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Simple House Plans


The beauty of a home is what it says about you. Why you like it, what it means and how that all reflects your values, lifestyle and culture.

Since meg and I are even now embarking on the journey of designing, building and living in our very own “modern farmhouse”. I thought it would be fun to collect a few plans that have at least inspired our thoughts, and impressed our eyes. I hope you enjoy these, I’m always browsing around the internet plan rooms looking for fun new designs and something with the proper rural charm that meg and I enjoy.

Architecture studio “Arch L.A.B.”

This home is the most contemporary design I’ve selected. I really like the play on verticality with the vertical cladding that runs from the peak of the roof to the foundation. It gives the home a sense of grounded-ness that I like, as if the building were growing out of the ground.

Breaking that verticality are two elements which are a lot of fun but could detract from the country charm that we like. These are the monolithic entry awning that expresses itself as an L covering the entry. Not sure what material they are expecting a simple country boy to use there. Also the white slats on the side of the home. I wish the slats had a little more purpose. They just kind of appear there.

All in all it’s a beautiful home that has inspired the shape and form that meg and I want to use. But we might “play” with the materials a little more.

Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc.

The cottage, I had to include a home like this, it just wasn’t right not to. The truth is, a big front porch, a simple roofline and that “sit and chat for a while” charm is what we all remember about the farmhouses we love. So this one made the list more for what it represents than any specific design feature.

I hope to take the feel of the home above and blend it with the style of the first house we looked at. That to me is the true “modern farmhouse”.

So note the big porch, and the quaint feel, and let’s keep moving.

Nicohlas Lee (below and cover photo)

The home in the cover photo, and the one above are almost the same design. The one above is the jumbo sized version of the cover photo. I wanted to show that simple doesn’t always mean small. Think about a castle, since meg and I want 3-4 bedrooms many people kinda laugh when we say it will be simple. The truth is simple has nothing to do with size, it has everything to do with function and composition.

The long low profile of the house above inspires the prairie, much like Frank Lloyd Wrights prairie homes. Horizontals can be fun, and even awe inspiring. I like the way this home starts to open up and welcome people in, the full length porch begs for someone to sit on it, and a rocking chair would just look great right there.

I want a little more verticality, meg and I are working off of a two story idea at the moment, so we want to see the home rise above the plains a little more than this one does. But this inspired our heart for the farm, for the comings and goings on the porch and the early mornings or late nights sitting looking across the land.

I like how this plan orients each room to a porch access. Privacy isn’t a big deal when you live in the country, but independence can be. I also like the central hub that is the kitchen and living space. Everything moves off of that, and our home will be the same.

I’ll be back to share more as we continue to work through the design. I hope to share the Pinterest boards that we are building and the mood boards as we work through them. Stay tuned for more as we unveil our process and our home.

Thanks for reading.

Share some of your favorite home design links in the comments section.

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Shared Nursery & Toddler Combo Room Design [REVEAL]

Nursery & Toddler Combo Room Design | Bringing Design Home

After many late night design discussions, floor plan ideas, garage sale hunts, IKEA pitstops, Home Depot trips, and Saturday mornings painting, sewing, sawing, and nailing things to the wall we are finally DONE!! :D

Our original nursery for our first born was a combination room shared with our laundry and dryer. We live in a small house so we have to take advantage of every square foot. When we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 we knew it was time to move the kids into a more permanent space that they could really grow into. Our friends, Andrew and Crystal, fit three little minions in one room so surly we could figure out a way to design and organize a space for two?! ;)

We were originally going to share a lot more design thoughts and details of the room in this post, but felt like that was a whole nother post once we started it writing it all out. Instead, we just want you to enjoy these yummy photos and find some inspiration for your own kids room. Other then a few side notes we’ve added underneath some of the photos, we’ve kept it simple.

Enjoy! :)

Toddler bed was a garage sale find for $10.00 while the white chest of drawers was a hand me down. We just painted the handles orange and called it good.

Buying baskets and/or buckets to fill all 4-6 slots seemed ridiculously expensive. Instead, we made these simple storage units out of old diaper boxes, craft paper, and orange spray paint. Look for a DIY on this project in the future!

Instead of plastic diaper pales we used 6 gallon metal trash bins with locking lids for dirty cloth diapers, laundry, trash, etc.

We used the same handmade curtains from our original nursery, but made another set to cover all the windows. Who needs fancy curtain rods when you can paint chunky dowel rods any color to match your room! :)

Small metal pails picked up at a hardware store were purchased to match the trash cans. They are perfect for storing and organizing tiny toys.

The whale poster is a free French Paper Sample that Meg had been saving for a few years now. It just fits perfectly in our adventure themed room!

These knitted mini puff balls bring a pop of green to the room, but also make great side tables, stools, and throw around pillows for the kids. Chairs are nice to have in a kids’ room, but they take up a lot of space. We probably could have figured out a way to make these ourselves, but since we were hand making everything else, we decided to splurge a little!

Even though our OSB accent walls were built to help insulate and cover up an unused exterior door, they also help separate private and play space.

We re-used and added a few more blue/gray shelves and orange hardware from our original nursery design.

Our old farmhouse doesn’t have closets in most of it’s bedrooms. Luckily, we have two boys so they don’t have a lot of hanging items. We made a make-shift area behind the door to hang a few fancy shirts, jackets, and daily travel/diaper bags.

Additional toy storage fits perfectly under the bed with these $3 bins from IKEA! James also loves his IKEA Car Rug, and we love that it was only $15.00!

It was a lot of work, but something we are very proud of. Cale got his white walls, while Meg got to have fun bringing in color through books, toys, and artwork. We’re working on a post now that will hopefully give you some design tips and rules to creating a shared kids’ space that is functional and fun! In our opinion, it doesn’t matter how “cool” it looks, if the space doesn’t work properly, it’s not doing it’s job! We love every nook and cranny about this room and are very pleased with how it works in the daily rhythm of our family.

We shall see how things progress as the boys continue to grow! ;) Look for a more detailed post with our design breakdown of what makes a great shared kid space soon!

What is your favorite element of the new room!?

From The Farm


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3 Things You Should Consider Before Building/Buying A Home

This Land Is Our Land | Bringing Design Home

I haven’t met anyone yet that doesn’t love the thrill of the chase, the joy of finding that perfect home, or that first pass of the bulldozer for your new homes building pad. But very often, sometimes long before that moment, we lose sight of some very important pieces to this puzzle.

There are three things that are key in my mind to a successful and productive home selection process if you don’t know these three things, and have them written down you inevitably fall short of your expectations in the final product.

Home buying or home building either one requires focus, and it requires a set goal. Most people see that goal as a number of bedrooms, or a neighborhood they want to live in, but I say that it should be more than that, it should be more detailed and more intentional, thus the three things.

So here are the three things that Meg and I are considering as we make plans to build our home, and how I believe that they will help you in just about any purchase you ever make.

1) TIMEFRAME: This is a huge factor in any purchase, but especially in the search for a home. Whether buying or building your timeframe tells you everything about what you can and cannot do. It sets the field, and it defines the level of compromise you will be willing to make with the other two elements I’m going to share. You must define your timeframe and then depending on how long you have, set some intermediate goals within that overall space. This will give you benchmark points that help you to know if you are on or off of schedule overall before you get to the very end.

A schedule, which is ultimately the vehicle we use to define a timeframe and set goals/benchmarks along it, is a simple thing to create. If you are purchasing a home it might look like a set of dates with a number of homes that you want to look at by each of those dates. You could then include some time for closing, and final details, as well as move in. If building the schedule becomes even that much more important because you are in complete control of the timeline, and your decisions with your designer or homebuilder are key to how quickly they can move your design process and subsequent construction along. For those building I would set a timeframe in number of months. If it’s July of 2014, and you want to be in your home by July of 2015 then you’ve got 12 months. Make sure that your designer/homebuilder agree to the schedule and work with you on it. You can then set goals with the team you’ve hired so that you have goals for each month of the process. I promise this sounds like a lot of work, and this is not nearly as much fun as picking out bathroom fixtures or going shopping for furniture. But it’s worth it and it’s part of the recipe that will take you from we like this home to we love this home!

2) BUDGET: You knew I would go there… Budget is probably the number one hardest piece of the puzzle for those building or buying a home. There are so many little things that come up in the day to day process of finding a home or designing one. Then you catch yourself stuck in that moment where you’re out of money, but that fixture is exactly what we want, so it goes on the credit card, or pulled out of savings. It’s very easy to spend thousands more than planed especially when building a home, because all the pieces aren’t right there and easily identified.

One of the ways to define your budget is to determine an ultimate “not to exceed” amount. This is your bottom line, if you spend more than this you’re losing money on the deal. Then once that initial budget amount is reached pull back 10-15%, this is your contingency. You have 15% of your total budget dedicated to the unforeseen expenses. Then go through the remainder of your budget with your team, realtors, designers, architect, home builder, whom ever. Detail the rest of that money into the design, you can show a spreadsheet or just a general list of items and costs, depending on how involved your process is. For home buyers the list of items and costs will usually work great, if you’re building I recommend a full breakdown and cost estimate from your designer/builder. This will ultimately lead to you picking and choosing where you want you’re money to go. Unless your Mr. Trump, or related to him in some way, you probably won’t have the money to get everything you want exactly as you want it. Thus the compromise comment in the budgeting paragraph. Staying focused on your budget and making those hard decisions of where to spend the money will be easier with the next and final piece of the puzzle.

3) DEAL BREAKERS: Yep, just like a mate, your home buying/building experience has deal breakers. Even the most laid back and easy going shopper wants something specific. SO write it down. The first thing you should do, especially if you have a wife, husband, or significant other working through this process with you is to write down and discuss your deal breakers.

It can be white countertops, or 4 bedrooms, it can be a neighborhood, or certain kitchen appliances. But you will have deal breakers, and they will be important to the process. So every one involved should take a moment, a day, a week, to write down your deal breakers. This isn’t a dream list, this isn’t a Pinterest Board, this is your I can’t live without this in my life list. It’s the big stuff, it should be simple, straight forward and clearly defined. These are the things that you spend your money on, these are your priorities. Before you go looking at houses, before you run off to hire John Doe Custom Homes, you need to know that if it doesn’t have these 5-8 things you don’t want it… No matter how good the deal is.

To help you out in this, think of the things you love about where you live now, those are probably deal breakers, they are a part of your culture now, a part of your family process. Next think of the things you really wish you had, these are probably deal breakers as well. Now all of this must be considered within reason, you need to discuss these with a good friend who will; “put you in your place”, as Meg likes to say. Don’t be silly, and don’t be stupid. A hummer, or a private lake isn’t usually a legitimate deal breaker. So start there and see where you end, if your list is longer than a page, you’re probably asking too much, and you need a real honest review session. If it’s two items you might not be digging deep enough. I can’t tell you a magic number there isn’t one, but you’ll know it when you reach it because in that list will be a home, it will be all you know you want and need.

Are there other ways you have organized your process for a home?

From The Farm

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Hello, Remember Me?! I’m Cale! :)

Cale & Meg | Bringing Design Home


It’s me, Meg’s crazy husband. You’ve heard of me and heard from me in the past. In-fact I was on here quite a lot at the beginning. I’ve been away working a 9-5, as you probably know. But it’s more than that, I’ve been growing, thinking and hopefully getting better at what it is I do. Architecture, design, and general creativity. When Meg approached me about writing again for Bringing Design Home I was thrilled. This is honestly one of the things I miss the most in the day to day of a 9-5. Something about sharing thoughts, hopes, dreams, and connecting to others is lost in that daily grind. You do what you need to do, what you have to do, you work hard and you focus. Beyond the surface, beyond the basic information that I’m married, have a little boy, and another on the way, and that I’m a hard working country boy, that’s all most of your co-workers ever really care to know. They aren’t looking for some deeper connection, because ultimately its just a job, its just getting things done to get home and enjoy the people that really know you.

That’s where this blog comes in. For Meg and I just the surface level info isn’t enough. We care, silly I know, but we do. We want to share, we want to connect, and we hope some day down the line, someone will come up to us and say; “Hey! “I know you, you write that funky family design blog. I just want you to know that I learned a great deal from that last post, thanks!”, or something like that. Those are the great moments for us, the ones where we actually feel like we could change the world just by being here, being honest, and having some fun along the way.

So here I am saying hi again, and looking to “share” once more. I’m hoping to focus on design and architecture most specifically. I hope to give some thoughts and pointers that might make building, buying, and remodeling your homes easier or at least more fun. I also hope to shed some light on that mysterious title “Architect” and what it is we really do. Why we are needed for certain things and why sometimes you don’t really need to consult us. ;)

So watch for my future posts, and let me know if it gets long winded or too technical.

Thanks for listening…

From The Farm

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Happy Anniversary: A Simple Master Bedroom Haven


One of my (other) major pregnancy projects has been the redesign of our master bedroom. After six years of marriage, an overly bright green accent wall, and decor we had kept around since college, it was time to give our tiny bedroom a much needed update! Our current old farmhouse is just under 1,000 square feet. With baby #2 on the way this momma was looking to create a little nesting oasis to truly call her own!

My goal for the room was to create a light and airy space with subtle moments of color. I think the color plum is sexy and used varying shades of it as the base for the room. What’s funny is that when we finished, most of the plum color was hidden. So the “sexy” is sorta our little secret. ;) Another beautiful element to the room, that we intentionally pursued, was to find a wall color that changed with the seasons and lighting. After hundreds of color samples, and paint swatches we decided on “Smoked Oyster” from Home Depot. It’s perfect! The images don’t do it justice, but the room literally changes shades from morning to evening every day.

If you know anything about my husband you know that, like most architects, he would live in a completely white washed house, with white furniture, and white floors and white ceilings. I on the other hand, tend to like a bit more life and flare in my home. :) Our different interior design opinions and love/hate relationships with color have been a battle in our marriage. We are both designers and we are both very opinionated, but we have always tried our best to work through our difference and see eye to eye. Over time we’ve realize that marriage is truly about two people becoming one, and that doesn’t just happen overnight! It’s a lifetime of working through your issues, big or small, and striving to find a common ground. Although there are also times you have to agree to disagree, I’m happy to say our aesthetic is finally meshing into something we are both really proud of.

Cale and I are super mushy and we love, love. There are so many neat pieces of art and writings that we have made for each other over the years and it was important to pull those pieces out and actually display them. After narrowing things down to some of our favorites we put together a good collection of small, yet unique, elements that truly tell our story and the way we see love. From canvas artwork and poems Cale made for me our first year of marriage (when we were broke!), custom portraits and drawings friends and family have given us as wedding gifts, the first few photos of our babies, the wine cork from the birthday party we met at, and just quotes and inspirational prints that we have connected with over the years, each item in our new room truly reminds us of our love for each other and for family. Even the found objects are rocks from a river in Oklahoma and a volcano in California, to a tiny handmade vase from a street vendor in Panama. Each piece is part of a collection from all the adventures we have shared together thus far, and an inspiration to pursue more in the future.

I love being married, but there are days when love feels far away, and it is something you really have to work at. You have to choose love. You have to remember what made you fall in love with that person in the first place. It’s on those days when the house is a mess, everyone has been sick for what feels like months on end, and Cale is working late again, that you need a reminder of where it ALL started. You need to know that this is a season, and that not all seasons of your relationship have been this challenging! Our new master bedroom update is not only a little oasis, but more than that, it helps me feel connected when we are in a busy season. On a bad day I know I can spend time in our room soaking up remnants of our roots, our adventures big and small, and our commitment to constantly pursue and keep love alive no matter how hard this season may feel.

Unfortunately, that still doesn’t stop the sounds of little feet and a screaming child from getting through our old bedroom door. For those days, I just snuggle down in my sexy plum sheets and let a pillow drown out the craziness for few moments of mommy silence (Only when Cale is home of course… or until James finds me in a good game of hide-and-seek)! :)

What makes your bedroom special? Is it the colors, the furniture, the artwork, or something else?

From The Farm

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IKEA Wish List For Nursery + Toddler Room Combo

Great way to add hanging space to a room with no closet | Bringing Design Home

We are taking a little pre-summer vacation to Dallas, Texas this week and no trip to Texas is complete without a little visit to IKEA! Love it or hate it, we enjoy just walking around getting ideas for our home and seeing how they utilize each square inch of space in their showrooms. The first time Cale and I ever went to IKEA we spent 5 hours just looking around. I know some husbands may not be the home shopping type, but I’m sooooo thankful that Cale enjoys it as much as I do (which can also be frustrating at times too!)! :/

This is our first trip to IKEA with a Toddler in tow so we have put together a little list of items we definitely want to checkout. With our Nursery + Toddler Room Combo almost complete, we are really just looking for a few key items to complete the room (can’t wait to show you the final photos!).

CLOSET: The Nursery + Toddler Room unfortunately doesn’t have a closet. I’ve been looking up ideas and fun ways to hang stuff and am loving the idea of using regular coat hooks as a decorative element in a room, while also acting as a semi-closet. Luckily for us we are planning for two boys so all we need is a little space for a few dress items, a jacket or two, and maybe a backpack.

STORAGE: When you fit multiple kids in any room toy storage and organization is definitely key! IKEA has a couple of really fun closed storage options. I like that the units are small so the kids can put their own toys away when finished and that they’ll be easy to label if needed. :) Since I’ve become obsessed with green accents in the boys’ room I’m crushing on the pine and green combination.

LIGHTING: James is a good sleeper, but sharing a room with a baby is gonna present whole nother level of challenges during his nighttime routine. We are looking to instal under counter type lighting and/or spotlighting so that we can aim the lights where we need them; like the changing table and the rocking chair.

ODDS & ENDS: What room isn’t complete without a few fun odds and ends? We love taking everyday items and using them in a functional and unique way. For example, instead of buying a normal boring diaper pale, wouldn’t it be cool to have a metal trash can with a lid (as long as it holds the smell!)?!

Tiny colorful metal flower pots are a great way to organize and display smaller games and crafts likes dominoes, matchbox cars, and little plastic cowboys and Indians. :)

And what boy’s room wouldn’t be complete without a road play mat? We’ve decided to let all aesthetics out the window and get over our “designer” selves. This is purely for our kids’ enjoyment and pleasure since James continues to fall more in love with cars, trucks, and tractors.

We’re hoping this list will give some us some direction and keep us focused so we don’t get too distracted. Countdown to nap time starts as soon as we get to IKEA so we need to utilize every spare moment we have! ;)

Any advice for long shopping trips with a Toddler?! 

Wish us luck! :)

From The Farm

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Nursery + Toddler Room Combo [In Process] #2

Boy-Friendly Handmade Quilt: Kids' Room Inspiration | Bringing Design Home

From the Iris’ just about to bloom outside our kitchen window to ALL the cleaning going on around here, spring is definitely in full effect.

That and the fact that I’m nearly 29 weeks pregnant! WHAT!?

I have to say I’m pretty stoked about all the work we’ve put into the new room for our two little boys. We have been busy putting the final touches on it, which is always my favorite part! I love seeing all the pieces come together.

With this room remodel we’ve been able to updating quite a few things and create even more storage space. With that said, I’m definitely on the final stretches of my budget (saving for an IKEA trip next week!) so I’m looking to create or reuse things with what we have on hand. I had totally forgotten about a really cool handmade quilt (image above) I got a garage sale for $7!! It’s just the perfect amount of manly-kid-friendly appeal that I’ve been looking for. I love the colors the quilt adds to the room and the fact that since it’s not a family quilt of ours I won’t feel too guilty if it gets poo on it.

Just being honest. :)

The OSB accent walls are coming along just great! The extra shelving is so functional. Instead of buying more trinkets and things we’ve covered them up with books and specialty toys we already had on hand. This section (image above) sits directly above James’ bed so he can reach the magnet board and the first shelf of cars all by himself. Even though the OSB walls were added to cover and insulate an old exterior door. the raw look brings a very natural and playful feel to the room that we really like.

I’ve been looking for some little chairs that James could sit on while playing with his cars at our coffee table. The problem is they either take up a lot of space, or he can’t get right up next to the table to play because there is not enough leg room. On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby I found these mini puff balls (image above–excuse the laundry!) and seriously can’t get a enough of them! The green is such a fun accent color in the boys’ room and the puffs are so multipurpose. We can stack em in the corner and use them as a little side table for books, they make great pillows to lean up against, tiny stool type chairs for their bedroom or the living room, and even make great balls to throw around the house (cause that is what boys do!)!

Since purchasing the mini puff balls I have become obsessed with finding fun ways to bring green into the room. From the quilt, to the puff balls, the color is adding another level of pop that is very different than James’ original nursery. I snapped a photo of this adorable doggy fabric (image above) at Hancock Fabrics, but still haven’t found a good excuse to purchase it yet. Cale thinks it might be a bit too much?! At first I was thinking curtains, but to be honest we are trying to keep cost down so I may throw some pillows together instead.

The room is still a work in a progress, but we are finishing it up slowly and I’m really excited with the outcome. Watching James interact with the different design elements has definitely been my favorite part thus far.

We are looking forward to sharing the completed room very soon. I don’t know if it it’s just because it’s a new space, but the new Nursery + Toddler Room Combo is seriously my favorite space in the house right now! It’s so bright and cheery.

You just can’t go in there and NOT be happy!

From The Farm


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DIY Slender & Rustic Dining Room Table

DIY Slender & Rustic Dining Room Table | Bringing Design Home

Recently we were able to work with Cut Loose Hair Design on not only their branding, but their interior design as well. One of the biggest draws to their salon is that they are very family-friendly and wanted to encourage that in every part of their space.

Our inspiration for a waiting room with a large family style dining table was originally found here. Although they loved the idea, Cut Loose didn’t have the extra square footage to host such a large table. Instead, they shrunk the table size down to accommodate their space. The finished piece is a slender sized dining room table that functions great within their space, but also creates an inviting and relaxed client waiting area.


We found several Table DIY’s as examples to help Cut Loose Hair Design visualize and create their own custom design.

Our list included:

  1. IKEA Vika Lerberg Iron Legs DIY from Stylizimo
  2. 3-Prong Hairpin Legs DIY from A Beautiful Mess
  3. Pottery Barn Inspired Wooden Legs DIY from Shanty 2 Chic


  • 9 4x4s
  • 1 2×4
  • 2 8ft 1/2″ threaded rod
  • 8 1/2″ washers, split washers, and nuts
  • X4 Joint plates
  • Box of Truss Screws for low profile on joint plates
  • Drills bits
  • 4 Casters (consider to hold enough weight)
  • 8 3″ x 3/8″ lag bolts for x beams (2x4s)
  • 16 2″ x 1/4″ lag bolts to hold casters


Ultimately the final design was one Cut Loose customized to their personal tastes. We asked the maker Matt Yacko, the owners son-in-law, to share his final thoughts, creative process, and any tips that might help others looking to make a similar table.

  1. Start with making the table top first: I identified where the structural supports needed to be which were close to the ends and then split equally across the middle.
  2. Experiment with the arrangement of the boards before inserting the metal rods: Since all of the boards were slightly different in thickness or had a unique warping, each 4×4 had to be measured and marked so that the surface of the table would be as close to flat as possible.
  3. Cut ½” threaded rod to the approximate desired width of the table: Make sure there is plenty of left over just in case! After drilling the first board, inserted the rods through the holes in order to line up the next 4×4.
  4. Use decorative hardware on the sides of the table to cover up the rod holes and add additional support: I cut the ½” threaded rod so that it would sit just recessed inside the counter bored holes and then installed the hardware to secure the tabletop into one piece.
  5. Assemble the entire table, stain the bottom, and add the casters while upside down: Flipping the table right-side-up is a task in itself, wait until you are completely finished and then use a friend! :)
  6. Install the legs using a framing joint commonly found at your local hardware store: Afterwards, measure out the desired angle of the cross beams securing the legs lag bolts in countersunk holes.
  7. Sand the bottom of the table with a heavy 40 grit belt sander: Legs are likely to touch this area but the finish is not as important because it will not be seen.
  8. Lightly sand the top, side, and legs of the table to preserve it’s natural finish: I used 2 coats of medium-sheen gloss polyurethane to seal the wood and smooth the surfaces with a light 200 grit sanding in between coats.


It’s always fun seeing clients take your initial ideas and truly make them their own. Walking into the Cut Loose Salon, the table is such a fun focal point and is always filled up with people, coats, and crayons. :)

Regardless of if you are looking to create a similar table for a waiting room or for your actual dining room we hope you’ve found a good example to get your creative juices flowing!

Now start drawing up sketches on that napkin! Go a head. You can do it, and send us photos when you’ve finished your own Rustic Table DIY!

Thanks again Matt for providing the supplies list and how to instructions!

From The Farm

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Nursery & Toddler Room Combo [In Process]

Nursery & Toddler Room Combo [In Process] | Bringing Design Home

Our 1910 farm house is slowly filling up with babies, toys, furniture, and just the kind of “stuff” that follows you around after 5 1/2 years of marriage (where does it all come from!?)! Although it feels like we are constantly getting rid of stuff, at the same time, we are also re-evaluating how we can better utilize every inch of our 1,000 square foot home.

You could say our house has three bedrooms, but… not really. When we moved in the washer and dryer were in the kitchen so we promptly found them a new home in the smallest bedroom. Although it’s made a great combo laundry/guest room, laundry/office room, and laundry/nursery room, it’s not the best setup. Originally we had switched the office into the largest bedroom in the house for our Green Couch Design Product Line. Now that we are focusing solely on our graphic design and architectural backgrounds our office space needs a little less room for inventory, packaging, and shipping.

With baby #2 on the way we decided to move both the kiddos into the larger bedroom hoping to give them, and their friends, a little more playroom when we have other families over to visit. The laundry/nursery room has worked great up to this point, but with James getting older and more mobile, there’s definitely not enough room to really play in his room. By combining the nursery & toddler room into the larger bedroom we can provide two play spaces, the living room and the kids’ room, and also shove them and their toys into one larger space when entertaining. :)

Poor kid, he has no idea what’s about to hit his little only child world. :)

One of our biggest problems with moving both kids into this room is that there is an old exterior door that is horribly insulated. In reality, it needs to be removed completely and become a part of the exterior wall, but that is a whole nother project that needs to be done when the house is resided. As with most home renovations sometimes you have to pick your battles, and this door issue was exactly that! Looking for a way to insulate AND hide the door (we’ve literally had snow come in the house, it’s that BAD) we had to come up with a really smart design solution that married good-looking aesthetics and function.

Instead of replacing the door AND the house siding the plywood accent walls buy us sometime until we are ready to invest in a more permanent solution. Since the room doesn’t have a closet space we had to get really creative with our storage options. By anchoring shelves to the OSB walls we won’t have to paint and patch as many holes in the future. Also, OSB can hold a lot more weight than sheet rock, so we plan to use the upper storage for heavier baby/toddler items that are not needed on a daily basis. By keeping the OSB sheets raw they add a balance of natural and masculine flare to the room that looks really cool! Not only were they easy to put up, but they provide lots of functional storage space.

What was unusable wall space due to a horribly insulated door, is now a flat, insulated, and usable surface with lots of potential!

We are also looking at putting more shelves on some of the larger wall spaces, but they still won’t be able to hold as much weight as the OSB accent walls.

It only took him about 5 seconds to make the room messy again. We promise we really do try and tidy things up when you guys stop by for a visit! :)

The changing table is another area that needs lots of storage. We are experimenting with one long shelf at the top, and then several smaller shelves toward the changing table. You definitely don’t want to get to close to the table otherwise you’ll have little ones hitting their heads and pulling down things while you are trying to change a poopy diaper!

We plan on implementing a lot of the same furniture pieces from our original nursery room design. Gray, white, and orange are still our main colors… until we find out we are having a girl?! ;)

We should know in the next few weeks!

At this point we’ve spent $10.00 on the toddler bed we found at a garage sale, but other then that furniture in the room has either been passed down as freebies, handmade completely, or given as a gift, like our antique rocker! The only money we’ve spent thus far is on three sheets of OSB and paint. I know the eclectic furniture drives Cale a little nuts cause they don’t always “match”, but I like the challenge of making them work together AND staying within a good budget! :)

How about you guys?

Any advice for creating a shared nursery and toddler room? What items are a must and what can we leave out?!

We’re always open to your suggestions!

From The Farm



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This Land is Our Land

This Land Is Our Land | Bringing Design Home

Apparently we’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from you guys! Not only are we expecting baby #2, but we are excited to announce that we are moving forward with building our own Modern Farmhouse! With Grandpa’s help we picked the perfect spot on top of 5 acres right next to Cale’s mom’s house. Some might think it’s crazy to build next to family, but we’re excited to live within walking distance and share in all the responsibilities of a caring for a big garden and future pigs, cows, chickens, bees, etc.

Lots of potential!

Since we have been married it’s been a dream of ours to build our own little homestead. We’ve loved every second we’ve had in our current 1910 farm house, but we are looking forward to having a place we can really call our own. After talking to the bank and doing some serious financial planning, we are aiming to break ground in 2016!

Two years seems like a long ways away, but we’ve got some major designing to do!

In the mean time Cale’s working on getting his architectural license and continuing to gain as much experience as possible in the construction industry. We can’t stop sketching and laying out every nook and cranny. Our ideas are still rough, but we look forward to sharing our design process with you along with picking out furniture, finishes, and flooring!

Any tips for building and/or designing your own home?!

From The Farm

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