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GCD: Oklahoma Sustainability Network [Campaign]


Every once in a while you get to work on one of those projects that just really hits home. We’ve done a lot of graphic design work for a variety of clients but when we heard about the details of this project it just felt right. Like this project was suppose to be ours. With Cale’s architectural degree and our passion for smart and efficient home building we we’re just beside ourselves when we started in on the initial campaign design. Not only were we tasked with designing the brand but also naming it something that would speak to the general public while staying away from the typical “green” associated stereotypes.

“The Bring It Home initiative was developed by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN) and the Phillips Murrah-C.H. Guernsey team to assist interested Oklahoma communities in the adoption of sustainable residential building codes that will reduce energy consumption, decrease costs and have a long-term impact on the environment and economy.” - OSN (Oklahoma Sustainability Network).

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GCD: Pollard Theatre 25th Season [Campaign]


For those of you who don’t know Cale and I also take on graphic design clients through our design firm Green Couch Design. Design has always been a part of who we are, it’s what we love. Here’s some of our latest work…

Located in Downtown Historic Guthrie The Pollard Theatre needed a new campaign design to celebrate their 25th Season. To showcase the depth of their history we scanned in large format photographs that are displayed in the theater’s main entryway. Taken in the 1980′s-1990′s these photographs created an elegant foundation for our design. The black and white themes relay accents of silver, a typical color associated with 25 year anniversary’s. A different photograph was used for each collateral piece acting as simple “keep sake” or “collector’s item” of the Pollard’s 25 year history. Overall, the general layout and design remained consistent through all mediums to ensure campaign recognition.

25th Season Collateral:

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GCD: Arbuckle Country [Visitor's Guide]


I know it’s been a while since we’ve showed off any of our design work! We keep talking about how “busy” we are and yet have not stopped long enough to share. So… please accept our apology in the form of this recent tourism guide we designed for Southern Oklahoma. :)

A tourism booklet is typically chalk-full of information and ads that can often times feel overwhelming. We we’re tasked with organizing this same information in a format that would make content navigation and presentation simple and user-friendly.

Our solution was to divide the information into specific categories of interest; Attractions, Lodging, Communities, Food, Awards, Events, and People. Recognizing that color can be a helpful point of reference we created a color pallet for each category that compliments the Arbuckle Country Brand Standards. Similar to tabs each article of information is designated by a category and color to differentiate key articles vs. ad space. Instead of listing the Table of Contents numerically the categories and colors introduce readers to the structure of the guide right away. Whether the guide is a first time introduction to Arbuckle Country or someone who has done their research and is looking to book a trip… the new layout makes it easy to define and locate specific information throughout the piece.

The custom layout provides a consistent framework for the client to edit and add content within from year to year.

And there you have it friends… a functional layout that allows you to breath in the photos and not feel so weighted down by content and ALL those wonderful ads.

(sigh) I love me some white space. :)

From the Farm

** Check out our graphic design portfolio here.
* Created in partnership with our friends at MIDWESTMEDIA.

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GCD: 1 Year Anniversary Christmas [Card]


It’s hard to believe this December was the official 1 year launch of our little business. Who knew that last October, when Cale was laid off that, that would be the thing God would use to catapult us into this great adventure.

GCD: Bring It Home [Brochure]


Another page is turned in the “Bring It Home” Campaign as we launch the new brochure design!

“This project is the first and only coordinated effort in Oklahoma created to reduce energy consumption and assist our Oklahoma workforce to compete in an energy smart construction economy.” – OSN (Oklahoma Sustainability Network).

GCD: Capital Green [Logo]


Sometimes you walk clients through a design process, provide the tools and the resources to help them maintain their brand, and send them on their way. And then there are those exciting opportunities where they come back for more…

GCD: Oklahoma Sustainability Network [Logo]


For those of you who don’t know we’ve been partnering with the wonderful people over at midwestmedia & marketing and it’s just turned out to be a fantastic relationship! Not only do we love working with them but we also get to jump on board cool projects like this one…

GCD: Feeding Hungry Kids Part II

GCD 940 x 360_Apple FINAL

Saturday Cale and I wondered our way downtown to help raise money for our latest logo project; the Building Backpacks Program. Each week Building Backpacks, directed by The Spero Project, sends home kid-friendly meals and snacks to low-income children in Oklahoma City.

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