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GCD: Feeding Hungry Kids Part II

GCD 940 x 360_Apple FINAL

Saturday Cale and I wondered our way downtown to help raise money for our latest logo project; Building Backpacks. Directed by The Spero Project, the program sends home weekly kid-friendly meals and snacks to low-income children in Oklahoma City.

At the event four teams of kids, volunteers, and teachers competed to prepare food provided in the weekly backpacks in a surprisingly gourmet fashion! I was shocked at the amazing spread each team had prepared for their guests. Turkey burgers with white bread and peanut butter, yogurt and granola parfaits, sandwich meat wrapped in string cheese, triscuit’s topped with apple and string cheese and a cracker with cream cheese, mandarin orange and marmalade! Who knew you could do so much with chocolate pudding and a gram cracker crust! Oh so good…

The event was family focused with sidewalk chalk, break dancing (we’ll kinda ;) ) and music from local wrapper Jabee. Getting to know the volunteers and families of Building Backpacks and The Spero Project community was definitely a treat.

Each team received votes based on The People’s Choice, Celebrity Favorite and Wholesome Wonder (most nutritional). The awards given out we’re handmade (they should sell these babies on Etsy) and too cute to pass up! Congrats to Team Bons and The Spice Pacs!

If you would like to give to the Building Backpacks Program it’s not to late! With an emphasis on the students of Gatewood Elementry the program is currently feeding close to 1/3 of the student population throughout the summer. Visit The Spero Project today and make sure to note that your donation is for the Building Backpacks Program.

$25 provides a child and family food for a week.
$100 provides a child and family food for a month.
$250 provides a child and family food for the summer.

Click here to read more about our Building Backpacks logo design!

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GCD recently partnered with The Spero Project in support of their Building Backpacks Program. Launched in December 2009, building backpacks feeds the hungry children throughout the weekends at Gatewood Elementary in Oklahoma City. With the school year over there is an increased risk of hunger for these children throughout the summer months. The Spero Project has partnered with a local church in the neighborhood of Gatewood to help be a part of the solution. Building Backpacks plans to not only provide food but also invest in the young girls by providing women and mentors from the community to build friendships and participate in educational and fun activities. This is a long-term goal with hopes to offer programing to all participates throughout the summer as more financial and volunteer support is made available.

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