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New Traditions with Carroll the Cactus


Hello dear friends! How was your holidays? We finally got the Christmas decorations put away this last weekend. It was nice to be able to reflect on this year’s holiday season and truly relish our first Christmas together as a family of three.

When Cale and I first got married we struggled to establish our own traditions. Once married, with our own home, our childhood traditions were not quite the same with just the two of us (no one tells you about that part when you first get married). Part of what makes those old memories so special is the fact that they happened when we were kids. Traditions can be forced into existence but we think the best kinds are the ones that simply happen. Like magic they show up one random holiday season and before you know it you find yourself doing them year after year… and that is exactly what happened with our friend Carroll the Cactus.


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STUFF: TOAST Lookbook Early Autumn


I’ve been on TOAST’s email blasts for a while now and I just love, love LUUVVV their mixture of earthy clothing with simple textures and colors. Their lookbook backgrounds always capture me with the way their clothes just pop off the landscapes. Not only is toast one of my favorite things in the morning (with homemade jam of course!) but I seriously enjoy getting my TOAST emails and was excited to see this lovely video showcasing their Women’s Autumn Collection.

Look out for their Fall Men’s & Housewares coming out at the end of August 2012!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces. Perfectly comfy for cool weather yet dressy enough for a client meeting.

Anyone else ready for corduroy skirts, boots, scarves, and jackets? Oh, I can’t wait! I’ve been eyeballing all kinds of pieces in my pre-baby wardrobe. Just gotta get this baby out and I’ll be baby belly free!

Well… kinda! ;)

Still waiting for Little Noddle to make his grand entrance! We will keep you posted.

From the Farm

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2012 Garden Checklist: August

2012 Garden Checklist - August

It’s August and it’s hot! This month for a garden checklist you’ve got some basic rules of thumb, about heat protection, sun protection, and hydration. I know it sounds like I’m talking about working out or the proper summer safety techniques. But honestly, your plants are the same way, they have skin, and need water, and they suffer sun damage just like us. So below you’ll find some basic rules of thumb and techniques to protect your plants and prolong your summer yield.

Click HERE to downolad our 2012, August Garden Checklist!

I hope this helps with your summer gardening. As we move toward the fall, I’ll be talking about planting cover crops and prepping for fall gardens.

Happy August and happy gardening!

From the Farm

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The Fourth of July: This Is How We Do It


Our Fourth of July was a little bitter sweet. It was the first time we have celebrated the Fourth since Cale’s Dad passed away over a year ago. The Fourth of July was his favorite holiday AND his birthday. Cale said it best; “It was like getting back on a horse after being bucked off”.

It was a little rough getting back into the “true spirit” of things.

But, 68 Artillery Shells later… it started to feel like old times. :)

We hope you exercised your right to blow stuff up and celebrate our freedoms this past Fourth of July!

From the Farm

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2012 Garden Checklist: May

Click HERE to downolad our 2012, May Garden Checklist!

What a year we are having in Oklahoma. So far it’s been surprisingly wet, and surprisingly cool. Not that I don’t think we deserve it after last summer and winter!

So down to business; how many of you have already started to harvest some early veggies? We’ve already been eating broccoli, and harvesting radishes. Although my radishes didn’t do as well as I had hoped, kind of puny, but we’ll try again next year. If you took the time to get your cool weather plants in, you should be enjoying some harvest right now. And if you’re a hot weather gardener, then your watching your tomatoes and peppers develop for your first jar of salsa! Usually I would be talking about dealing with heat about now, and getting ready for that hot dry spell from the end of May till mid August. While I’ll still include some of those reminders on my list, something different that you’ll see this year is pest management. Due to the weather wonders around here we are fighting more than our normal share of pests. So get out your garden tote and get ready to battle the bugs!

Click HERE to downolad our 2012, May Garden Checklist!

Also, we recently did a week of garden posts on Curbly and couple of those topics may help you check a few items off your May Garden Checklist!

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps and happy gardening!

From the Farm

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2012 Garden Checklist: April


If your plants are anything like mine your cool weather greens are going crazy in this wonderful spring weather. Good amounts of rain and cool afternoons have made for some amazing growth in my asparagus and broccoli, even my radishes (a new attempt in my garden) are growing in leaps and bounds. But with this wonderfully gradual spring we are already seeing the first blushes of summer. So here’s what we need to do to stay ahead of the heat and on course for harvest.

Click HERE to download our 2012, April Garden Checklist!

I hope these little tips help make your gardening a little easier, and greener this year. I know I’m headed out this weekend to mark some of these very items of my list. So here’s to lush gardens, great harvests and green thumbs!

From the Farm

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GCD: Okie Charm SWAG at SXSW Buffalo Lounge!


It’s that time of year where our twitter feed becomes all a buzz with the latest happenings from one of the coolest festivals around the country. In case you have been living in a hole (or WAY out in the country :) ) South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, TX.

The last few years it’s been really exciting to see Oklahoma art and music represented at SXSW and one of the ways this has been able to happen is through The Buffalo Lounge, presented by The Oklahoma Film & Music Office:

“The mission of The Buffalo Lounge is to promote Oklahoma’s film, music, and interactive industries to a statewide & nationwide audience. The vision is to be the premiere event and outlet for filmmakers, musicians, and interactive companies to connect with their supporters and attract a new audience, including the chance to gain national attention.”

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Lessons from Altitude Design Summit 2012


My friend Kathleen told me Altitude Summit was like summer camp for bloggers. She was right. With it came the nerves of meeting new friends along with the excitement of finding those few that you’ll forever feel connected to. I felt so thankful to share a room with a local Okie and get to know Allison with Shopcrawlr, spent a night perusing mini-parties with Jana from Wyoming who makes organic soda, had a real heart to heart chat with a diva stylist from New York, and shared concepts of design with an architect/blogger in San Francisco.

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GCD: Alt. Summit Gift Bags


Thanks to our friend Allison with Shopcrawler (who told us about this amazing opportunity!) our jewelry has has been selected to be in the Alt. Design Summit Conference Gift Bags! We’re excited to have our pieces in the hands of up and coming bloggers from around the country and looking forward to meeting some new friends. Each of our charms are handmade and truly one-of-a-kind. Here’s a bit of our process.

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STUFF: Girls in White Dresses


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

It’s hard to believe in less than a week I’ll be boarding a plane for the 2012 Alt. Summit Design Conference! A product of ours (to be revealed next week) was selected to be a part of their goodie bags so we decided to send someone as our Green Couch Design “representative” (yep, my job is just aweful!). I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Cale just rolls his eyes cause he knows I’ll love it! I know he’s right. I’m not really a “shy” person (um, not at ALL!) but I still get nervous being thrown into a room full of bloggers that I have either never met or stalk admire. With that said it seems Alt. is pushing me into all kinds of new things. I’ve been on the hunt for a white outfit for one of their evening parties. Honestly, I have not shopped for something “white” since my wedding. I’ve been searching for a piece that is sophisticated and simple. This last year I’ve been trying to “tone down” my wardrobe meaning I’m trying to purchase pieces that are intentional and that actually go together. I found myself stuck with a closet full of individual pieces that I liked but that did not go together.

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