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STUFF: Katie Daisy Farmhouse Prints


It’s that time of year where the windows are constantly open, including the front door, and the old farm house seems to fade into the background of fresh flowers, green grass, and overgrown trees. Evenings seem to slow down a bit and life’s burdens feel lighter.

We love how Katie Daisy encompasses all the joys of a country spring through her lovely illustrations.

Such a sweet reminder of just how wonderful this season is… even when it takes you four hours to mow the lawn! :(

Purchase a Farmhouse Print from Katie’s shop and stop by her blog to see whats new.

From the Farm

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Dreams Come in all Shapes and Sizes


I’ve been searching for the perfect salt and pepper shaker. This whole time I’ve been thinking something vintage would do the trick. My mom and I like to go antique shopping so this is where/when I tend to get lost in a sea of stories from old things long ago. I’ve been searching for the perfect shaker but have had no luck until our recent trip to California.

Cale and I found the most adorable shop and talked with the owner, a wonderful Swedish artist, who sells the most amazing modern kitchen gadgets around. If you know anything about me I have soft spot for weird and unnecessary kitchen gadgets. So as soon as we wondered into this little shop I could not stop oohing and awing over just about everything. We talked about the taste difference in loose leaf tea, art, and these little salt and pepper shakers.

And slowly… they became my friends.

They became something I had to take home. A memory of this moment in time. A memory of that shop in that little coastal town on our California trip.

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