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Nursery & Toddler Room Combo [In Process]

Nursery & Toddler Room Combo [In Process] | Bringing Design Home

Our 1910 farm house is slowly filling up with babies, toys, furniture, and just the kind of “stuff” that follows you around after 5 1/2 years of marriage (where does it all come from!?)! Although it feels like we are constantly getting rid of stuff, at the same time, we are also re-evaluating how we can better utilize every inch of our 1,000 square foot home.

You could say our house has three bedrooms, but… not really. When we moved in the washer and dryer were in the kitchen so we promptly found them a new home in the smallest bedroom. Although it’s made a great combo laundry/guest room, laundry/office room, and laundry/nursery room, it’s not the best setup. Originally we had switched the office into the largest bedroom in the house for our Green Couch Design Product Line. Now that we are focusing solely on our graphic design and architectural backgrounds our office space needs a little less room for inventory, packaging, and shipping.

With baby #2 on the way we decided to move both the kiddos into the larger bedroom hoping to give them, and their friends, a little more playroom when we have other families over to visit. The laundry/nursery room has worked great up to this point, but with James getting older and more mobile, there’s definitely not enough room to really play in his room. By combining the nursery & toddler room into the larger bedroom we can provide two play spaces, the living room and the kids’ room, and also shove them and their toys into one larger space when entertaining. :)

Poor kid, he has no idea what’s about to hit his little only child world. :)

One of our biggest problems with moving both kids into this room is that there is an old exterior door that is horribly insulated. In reality, it needs to be removed completely and become a part of the exterior wall, but that is a whole nother project that needs to be done when the house is resided. As with most home renovations sometimes you have to pick your battles, and this door issue was exactly that! Looking for a way to insulate AND hide the door (we’ve literally had snow come in the house, it’s that BAD) we had to come up with a really smart design solution that married good-looking aesthetics and function.

Instead of replacing the door AND the house siding the plywood accent walls buy us sometime until we are ready to invest in a more permanent solution. Since the room doesn’t have a closet space we had to get really creative with our storage options. By anchoring shelves to the plywood walls we won’t have to paint and patch as many holes in the future. Also, plywood can hold a lot more weight than sheet rock, so we plan to use the upper storage for heavier baby/toddler items that are not needed on a daily basis. By keeping the plywood sheets raw they add a balance of natural and masculine flare to the room that looks really cool! Not only were they easy to put up, but they provide lots of functional storage space.

What was unusable wall space due to a horribly insulated door, is now a flat, insulated, and usable surface with lots of potential!

We are also looking at putting more shelves on some of the larger wall spaces, but they still won’t be able to hold as much weight as the plywood accent walls.

It only took him about 5 seconds to make the room messy again. We promise we really do try and tidy things up when you guys stop by for a visit! :)

The changing table is another area that needs lots of storage. We are experimenting with one long shelf at the top, and then several smaller shelves toward the changing table. You definitely don’t want to get to close to the table otherwise you’ll have little ones hitting their heads and pulling down things while you are trying to change a poopy diaper!

We plan on implementing a lot of the same furniture pieces from our original nursery room design. Gray, white, and orange are still our main colors… until we find out we are having a girl?! ;)

We should know in the next few weeks!

At this point we’ve spent $10.00 on the toddler bed we found at a garage sale, but other then that furniture in the room has either been passed down as freebies, handmade completely, or given as a gift, like our antique rocker! The only money we’ve spent thus far is on three sheets of plywood and paint. I know the eclectic furniture drives Cale a little nuts cause they don’t always “match”, but I like the challenge of making them work together AND staying within a good budget! :)

How about you guys?

Any advice for creating a shared nursery and toddler room? What items are a must and what can we leave out?!

We’re always open to your suggestions!

From The Farm

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Custom All-In-One Bunk Bed & Drawer Design

Custom All-in-One Bunk Bed & Drawer Design | Bringing Design Home

Our friends, Andrew & Crystal, live in a tiny 2-bedroom house near downtown Oklahoma City. Fitting two kids into one bedroom will challenge any family, but when they found out they were pregnant with #3 they knew they had a BIG design problem on their hands. As an intern-architect Andrew has a definite design style he prefers, and wasn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty with a good design challenge.

Using galvanized pipe for the bunk bed rails and birch plywood Andrew designed a space to sleep both girls while providing clothing storage for all three kids. Since they are renting it was important to design the bed to structurally hold two kids safely without being attached to the wall. Both beds have their own bunk cubby providing a private space for the two oldest siblings. To make the most of their floor space the bottom bunk currently holds a toddler bed, but was designed to accommodate a twin mattress for the future.

Finding modern children’s furniture that is designed and functions well can be difficult and very expensive! Often times the ladder feels like it was a last minute thought and is awkwardly incorporated into the overall layout. Andrew did a great job establishing an overall clean and functional aesthetic by incorporating the ladder as a cutout from the overall bunk bed structure.

We love seeing our creative friends come up with fun solutions for their homes that are custom and affordable! Thanks Andrew and Crystal for inspiring us as we plan out James’ new toddler room!

What’s your favorite design element of Andrew’s bunk bed?

Wanna build one yourself? Visit Andrew’s blog to see the detailed bunk bed specs and materials.

From The Farm

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Nursery Design Bits


It is safe to say that “nesting” has completely taken over Meg’s brain. We swear she has cleaned drawers that have not been touched in our 4 years of marriage! We’ve learned that somehow when you are pregnant it’s easy to convince yourself that your baby will really care about the wall color and/or what stuffed animals are available to snuggle with. Either way it’s been a good motivation to get on top of the nursery as well as other household chores we’ve had on hold since… we moved in! ;)

Originally we were going to do an entire room with whale/sea decorations (see Meg’s pin board) but decided that, that could get a little crazy REAL fast! As much as we like whales we didn’t want a character themed nursery. Instead we settled for more of an “Adventure” theme. You know… sailing the seven seas, traveling the world, bugs, and a variety of other whimsical things. This was an intentional design decision because we wanted to create a room that our little guy could grow into, not out of in the next few years.

Since we live in a very small farm house (yes, our child is sharing a room with the washer and dryer) we we’re very intentional about not just filling his room with a bunch of “stuff”. Looking at the list of registry “must haves” recommend by Babies”R”Us it’s easy to see how this happens to so many people. Instead we were very intentional about the items we registered for and used most of the toys and cards received as gifts as decor items. This made decorating very inexpensive and more personalized. We love the fact that we can look around and see the many ways that all of our friends and family have contributed to the nursery decor.

(PS If you look closely you might find a sneak peak of our baby boy’s name!) ;)

We looked at several mobiles but thought it would be fun to hang some of our shower cards and favorite art pieces (in miniature form) over the crib to create a custom mobile. This was an inexpensive way to support and purchase prints from local artists, utilize the sweet words spoken over our baby from friends and family, while giving us the flexibility to change things out in the future.

(Hanging Mobile Picture Frame: Blue Seven; 5 Step To The Left Of Your Right Hemisphere Postcard: Samantha Lamb)

(Bow Tie: Handmade from our “Manly Baby Shower“; Leather Baby Shoes: Vintage from Meg’s Dad; Oklahoma A-Z Animal Print: STASH; Oklahoma Cuddle Monster: DNA Galleries; Elephant: Sassy Nasal Aspirator; Plush Boat: Collected Thread)

We wanted an easy storage solution that could evolve depending on the needs of our child and the future function of the space. Cale whipped up this simple 9 Frame Storage Solution from lumber we had leftover in the shop. All the baskets we found were to expensive for our budget so Meg covered used diaper boxes and spray painted them with orange stencils (DIY coming soon… still waiting on a few more boxes)! ;)

(Wellington the Duck: Scentsy; Embroidered Plush Bunny: Custom Gift, Whale: Handmade gift from Meg’s mom & grandma)

In case you don’t remember the BEFORE crib shots we got rid of Bambi and settle with a nice blue/gray base. Cale thought it would be a fun accent to spray paint all the metal pieces orange. As you can see we carried this color combo throughout the rest of the room painting the metal window hooks, coat hooks, and shelf brackets orange as well.

(Wooden Rocking Horse: Vintage gift from Cale’s cousin)

We love books, especially children’s books, so we thought it would be fun to display their covers like pieces of art to fill the space with color. This little shelf Cale customized and set it nice and low for little hands to be able to reach along with a functional placeholder for hanging tiny hats, toys, coats, bath towels, etc.

We snagged this authentic canvas maps with sea creatures and ships as a $10.00 Groupon!

Remember this insane Shaker Style Rocking Chair that Meg’s Aunt found at a Garage Sale for $20.00?! Here is it in it’s completed state! She did a BEAUTIFUL job re-finishing it (Check out her other finished pieces at Ollie Belle Home Decor).

All the sudden those late night rocking/lullaby sessions don’t seem SO bad? Right!? ;)

Our inspiration for the map display came from this really simple Hanging Map DIY at Smile & Wave. Thanks Rachel! :)

Josie is STILL trying to make since of all this change!? She’s gonna make a great Nana Dog (you know, like on Peter Pan!?).

Our friends and family filled out this fun prediction calendar for the baby’s arrival (Meg’s not counting any guesses after the 20th… at least for now)! ;)

Oh and of course… here is the shot we probably shouldn’t show. Definitely not “pin worthy” but it’s how we roll here on The Farm! We’re actually using one of the Pedestal Drawers as a toy box. It’s all about making your space work for you and designing it in a way that meets your design aesthetic AND functional needs. Honestly, we are doing cloth diapers so rooming the baby with the washer and dryer might work out after all?! :)

Meg and her grandma made curtains out of Painters Drop Cloth’s and surged the curtain edges orange to continue our accent color throughout the room.

You would think that re-decorating ONE room wouldn’t take months and months but we are both designers and definitely have our opinions on how things should go down. It’s always a lot of work and a lot of trial and error but in the end it’s ALWAYS worth it. We are really pleased with the space, especially with what we had to work with. It’s crazy to see the transformation of what once was a shared office space is now the place our little man will rest his head. It’s been a process but one we’ve enjoyed and feel like we’ve given our boy a room not just filled with “stuff” but “stuff” with true meaning and function.

What is your favorite detail of the room?

Have a due date prediction you’d like us to add to the calendar?! List your estimated date, weight, length, and time of day in the comment section below!

We’ll keep you posted!

39 weeks AND counting! :)

From the Farm

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Everday Design: Handmade Balloons


Since our wedding Cale and I have had a “thing” for balloons. We love their free spirits and the whimsical feel that they can bring to any occasion. At our wedding reception we had giant 4 ft x 4 ft round white balloons at each of the tables and they created the perfect canopy for our outdoor wedding. Since then we can’t help but be a little bit obsessed with balloons and simply fell in love with our latest Everyday Design artist group who created and documented their handmade balloons in their “Balloon Factory”.

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Everyday Design: Human Hair


I’ve had my brain on the need for a hair cut so when I ran across Adrienne Antonson I couldn’t think of a better artist for our latest Everyday Design post. Not only is she witty and cute but she lives on an alpaca farm with her husband AND she just launched a clothing line that uses all local materials and labor from local craftsmen. Can you say WOW!!

Adrienne Antonson was born in 1982, in Gainesville, FL. Her mother collected hair in a small velvet box, which had a lasting impact on her as an artist.

“Human hair fuels my desire to give old things new life; with it, I have found a material that is beautiful and historic, stimulating and self-sufficient.”

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GCD: Office Remodel

GCD 940x360_thumbnail_3

Welcome to our NEW home office. A laundry room turned design studio, production laboratory, packaging center, craft organizer, and the sorta “catch all” room for holiday wrapping paper, outdoor summer games, canning supplies, etc.

High class design in overalls. It's the simple life of a farm through the eyes of a couple of crazy designers. We call ourselves Green Couch Design and we are Bringing Design Home.

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