stuff knowing she’s still with us so I kept telling myself; “This is how Grandma wants it to go down so by golly this is what we are going to do!”

Once I got past the initial “this feels weird” stage I started hoarding like a mad woman! I hoarded so many things that Cale had to tie up an extra luggage rack on our little truck just to get us home! :) I kept feeling like I was going to miss something. Something that meant something to Grandma. Something that she would want SOMEONE to have.

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GCD: Hope for Kenya Concrete Angels


Concrete is quickly becoming our material of choice, especially when it’s used for something not common to concrete. So when we were asked to do 100 Christmas tree ornaments for the Hope for Kenya event, you guessed it, we went straight to concrete.

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