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Around Here: Skipping Church/Birthdays/Homemade Sandbox/Waiting for Baby/Fireworks/Pickin’ Peaches/Toddler + Baby Room Sneak Peak

Around Here: Skipping Church, Birthdays, Homemade Sandbox, Waiting for Baby, Fireworks, Pickin Peaches, Toddler + Baby Room | Bringing Design Home

Talk about the ultimate pregnant summer dream… 70 degree weather in July! In Oklahoma!? Believe me, I’m not complaining, I’m bragging and am so thankful. I’m enjoying everyday that my ankles don’t swell up like an elephant’s trunk. I just wish I could be picking blackberries right now! The extended family has banned me from the berry patches. Something about ticks and being pregnant just don’t go together I guess?! Talk about this being the PERFECT berry season though. Usually we only have a 2-3 week window because of the heat, but this year we could get 6 weeks worth of blackberry picking in!

Ok, ok… I gotta stop talking about it. It makes me sad. :(

What a beautiful summer we are having here in the midwest. It’s been wonderful and we’ve enjoyed slowing life down, even more, and taking in every last moment as a family of three. To be honest we’ve been skipping a lot of Sunday church lately just to enjoy being home and getting things done before baby #2. Although we are thankful for our church home and fellowship, there is something just so wonderful about a slow sunday morning. I love a good excuse to make a fancy brunch so I like having the morning to fix myself something a little special. I used to make enough for the boys (Cale and James), but they are just as excited to eat a bowl of cereal and drink the milk from their bowls.

Lame! :/

We continued our Fourth of July tradition for the third year in a row by spending the morning picking peaches at the Wind Drift Orchards in Harrah, Oklahoma. It’s so perfect for the kids cause you can fill up your box or bag in about 30 minutes and spend the rest of the time frolicking and filling your bellies with fresh peaches and nectarines. We only picked enough for one box, but I can tell you it was gone within the week. We made a nectarine cobbler for a Fourth of July get together, grilled some for our favorite summer salad (we add grilled chicken too!), gave some away as the ultimate Fourth of July hostess gift, and saved a few to snack on throughout the rest of the week.

Typically, if I wasn’t 39 weeks pregnant, I would have canned some with honey and fresh basil, but I’ll have to save that for next year!

The summer is always full of celebrations from our anniversary to my birthday. As you get older there are some years where your birthday is a non-event and others, where it just seems to keep going on and on. For me, this was one of those years! I think it was because I’m pregnant, but it seemed like everyone wanted to spoil me a bit extra this year. Cale’s Grandparents gave me a stash of cash (apparently they are VERY excited that I’m giving them TWO Grand Baby Boys!), a girlfriend offered to take me out for pedis, Cale’s mom made me homemade strawberry shortcake, and then my parents visited from KS with a salmon dinner and homemade current wine. They did all the cooking and cleanup, and even helped us get on top of some of the lawn maintenance around here. I know that last part doesn’t sound too exciting, but with Cale working extra hours to meet a big deadline August 1st, we haven’t been able to keep up with some of the lawn maintenance around here. Not only did my parents spend three hours helping us get caught up on weedeating, but they sprayed most of the yard so that the grass would die in certain areas and we wouldn’t have to weedeat those particular areas for the rest of the summer!

Who whooooooo!!

It was completely overwhelming to get served in a such away and to have my family gather around us and help us out so selfishly. Just another reason why I’ve learned that the best gift is to be a giver. You just never know when life will pay it forward (see #5 on my 10 Things I’ve Learned).

I think my nesting is getting to Cale now cause he’s getting all the honey do’s that have been on his list for the past year or two completed! And this momma couldn’t be more happy about it! From cleaning out old barns and wood piles to making a sandbox, he’s been going at it hardcore. My favorite part was watching him and James out our kitchen windows dink around and create the sandbox together. Cale is such a great daddy and he just lets James get in there, even at 20 months old, and pickup the hammer and the level and carry em around. He doesn’t know what exactly they do, but he is daddy’s little shadow and is taking in every move he makes.

We kicked off our Fourth of July celebration with our Oklahoma family by making these DIY Firecracker T-shirts with all the kids. It’s hard to believe just a few years ago we didn’t have babies running around and now we’ve completely exploded! It’s so much fun, and a little overwhelming at times, but we love it. As you can see from the photo below, James’ shirt was completely covered in watermelon juice before the end of the night. :/

My friend Shelley took this photo of James and I just can’t stand the way it captures him so perfectly (checkout more of her work here!). We had bought several different types of kid-friendly fireworks, but as you can guess once we did the “firetruck” firework all he wanted to do was play with it for the rest of the night.

Never in my life did I think I would know so many different variations of trucks; dump truck. bucket truck, garbage truck, cement truck, firetruck, flatbed truck…

And lastly, I’m excited to announce that we have officially finished our nursery + toddler room!! Hear that baby #2!? That means you can come out anytime now?! We are ready to meet you! :) I’m working on editing the photos and can’t wait to share with you all the final design. Cale and I had many fights discussions about the function, layout, and look. Overall, we are VERY happy with the finished product and feel like it’s something the boys can really grow into… at least until we move into our Modern Farmhouse someday! :D

We hope to share with you guys more of our process of designing and building our own Modern Farmhouse in the future. Look for more posts from Cale coming up soon.

Happy summer, happy berry picking and preserving, and happy birthday month to our baby boy #2! :)

From The Farm

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10 Things I’ve Learned…

10 Things I've Learned... Gimme Some Oven | Bringing Design Home

If you don’t already know Ali, from Gimme Some Oven, is a good friend of mine. No, not the kind that you met via social media, but the kind of friend you’ve gone on ultimate road trips with, who has caught your tears over that boy who broke your heart, and even stood next to me at my wedding. Since we live states away we don’t get to see much of each other these days, but we do our best to schedule in a girls trip work weekend when we can! ;)

Ali asked me to narrow down the top 10 Things I’ve learned throughout my whole life thus far and share them with her readers! Ok, ok… it wasn’t presented quite like that, but that’s how it felt! I’m not gonna lie I probably stressed over this a bit too much (Cale is nodding his head yes…), but I hope you find some good tidbits and things to help you grow on your own journey. Plus, what is a good interview without a couple of fun stories about Cale and I from “way back when”.

Hop on over to read my 10 Things I’ve Learned and give my good friend some love! Who knows, you may even find a good recipe for dinner tonight as well. SCORE! :)

From The Farm

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Around Here: Mud Puddles/Road Trips/Building a Cob House/Spring Rain/Tools with Dad/Summer Canning/Lots of Naps


The first few weeks of summer have been jam packed full of family and fun. It seems we have been trying to fit in as much as possible before baby #2 makes his grand arrival in Mid-July. With each new day we welcome more and more of the summer’s heat and with that comes the inevitable pregnancy symptom; swollen feet! :/ It’s making it harder for us to get around and be active like we want, but we’re enjoying the slow pace and trying to get in as much rest as possible before we are waking up every 2-3 hours!

Overall we are very excited that our little family is growing and actually looking forward to our second home birth! Besides growing a human being, here are a few other things we’ve been up too:

From Oklahoma to Texas, Oklahoma to Tulsa, and Oklahoma to Kansas we’ve driven our little family all over the Midwest! We’ve had the pleasure of celebrating Grandma’s and Great Grandma’s Birthdays’, Confirmation for Meg’s little brother, IKEA pit-stops, and even a trip to an indoor waterpark!

No pregnancy is complete without having to squeeze yourself into a maternity swim suit at least once, right?! ;)

We had the pleasure of meeting our dream client two years too early! Ever have that happen? :(  No really, we had a couple reach out to us about building a modern farmhouse. It seems they are planning to build their own and heard, through our blog, that we were doing the same thing! We setup a Skype meeting and had a blast sharing ideas, hearing their current process, and what inspired them to build their own sustainable farmhouse in the first place. It’s so encouraging to meet other couples out there that are planning and saving and want the storta same simple life we are striving for. Not that everyone has to do it “our way”, it’s just neat to meet other couples in our shoes who are trying to figure it all out.

One of the amazing things that we found out about our new friends, Craig and Michelle, is that they actually built their own cob house on their land in Stillwater, OK! The photo above is an interior shot and you can visit their blog to see more of their process. You guys these people are legit! They don’t mind getting their hands dirty and although they realized, once the summer heat hit, that a cob house in Oklahoma just doesn’t hold up to the climate, it’s still amazing that they did their own research and decided to try it out!?

Better yet, they made it a family affair and managed to get the kids involved too!

The Midwest has had its share of rain this spring and we’ve enjoyed every little drop that Mother Nature has given us! Rainy days are a favorite around here and James is just starting to really appreciate the mud puddles beauty of a good rainfall! There are moments where he is all little boy and then suddenly he becomes a little man, just sitting back taking it all in.

We love our little intuitive first born! ;)

We had to share just one more photo of the Cob House built by Craig and Michelle! We look forward to keeping in touch with them and sharing our process as we both figure out how to design and build a custom modern farmhouse. Our vision for Green Couch is that in the future we primarly offer residential home design services. Right now Cale is pursuing his architectural license, working full-time so that we can get out of debt as soon as possible, and establishing the capital to fund our own home design. We want to gain as much knowledge in home construction as possible. In our opinion hands on experience and actually walking through that process is the best way we can learn and become experts from start to finish!

All in all our conversation with Craig and Michelle reminded us that our biggest passion is still family and design. Our hearts long to help families create spaces that they love and can ultimatly flourish in. We’re still figuring out what all that looks like; blogging, possibly consulting, to actually walking clients through a step by step process of design and home construction. Regardless, our Skype date was a refreshing reminder of our ultimate vision for home, family, and ultimately Bringing Design Home

I know we keep saying that we are ALMOST done with the Nursery + Toddler Room Combo, but seriously we are ALMOST DONE!! After our pit-stop to IKEA we picked up a few last minute details and with the help of James, and Dad, we quickly had everything assembled.

Except that we hated how it all fit into the room! :(

Truth is, Cale and I got into a huge argument over the items we bought at IKEA. We thought they would be perfect, but once we saw them in the room, we realized they were over the top and that we had crossed the line. You know? The designer line? The modern elements balanced with the handmade/upcycled items were not coming together like we had envisioned. We didn’t go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff at IKEA, but it was obvious that the items we had purchased didn’t quite work with the existing layout and style of the room.

Meg’s been barefoot in the kitchen canning away! Ain’t no shame here, she’s obviously obsessed and has put together three amazing canning recipes that we will be sharing with you at the beginning of June, July, and August. Here’s a sneak peak at the recipes you can look forward to trying!

Can you tell spicy foods have been a craving of hers for the last 9 months!? ;)

And lastly, our little boy is going to be an official toddler at the beginning of September. He is so much fun and we can’t wait to give him a little brother to terrorize love. We officially moved him to a toddler bed and the transition has been unbelieveably smooth! We just can’t figure out if it’s because he feels like a “big boy” or the fact that he can sneak and grab cars to play with in bed?! Either way, he seems to fall asleep on his own so we are letting him keep his “little secret” (at least for now!). You gotta pick your battles!

Next up, potty training a toddler while keeping a newborn alive and well! :/

Say a prayer for us…

From the Farm

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Mother’s Day For REAL!

Love Mom Well Event: Mother's Day For-REAL | Bringing Design Home

This past Friday my friend Shelley (shown in the photo below) suggested we treat ourselves and attend the Love Mom Well Event in OKC. Collected Thread, who hosted the event, has been one of my favorite local shops for simple jewelry, beautiful paper goods, and adorable handmade baby gear. Of course Lindsey, the owner, stopped at nothing to invite some of the best vendors in town to make the event special. Just for attending we received a free momma and baby portrait from the husband and wife photography team Ely Fair Photography, giveaways and a mini pop-up shop of the new spring baby collection from Love Well Handmade, free coffee cocktails from Mariposa, and we even enjoyed the aromas of freshly cut blooms and stems from Juniper Designs.

It was the perfect way to do something fun with our kiddos while celebrating all the things that moms love (like sneaking liquor in fancy teas and coffees)! I don’t know if it was because I attended a special event for moms, the fact that I’m pregnant with #2, or if it’s because James is old enough to say; “I wuv voou”, but something about this Mother’s Day has felt very different.

For the first time it felt REAL!

As far as I know I don’t think there is anything that reeeaallly prepares you for Motherhood. No matter how much “experience” you have, there are still days you hope and pray you are doing it all right. From making sure you’re kids are growing up into outstanding citizens (whatever that means!), to eating enough vegetables, it’s all the things we plan and worry about throughout their whole life. Are we doing enough? Are we giving them the focus they deserve, the focus they need? Are we taking timeouts for ourselves? Are we being too hard on them? It can get overwhelming and I guess something about this Mother’s Day has made the task of Motherhood feel more real than ever. Now that James is not a baby anymore it has definitely changed my focus from worrying about things like cloth diapers vs. disposables to much more important parenting issues (sorry baby #2!).

Here are a few examples of why this Mother’s Day felt REAL:

My needs and wants have changed. Cale asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I nearly cried when he asked (that was probably the baby hormones kicking in, but still!). I’ve been wanting to wash and vacuum my car and was trying to figure out how/when I was going to accomplish this with a toddler and an ever-growing baby belly of 32 weeks! I try and keep the car clean, but can’t seem to keep up with James’ new habit of dumping his snacks all over my backseat (watch the dump truck, mom!) :/. As it’s gotten hotter, the raisins are slowly melting and I’ve been totally stressing out about it! When Cale asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day it wasn’t flowers or a fancy dinner, instead my priority was about taking a task off my “To Do” list.

On a side note: Not only did Cale detail the car inside and out, but he installed air freshners to make it feel even more “clean”. Oh babe, you know the way to my heart! :)

A new found respect and appreciation for mothers everywhere. I think I sent a Mother’s Day Card to every mom I know! I kept having to go to the store and purchase more cards cause I would think of other friends or family who have really encouraged me in this season of my life. I’m so thankful for the wonderful examples I’ve had growing up, and even as an adult I’m forever appreciative of my Mother-Girlfriends God has given me to walk this journey with; however near or far! I promise, you can never tell a mom too many times, or any woman really, how much you appreciate them! :)

A deeper understanding and realization that I am forever shaping a life. I know this one is mainly from being pregnant, but dang our pastor made me sob like four times at Church on Sunday! They played several funny, but sentimental, mom videos, and then shared lovely stories of how moms have impacted their personal lives. It was good to be reminded that throughout the long hours and days of being a mom there is a lasting impact we are making on our little minions. That impact is WAY bigger and much more important than any pile of laundry, or the stress of getting to your doctor appointment on time. Years from now, those won’t be the things you remember, or the things you miss. Instead it will be the early morning cuddle sessions, and seeing the beauty of the world through your child’s eyes.

With baby #2 due in July I’m definitely full of hormones right now, but the weight of Motherhood is definitely heavy on my heart as I look towards balancing/finding my rhythm with two babies, a husband, a blog, graphic design clients, and oh yes, maybe a few trips to Collected Thread now and again. :) I’ve found comfort in this quote on Design Sponge from an author of a book I can’t wait to read; Mom, Inc.

“Like I said, motherhood and business operate on similar tenets. It’s not making gobs of money that makes you a business owner; it’s the process of building a business that makes you one. And it’s not producing a kid that can speak three different languages by age four that makes you a mother; it’s the process of understanding your child’s needs and connecting with your child that makes you a mother. At the end of the day, remind yourself of how astonishing your accomplishments are in nurturing and molding multiple entities that will one day go out into the world and make some kind of impact — even if one of them is doing the potty dance in the grocery store aisle.”
Meg Mateo Ilasco; Author of Mom, Inc.

This Mother’s Day I was reminded again that raising kids is taking over the world. And if on our way to accomplishing that we have an awesome design business, that is great, but ultimately, for me, it’s about being a mom and enjoying the journey. It won’t last forever. The late nights are not going to kill me (although it feels like it sometimes). I don’t want to get to the end and realize I didn’t enjoy the process. Let’s step back and celebrate this past year, this past week, and what all we’ve accomplished!

We are doing amazing things. We are shaping lives. We are moms. And we are kicking ass (sometimes literally!)!

From The Farm


* PS Checkout behind the scene photos of the Love Mom Well Event 2014

** PPS See more beautiful momma and soon-to-be momma portraits like the ones featured in this post at the Ely Fair Photography Facebook Page.

*** PPPS I really enjoyed getting to chat with Candice and John from Love Well Handmade. They didn’t know me from a hole in the wall and we immediately started chatting up a storm at the Love Mom Well Event. Some of the nicest, most down to earth people I’ve met in a long time. Read more about their story and how they blend their creative work+life with twins(!) in an interview from our friend &Kathleen.

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Around Here: Lady Bugs/Homemade Swords/Messy Bedrooms/A Baby Belly/Making Biscuits/Potato Stamps/Fancy Doorstops

Around Here: Homemade Wooden Swords/Lady Bugs/Messy Bedrooms/A Baby Belly/Making Biscuits/Potato Stamps/Fancy Doorstops | Bringing Design Home

Spring is here and not only can you smell it in the fresh Iris’ growing outside my kitchen window, but you can feel it in the breeze, and hear it in the bugs when nighttime is near and the stars are out. It’s seriously our favorite season, but with that comes more yard work, and the reminder of all those outside projects that we didn’t complete last year! :(

It’s funny how your first pregancy you find yourself counting up; like I am 6 months pregnant, or 28 weeks along. With baby #2 due in July we find ourselves counting down! 9 weeks till baby! I can hardly believe it!? From working on a branding project for a new natural birth and baby event in OKC to putting the final touches on our Nursery + Toddler Room Combo, I’m really proud of the progress we have made to prepare mentally and physically for baby #2 thus far. Nesting is definitely in full swing as I’m making a list of meals to prep, re-organizing our cloth diaper stash, sorting thru teeny tiny clothes, and cleaning out drawers I haven’t touched in YEARS!

I don’t know what takes over a woman when she’s about to have a baby, but suddenly the urge to organize and prep is at the top of her list and nothing (I mean NOTHING!!) will get in her way! Now, if only I was this motivated to keep things this tidy year around! :/

This may sound a little creepy, but we know spring is on it’s way when our bathroom starts to fill up with lady bugs. It must be something about the moisture, probably the super hot showers I prefer to take, but there’s always a good batch of em that randomly show up around this time. I used to get really disgusted with it (bugs… in our HOUSE!!), but now they’ve become my little friends, and a part of what I love about this old farmhouse.

Plus… if they get to be too much I just help them find their way outside. :)

Cale–being the ultimate dad–recently took some scrap wood from some shelves we were making and made James his first sword. It’s still a little heavy for the little guy, but that doesn’t stop him from running around with it and chasing squirrels with Josie (our dog).

Papa would be so proud (he hates squirrels)! :)

For us, another sign of spring is when the weather is just cool enough that the windows stay open all day and all night. Since our old doors don’t really latch anymore, the breeze through house makes the doors slam over and over again. It gets annoying hearing the doors open and close and can easily wake up James so I’ve found a great cost-effective doorstop solution; Cale’s old work boots.

These steal toed babies are heavy like bricks and our fancy doorstop solution has given them a new found purpose in life (besides just taking up room in our closet)!

You could say it’s upcycling at it’s best. :)

One of my favorite recent memories with James is when he helped me make 40 biscuits for our little Spring Music Yard Party. He’s getting to the point where he wants to be involved in everything I am doing and although this gets annoying at times, I’m trying to make the most of it by letting him help and learn new things. With that said, he got board after our 2nd of 4 batches we had to hand make and decided to rollout his cars instead. :)

In my head I just keep hoping maybe I’m raising a future Bobby Flay or Tom Jackson that will cook me lots of wonderful food when I’m an old lady! ;)

We’ve been working on updating other spaces in our house including our Master Bedroom! It’s tiny, but it’s my little piece of heaven so I’ve been trying to come up with simple ways to make it new again without spending a lot of money! :/ It’s exciting knowing that we are going to build in a few years, but it’s been hard NOT spending extra money on updating things around here. I’m trying to focus on reusing things we have or coming up with ways to make old things new again.

It’s only taken us close to five years to hang pictures in our room, but we finally got the wall art up above our bed just like we wanted. Most of these pieces are things that Cale has made, handmade wedding gifts we received, or items’ we’ve purchased together that represent our story. I love having them above our bed because they constantly remind us of our start, where all our dreams of family and taking over the world came from.

To most people they are just cute pictures and sweet words, but to us each piece reminds us of our vision, our purpose, our hope, and our love and excitement for the future.

James still prefers playing with cars, trucks and tractors over anything else, but every once in a while I’ll get him to play with something else. It’s been so much fun watching him start to use his imagination and pretend play. Most of the time he is just reenacting things I say to him or how I interact with him, but it’s amazing to see what he actually remembers from our daily interactions (WAYYY to much!)!

And lastly, I spent a few days obsessing over potato stamps. I was trying to give the blah curtains in our bedroom a fresh look, but then pregnant brain switched on and I completely changed my mind! :) The circle and triangle pattern does make a cute runner though don’t ya think?!

Oh and my feet are slowly being eclipsed by my baby belly. Nothing new there. Just thankful to be pregnant with a healthy baby and eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Any baby prep advice from you other parents out there? What did you do before your wee one arrived that really helped you later down the road?

From The Farm

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Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings 6 | Bringing Design Home

Is it just us or has April felt like one of those months where you just can’t seem to get a head!? Surviving is more like it.

Last Sunday going to church felt like another thing on our to do list so instead we had church in our living room. Soaking in one of our favorite worship bands we danced, we played, we laughed, and we took time to feel the spring breeze move through our old farmhouse.

We enjoyed life as a family. We enjoyed our baby little boy.

In all of our spring lists and chores let us not lose focus on what is important. On why we dream. On why we pursue and stay so busy. May we remember to stop and enjoy each season. Each moment. Remember that achieving your goals is less about getting there and more about the journey. Don’t make the road harder than it needs to be. Rest, play, sing, dance… whatever it takes for you to find and stay in that place of joy.

Your kids need that from you. Your spouse needs that from you. Your soul needs that from you!

“So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Oceans | Hillsong United

Happy Easter weekend everyone! Hope it’s filled with love, family and friends, and the kind of worship that feeds your soul!

From The Farm

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Lesson #6: Paper Plates on a Weeknight

Lesson #6: Paper Plates on a Weeknight | Bringing Design Home

Come on. Let’s not over think it. All of us could list a hundred different things that we are trying to juggle right now, in this moment. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. For me, this time, I’ve chosen to let the dirty dishes win. I just can’t seem to keep up with it all and it stresses me out! My solution? Paper plates on the weeknights! Don’t get me wrong we still save our fancy plates for special nights with friends and for cutting thick pieces of juicy meat, but most nights we eat on these babies.

And it’s awesome!

It’s true, the dishes and I have finally found a mutual happy place. And when momma’s happy, everyone’s happy! :)

Say it with me; “We can’t do it all!” As a mom, as a wife, as a homemaker, and as a business owner there is no way I can give 100% of myself to all of those things 100% of the time. To be honest there is not enough of me to give. But we try. We try blending and weaving it all into one great song we call “life”, or at least for a few “pretty moments” where everything seems to be in perfect order. You know those moments in between naps when ALL the toys are put away, the laundry is not mounding over the couch, and I’ve got next week’s posts all written and ready to go! :)

And then comes Monday and we start the cycle all over again.

Everyone’s battles are different, and you have to learn not to compare. It’s easy to see how all the other moms are juggling it all and feel like you need to keep up with Mrs. Jones. Let me tell you right now, STOP IT! The grass is always greener, and someone else will always have a cleaner house than yours. Our biggest battle is against ourselves as we try and balance it all.

You have to be honest with yourself and what you like and don’t like doing. Personally I actually like grocery shopping, but cleaning the bathroom!? Ugh. I look forward to the day that I can hire a maid to deep clean my house (ain’t no shame ladies)! I say all that fully intending on working from home as I raise my kids. Does this make me a lazy parent!? Absolutely not!

Pick your battles when it comes to the rhythm of work+life.

The Miss. Do It All has got to realize she can’t do it all! And honestly, finding ways to streamline daily chores and tasks so that you get even 10 more minutes of quality family time, personal time, or business time is more than worth it!

What little ways have you learned to cut corners on daily tasks?!

For me, one of my solutions has been paper plates on a weeknight.

And if it makes you feel any less guilty, buy the pretty ones! ;)

From The Farm

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Around Here: Homemade Cobbler/Fields of Green/Gender Reveal/Trains/Porch Sitting/Rocking Chairs

Around Here: March 2014 | Bringing Design Home

We are officially 14 weeks till baby #2 is in our arms. Life has been SO full. It’s the kind of full that leaves you tired of running and going, but so glad you’ve had the time to visit old friends and family. From girls’ trips to Boston and KC, to spring break in Wichita we are looking forward to spending most of April at home. Not to mention there are some really exciting things happening around our little corner of the interweb. We are praying through lots of changes and updates. The good kind! We are brain storming and organizing our task list for Bringing Design Home, updating the nursery & toddler room combo, and Cale is continuing to study for his architectural license. Not to mention we ALSO picked out the perfect spot to build our dream house, of course now we can’t stop designing our future farmhouse, and Meg has officially started to waddle like a duck.

It’s definitely a busy season, but an exciting one! And to be honest, we don’t really see it slowing down anytime soon.

We’re trying to take it one day at time!

Learning to spend more time TRUSTING and less time WORRYING about ALLLLLLL the details.

Over spring break we visited this really cool train museum where the kids can climb on and inside all kinds of old trains in Wichita, Kansas! If James was a little bit older, we could seriously just let him roam around freely. The museum is just small enough you can keep tabs on the kiddos, and the train tracks run right by it (separated by a giant fence of course!) so the kids get to see real-life moving trains up close and personal.

If you are ever in the area pick a nice day and definitely visit the Great Plains Transportation Museum.

Don’t know about you all, but there is something extra refreshing about having a few extra hours left in the day. Thanks to daylight savings we’ve been enjoying lots of evening walks in the field next to our house. Now that James is old enough to run walk by himself, it’s so exhausting fun watching him explore every. little. detail.

We’ve also been thankful for some quality family porch time discussing deep thoughts on life with our 19 month old. Pretty sure Cale has waited his WHOLE life for THIS daddy moment. :)

Meg made it her mission to use up ALL of her canned fruit from 2013. Apparently she thinks that when we run out spring will get the HINT and hurry up and get here! We’re ready for fresh garden veggies, fruits, and more!

Anyone else?!

In the mean time we’ll be stuffing our faces with cobbler and homemade skillet desserts before the weather gets to hot to bake anything in our current farmhouse! :)

And lastly, we revealed the gender of baby#2 with a silly string fight! Any guesses on the gender?! :D

Looks like our life is gonna be surrounded by even MORE cars, trucks, plains, and trains.

It’s a boy!

Full speed ahead! :)

From The Farm

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Natural Birth & Parenting Event in OKC

Birth & Baby Connection of Oklahoma | Green Couch Design

We’ve been excited to brand a new up and coming event on Saturday, April 12th in OKC. The Birth & Baby Connection is a great place to get all your natural birth and parenting questions answered. Join us in a relaxed, family-friendly, atmosphere while mingling with local moms, families, businesses and non-profits.

PLUS there are tons of incredible giveaways AND door prizes! Checkout The Birth & Baby Connection Facebook Page to see the full schedule of the day. We are looking forward to sharing photos of the event and more pieces from this branding package after April 12th.

Hope to see you there!

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Chocolate Fun with Gimme Some Oven: Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

Easter Egg Oreo Truffles | Gimme Some Oven & Bringing Design Home

My friend Ali is so legit! We’ve been through a lot together and it’s been so much fun watching her blog, Gimme Some Oven, blossom into a full-time career. I recently took a little business trip to KC to hangout work on some long term business goals and learn a few tips and tricks from a blogging pro.

As most girls weekends go we enjoyed a wild night in our favorite stretchy pants, sippin Ginger Beer through dainty straws, and catching the latest Dancing with the Stars Episode. It was during this time we had a very important business meeting and brainstormed these magical creations–just in time for Easter! :)

I don’t know about you, but I think these babies take the traditional Chocolate Easter Egg to a whole… nother… level! Their cute presentation and ideal serving size are simply perfect for not only Easter, but any spring occasion.

Wouldn’t these be adorable at a baby shower?!

Follow Ali’s easy Easter Egg Oreo Truffles Recipe at Gimme Some Oven to make your very own!

Also, checkout some of these other yummy recipes from Gimme Some Oven that are now some of our personal favorites:

Look for more photos from my little KC getaway with Ali later this week!

Are you hungry yet?!

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