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GCD: Studio Architecture [Brand Update + Website]


Our friends at STUDIO Architecture were ready to update their existing look and streamline their brand standards. Before any of the designs were flushed out everyone on staff shared their thoughts on the site’s design and function. This process sounds like a mess, but it gave us a lot of great feedback to base the site design on, and allowed us to update their entire brand in a way that truly represents STUDIO as a whole. From updating their copy points to a more approachable, everyday tone, offering updated options for colors, fonts, and photography, to the overall layout and site design, we were really able get our hands on every inch of their brand. Our goal was not only to update the STUDIO brand, but also to provide design standards that they could really grow and expand from.

STUDIO had a lot of history with their existing mark and wanted to keep it’s original square box design. When it came to updating the logo our focus was mainly on simplifying all the font, color, and size variations that had been used over the past few years. Instead of having hundreds of logo variations we came up with three options to bring some consistency to the brand. Other then updating the logotype the icon of the logo remained the same. Orange, yellow, and green were established as STUDIO’s 3 primary colors. A few additional colors were also added to the brand to add more depth and variation in future client presentations, contracts, and promotional materials.

Brand Standards:



 ”Your space reflects who you are.”

“We see relationships as our most cherished resource.”

“Great design is inherently sustainable.”


We designed STUDIO’s website with a basic square grid to mimic the rectilinear shapes in their logo. The white space gives plenty of breathing room while the content on the site remains simple and to the point. For an industry that prides itself on clean, straight lines, we love that STUDIO was not afraid of adding a bit of pop to their brand. The fun colors paired with a sleek site design highlight STUDIO’s great balance of a casual and professional work atmosphere. Both the portfolio and bios sections include unique interactive elements that make the site feel less stuffy and much more personable than typical architectural sites.

STUDIO was a wonderful client to work with and we really enjoyed getting to know each and everyone of their team members. The updated STUDIO brand provides an aesthetic foundation that they can really jump off of, as well as standards to stay within, as they continue to grow.

Thanks STUDIO for being such a fun client and friend.

Checkout the full site here.

From the Farm

To see more projects like this and others visit our graphic design portfolio at Green Couch Design.

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STUFF: Fortraits


I get inspired by people who enjoy the process. There is something fun and beautiful about making something with your hands. Sometimes we let a lack of resources stop us from enjoying the creative process, but often times, if we actually slow down, we will notice that the tools we need are all around us.

Commissioned by the True/False Film Festival, Fortraits is a series of four short films by Encyclopedia Pictura.

“…a directing team working in film, art, community building, and agriculture …their unorthodox, hands-on working style often includes direct creation in all aspects of production – writing, designing, painting, sculpting, animating, photographing, directing, editing, composition, and scoring.”Encyclopedia Pictura

“They are passionate about gardening, farming, construction, villages, augmented reality, science visualization, social ecology, technological empowerment, adventure, and country living.” - Encyclopedia Pictura

Sounds like the kind of people we’d like to be friends with! ;)

Number two, “Camping Rafts”, is my personal favorite. There is something very quaint and magical about chilling on the water with a good friend and tasty snacks. ;)

What’s your favorite Fortrait in the series? What about it inspires you? 

From The Farm

Learn more about Encyclopedia Picture and True/False Film Festival by visiting their websites.

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Hey! Hey…

Over here!

Let’s tilt this a smidge.

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The “BIG” Picture


For those of you who don’t know after much debate we decided to send Cale back into the work force. There have been a couple of reasons for this but mainly a great opportunity came up for him to work at an architecture firm that he really wanted to work with and thus giving him the opportunity to complete his architectural license.

We are still adjusting to this “new” lifestyle of 9-5 with evenings spent working together on Green Couch Design along with weekends. More than ever it’s been really hard to separate work and life and it’s really tested our commitment to Green Couch Design. I’m not gonna lie there are days where it feels like the easiest thing to do would be to throw in the towel and both work a 9-5. The idea of “free-time” sounds SOOO good right now but it’s in these moments that we are reminded of the process. We are reminded of the”what” that made us start down this path of self-employment in the first place. As magical and as freeing as it appears (and can be) where the rubber meets the road is messy (Have you seen my office lately? That is why!), confusing (At times) and a lot work! Everyday you have to face your own insecurities and inadequacies and meet them head on! You have to look fear in the face and say; “I don’t care what you think!” You have to remember and then remind yourself again of The “BIG” Picture!

For us The “BIG” Picture is raising our kids together. It’s a dream where both of us work at home with the kids playing under our feet. It’s one where we don’t have to choose success over family. And for now it’s a process of constantly learning and tweaking all aspects of our business and who we are as individuals. There are days where it’s exhausting but we have to remember The “BIG” Picture and enjoy the hell out of the process!

Is anyone else in this place of transition? Are you constantly reminding yourself of The “BIG” Picture? What helps you stay committed and focused to your long-term dreams?

From the Farm

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Stuff: The Beauty of Design

It’s Monday. We know you’re just getting back into the swing of things after a crazy weekend (or maybe that’s just us?), but is there “more” behind what you do everyday? Day in and day out why do you do what you do? Is there purpose? Is there beauty?

Think about it.

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Everyday Design: Bamboo Architecture


It’s not often you see bamboo in Oklahoma, but bamboo is quickly becoming one of the most widely used naturally replenishing resources we have in this world. So why wouldn’t it be a major part of great art installations. Meet the Starns, a couple of amazing artists that have made a name for themselves with bamboo.

“Doug and Mike Starn were born in New Jersey in 1961. Identical twins, they work collaboratively with photography and continue defying categorization, effectively combining traditionally separate disciplines such as sculpture, photography, painting, video, and installation.”

-Starn Studio

Working even now the Starns have just finished an exhibition of Big Bambú in Venice, Italy. Here are some images of that work, and a link or two to other works of theirs… Enjoy!

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Show & Tell


It’s the end of the school year for a lot of our college bound friends and as school is wrapping up so are those last minute projects! We have several friends finishing up their degrees in Architecture and one them has been completing a furniture project in OUR workshop.

So like any proud parent…we had to show it off! ;)

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Back in the Saddle Again


I awoke this morning in a bit of a haze. It seems this last week we’ve gone from 0-60 which has felt like going from crazy to insane. It was near 1 am last night when I finished my last email and decided to throw all cares out the window (at least for that moment) to be a little selfish and not worry about the Friday blog post that was yet to be written. I’ve been determined lately to not let “business” and “schedule” dictate our life so in moments like last night…I’m sorry friends but I choose sleep!

But then, this morning left me a little melancholy and I couldn’t get back to sleep. There was this thing in my heart that I needed to share and this blog post kept coming out of me. So, no worries. I didn’t skip out on you guys this time. Here it is…

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A Blast from the Past


This past weekend we packed our bags and headed north on I-35 to a little college town called Stillwater. Since graduating from Oklahoma State I’ve visited often to see friends and to enjoy catching up but I’ve never made time to tour the newest jewel on campus: the Donald W. Reynolds School of Architecture.

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GCD: Bring It Home [Brochure]


Another page is turned in the “Bring It Home” Campaign as we launch the new brochure design!

“This project is the first and only coordinated effort in Oklahoma created to reduce energy consumption and assist our Oklahoma workforce to compete in an energy smart construction economy.” – OSN (Oklahoma Sustainability Network).

High class design in overalls. It's the simple life of a farm through the eyes of a couple of crazy designers. We call ourselves Green Couch Design and we are Bringing Design Home.

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