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GCD: Concrete Jewelry in Dwelling Spaces


This past Monday we took a little road trip and dropped off our first batch of concrete jewelry at Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa, OK. We have heard amazing things about this store and it’s owner, Mary Beth, but had no idea just how wonderful it was until we we’re able to visit in person. Not only is the store aesthetic eclectic and fun but it’s got all the heart and soul we could ever ask for from a store carrying our products.

“Meet Mary Beth Babcock, the thirty-nine-year-old geek-chic cheerleader for all things Okie who makes you want to wear state pride like a party dress.” – Oklahoma Today: Mary Beth Babcock named Oklahoma Today’s 2011 Oklahoman of the Year

For the past six year Mary Beth has created not only a store but an art district and culture born out of a genuine passion to support local art and artist.

“Art feeds the soul, so she would feed the art.” - Oklahoma Today: Mary Beth Babcock named Oklahoma Today’s 2011 Oklahoman of the Year

We only spent 30 minutes with Mary Beth (and mostly that was us talking), but instantly we found a friend that loves pushing boundaries and is not afraid to take things to the next level. Her passion is truly contagious and something we hope you’ll support by checking out her wonderful store; Dwelling Spaces.

From the Farm

You can also purchase our jewelry at Shop Good in OKC and online!

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GCD: Valentines Day Limited Edition Concrete Heart Necklace


At Green Couch Design we have a sweet spot for love and ALL the sappy and gooey moments that come along with it. We’ve been working the last two years with concrete and just so happen to come across this fun little design just in time for Valentines Day. Enjoy!

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GCD: Alt. Summit Gift Bags


Thanks to our friend Allison with Shopcrawler (who told us about this amazing opportunity!) our jewelry has has been selected to be in the Alt. Design Summit Conference Gift Bags! We’re excited to have our pieces in the hands of up and coming bloggers from around the country and looking forward to meeting some new friends. Each of our charms are handmade and truly one-of-a-kind. Here’s a bit of our process.

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GCD: Custom Jewelry Design


We are currently in process of creating close to 250 unique charms for our two craft shows coming up this fall! We are VERY stoked about this but also forgot to mention that we do custom orders! In fact, we LOVE custom orders because they give us a chance to work one-on-one with our customers and provide us an outlet that pushes our ideas and keeps them fresh.

We’ve put together a 4-step process to show you just how easy it can be to design a one-of-a-kind Green Couch Design jewelry piece. Here’s what you can expect from us when you are ready to move forward with your custom order.


STEP 1: Go to our online shop and purchase PHASE I of the “Custom Design” Jewelry listing. Leave us any initial design ideas/suggestions you would like us to start with in the comment section when you check out. If you have images in mind, send us a convo through Etsy with attached images or send them to

STEP 2: We will send you initial design concepts in a hand-rendered illustration format. Once the first round of design(s) are sent you can make two rounds of edits. We will also include the additional cost to build each design with each illustration presented. This will ensure that there are no surprises or additional costs (outside of shipping) when you purchase PHASE II.

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GCD Giveaway: Concrete Slider Necklace


Cale and I first met Ashley last year when she was putting together the Hope for Kenya event with our friend Brie. Right away I was impressed with Ashley’s sweet personality but more importantly her go getter attitude. Ashley is organized, to the point, and understands what it is like to run an event on a budget. She’s creative and has surrounded herself with great resources to pull from for any occasion. Ashley truly enjoys the behind the scenes details needed to pull off any event and is someone we would totally recommend for your next party.

Visit Ashley’s blog and enter to win one of our Green Couch Design Concrete Slider Necklaces. The giveaway runs through this Friday, September 21st so make sure you stop by and see for yourself all the fun things Ashley is up to.

From the Farm


** Congratulations to Emily McClure, the winner of this giveaway!


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GCD: Concrete Christmas [Ornaments]

GCD 780x432_thumbnail22

Midwest Media and Marketing was looking for something heartfelt and real, something…local, to give this holiday season. Sure enough, that started our wheels spinning and wouldn’t ya know it, we landed right in the middle of our favorite material…concrete!

GCD: Tiny Tufa


Another exciting development for us are these recently redesigned tufa pots. We still make the large decor bowls we’ve always had but through conversations and feed back on Etsy we felt that many of our wonderful customers wanted something a little smaller, more quaint, and cute. So without further ado I would like to unveil the new and improved ‘Tiny Tufa’!

GCD: 2011 New Jewelry Launch!

GCD 780x432_thumbnail2

Every once in a while you have to stop and reevaluate your products. You have to ask the hard questions about quality and what can you do to provide a better piece, at a great price, with the same craftsmanship and authenticity as before? I think it’s safe to say that Cale and I have spent the last 6 months tweaking our materials and pushing our jewelry design to the next level.

High class design in overalls. It's the simple life of a farm through the eyes of a couple of crazy designers. We call ourselves Green Couch Design and we are Bringing Design Home.

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