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Christmas Time

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Well it is official! Our Christmas has begun. We made it to Kansas and although it’s not covered in snow and Meg’s parents don’t live in a log cabin… we like to pretend that we are sneaking away from the busy things in life. Hiding away feels pretty good about now so we’re signing off for our final holiday post and promise to be back in the new year.


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Date on a Dime: Hunting for Lights


A fun, almost free sentimental date to help Grinches like me get over themselves & into the Christmas spirit, is a Christmas lights tour around the houses of those who REALLY buy in to the Christmas theme of things.

A Christmas date isn’t complete of course, without Christmas music… so I’m told.  Step up Pandora. A veritable feast of Christmas tunes, absolutely free. If  you have a smart phone, apologize to it, then go ahead & play Pandora’s Christmas Music station. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can still enjoy this festive tradition of auditory abuse on your local radio station.

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Don’t stress, we’ve got FREE shipping & local gift guides! :)


It’s getting to be that time of year where things are starting to pile up and you remember that one person you forgot to get something for?! We’ll, no worries, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got great gifts for those hard to buy for neighbors or office mates. Try one of our tea towels, can’t go wrong, or aprons. Their a guaranteed hit for even the scroogiest of types.

We’re offering FREE shipping this weekend only. If you order in the next three days we can guarantee Christmas delivery!

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Now, about those ornaments?!


So you know back in September when we talked about doing pre-prep for craft shows? We’ll apparently we learned how to stay a head when it come to our “business” but with our daily life, that seems to tell a different story…

After our two final holiday shows this last weekend we managed to pull out the old decorations on Monday night. Determined to make it “feel” like Christmas around here we got the tree out and plugged it in… only to be reminded about that strand of lights in the middle that didn’t work last year?! Luckily I purchased an extra set on sale after Christmas for this exact purpose. When we went to plug them in they worked for a few minutes and then I think we blew a fuse in that little box that makes them twinkle like a strobe light and gives you a head ache? Either that or maybe our little farm house is rejecting modern technology, I’m not sure why but it was sorta a disaster!? Cale spent another hour trying to get the old set off of the tree which of course they were wrapped around each individual strand of the tree. I finally just told him to leave them on and we cut the cord at the bottom and called it good. Finally we dug through and found some old lights I had in college (leave it up to the old guys to work perfectly)! They of course were on a white strand that totally sticks out against our beautiful green tree (this is another reason why designers should NOT decorate because it gives you another thing to be paranoid about)! See, originally we we’re trying to go for a clean, simple, modern decoration style with a basic tree and matching white lights. Once we got the new lights up it kinda looked like a circus puked on our tree… but hey, they worked dang it!

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GCD Giveaway: Set of 3 Holiday Tea Towels


My friend Alison and I go way back. She actually dated one of my friends her senior year and we went to prom together in a big group (we we’re so cool!). But, it wasn’t until my Freshman year of college that we got really close and she began her exploration in food.

Alison’s that one friend I can call up and we can chat for hours about blogging. This may sounds really boring to some of you but she understands how much work it can be to post a simple feature about muffins. She understands me. It’s been so much fun watching her grow as a cook and as a blogger. I’m really proud of her and have been anxiously waiting to introduce you to her yummy blog!

Visit Ali’s blog and enter to win a set of 3 Green Couch Design Holiday Tea Towels. The giveaway runs through Sunday, December 11th so make sure you stop by and whatever you do stay away from the Flourless Chocolate Cake (it’s just terrible)! ;)

From the Farm

P.S. Ali, Thanks for letting us be a part of your December giveaways. You are a truly a dear friend and we love you! :)

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GCD: Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash & Online SALE Code!


It’s finally here! It’s the day before the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash. Our tractor, I mean truck… is loaded. I can’t help but get that “Home Alone” feeling that we are forgetting something BIG (luckily we don’t have children to accidentally leave at home!)!? All in all we are having a stress free Friday and ready to hit the road bright and early Saturday morning (4:30 am to be exact!). It’s moments like these that we are SO thankful that we took our pre-prep seriously.

So… I’m sure you all are wondering what we might be bringing to our FIRST out of state show? We’ll kids, Santa’s got a bag FULL of goodies. Check it out (along with a 20% off SALE code for those of you who can’t make it). :)

Kitchen Line:

(tea towels, aprons, mixer covers)

Concrete & Copper Bubble Jewelry:

(modern bolo necklace)

**NEW** Concrete Rings. We’re given em a try, let us know what you think (not sold online).

(4 Stacked Concrete Bubble Necklace)

(tiger’s eye: buckle & bead)

(double bubble: empty & filled)

(rope necklace)

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GCD: 2011 New Holiday Tea Towels Giveaway


In celebration of our  NEW Holiday Prints we’re kicking off Monday with a giveaway!

Win a set of THREE tea towels featuring one of each holiday print. Use them as fun stocking suffers, party favors, or keep for them all for your merry self! Either way, here’s how you enter to win! :)

- Leave a comment on this blog post!
Let us know what’s your favorite print in our new holiday collection. Or what favorite holiday dish you plan to cook/bake that requires some extra tea towels for clean up!

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STUFF: Pantone Xmas Balls


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas around our little farm house. We’re busy stamping our new holiday tea towel prints (Launching November 1st) and the cool air is just crisp enough that it’s calling for my favorite Ozetta Cowl.

Growing up my mom would buy us a new ornament every year. We’d put on cheesy Christmas music and sing and dance (well, I would at least!) while decorating the tree. Then when it would get dark outside, we’d turn off all the lights and sit in the living room with the tree shinning bright. My mom would always say… “This is the prettiest tree we’ve ever had”. She’d say that every year. To the same plastic ole tree we’d had for the last 5 years. But either way, it was special.

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GCD: 2011 Fall Schedule


We LOVE the holidays and actually this year, more than ever, we are totally a head of the game. We’ve learned A LOT since our first show and we are determined to make this somewhat busy season something we truly enjoy.

We are getting VERY excited about our upcoming shows and look forward to meeting some of you in person. Our hope is that you can plan a head now for a fun day of shopping, support handmade and heck… just bring the whole family (we lOVE babies)!

From the Farm


* You can purchase Green Couch Design products year around at Shop Good in OKC, The Onion Tree in Wichita, KS and through our online shop.

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2011 Resolutions


So here we are 2011 and loving it! We have so many wonderful things planned, wonderful dreams dreamed, and we can’t wait to see them come to life. We’ve had quite a holiday season…Since Christmas new ideas, fresh thoughts, and more crazy than you can shake a stick at…So here is a look at what you missed and a few thoughts on New Years…I’ve called this post resolutions, but it may be more of a bucket list for 2011.

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