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GCD: DIY Around the House Couple’s Shower & Cookie Bar [Invitation Design]


You know it’s wedding season when your mail box is full of wedding and shower invites. Some of our dear friends are getting married in May and recently bought their first home. We wanted to do something special to help them celebrate so we threw them a DIY Around the House Couple’s Shower. We really tried to think through the decor and made sure that everything we created for the decorations was something the couple could turn around and use in their new home.

Of course what new home isn’t full of paint swatches, brushes, paint cans, stir sticks, and messy floors? We loved the paint chip garland tutorial found here but instead of getting out the sewing machine we just used a glue stick. :)

For an afternoon Sunday shower we wanted to keep the food simple and sweet. We decided to do a cookie bar (complete with cold whole milk of course!) and asked a few close guests to share a batch of homemade cookies.

The large paint swatches (found for FREE at your local paint store) worked great as simple ways to label each platter and table activities.

Each table was furnished with a house plant and brown kraft paper painted with teal and purple smudges. We wanted to come up with a fun way to encourage guest interaction. Each table was assigned a different activity and guests were encouraged to move from table to table throughout the shower.

  1. HIM Table: Guests were asked to write “tips and tricks on how to love a man” on blue paint swatches for the wife to be.
  2. HER Table: Guests were asked to write “tips and tricks on how to love a woman” on purple paint swatches for the husband to be.
  3. DATE GAME NIGHT Table: Guests were asked to choose a month out of the couples first year of marriage to host the newlyweds. Mickey and Reagan love spending time with their friends and playing games. This was a fun way to keep in touch with friends and a creative solution for inexpensive date nights throughout their first year of marriage. We printed this lovely 8.5 x11 2013 calendar here and had guests write down what month they would host the newlyweds.
  4. BLESSINGS Table: Guests were asked to write marriage advice and/or prayers for the couple.

Notice the handmade burlap pillows? One of them says “lets make…” while the other pillow says “pie” on one side and “whoopie” on the other. I’ve seen this done with “coffee” and “love” before as well. Either way, it’s a really cute way to customize a gift that relates to the couple’s since of humor. Find a basic tutorial here.

Overall it was a wonderful afternoon and we enjoyed blessing our friends with love and good things for their life together as a married couple. The shower was perfectly simple and definitely made for easy cleanup. ;)

From The Farm

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Grilled Cheese Grill Party

Grilled Cheese Grill Party: The "bonus" Fry | Bringing Design Home

This is the third year we’ve hosted a birthday for our good friend Scott. I don’t know why it takes people asking us before we actually slow down and “plan” something at our place (we need to work on that) but it was a blast! Instead of the typical burgers and dogs we wanted to switch things up a bit. We knew there would be meat eaters and vegetarians attending the party so we decided a grilled cheese bar would do just the trick! I found 9 fancy grilled cheese recipes here and based my toppings off of the ones that looked good to me. Even though everyone had to wait some for their sandwiches they were well worth the wait! Everyone LOVED the entire process and kept coming back for seconds (and thirds!).

Our top favorite toppings from the night included:

  • Pesto
  • Banana Peppers & Jalapenos
  • Provolone & Swiss Cheese
  • Summer Sausage (sliced thin)
  • Bacon (of course)
  • Avocado 
  • Tomato
  • Green Apples (sliced thin)

Our Grilled Cheese Grill Party was definitely a family friendly way to create something for everyone’s taste buds! Plus, if our guests didn’t like their sandwiches we could blame it on the fact that they got to choose their own dang toppings! ;)

Happy grilling cheese everyone! Spring is here.

From The Farm

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Creative Meetup: Defining Family

Dig Deep: Creative Meetups | Bringing Design Home

We spent our Saturday morning enjoying homemade quiche, cantaloupe, and time with good friends. This is the third time this year we’ve enjoyed a day of inspiration and creativity by simply being together. Last time we shared our definition of home, this meetup we defined family.

What does it look like? How does it breath? Move? Believe?

Friends come and go, but family is forever. It’s bigger than the community you are born into, family is the people you choose to be in a relationship with on a heart level. Family is where you can be vulnerable and celebrate your truest self. Around family you can let your hair down, be quirky, free, you can be 100% you without having to hedge your bets, or worry about “offending” others by what you say.

Family is when you love and are loved “whether you like it or not”. - To The Wonder (shot in Oklahoma!)

This past weekend we talked about family and how that interacts with business.

We were encouraged by businesses that celebrate community in a family type atmosphere.

We found inspiration from a family of creative entrepreneurs.

We learned that some families are complicated no matter how you look at it. ;)

And we found tools and resources that help organize businesses regardless of their history.

Ultimately family is a safe space. It doesn’t come with a set of hidden agendas, it’s where you belong, you have a since of ownership, you can assimilate into smoothly regardless of how messy or pretty it is. In family there is no pressure to entertain, just “being” together is reason to gather.

For us, family is the place we go to start over.

It’s our re-set button.

What does family look like to you? We all come from different backgrounds and experiences but in an ideal world what type of picture would you paint? Do you believe that family and business can work together as one?

From The Farm

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GCD: Princess Bride Themed Baby Shower [Invitation Design]

BabyShowerFrontInvite1 copy

I’ve been holding this design hostage for a while, while we waited (anxiously) for the big day. Some of our dear friends are having a little girl and we got to design the wedding invitations for their shower. The theme was one of the coolest ones we’ve seen in a long time (besides our shower of course!). It was such a joy to be able to shower them with love and be a part of welcoming little Miss. Wiggles (her name remains a mystery!) into this world with love, gifts, and lots of tiny summer outfits (I seriously CANNOT STOP buying stuff for this little girl)!

It was couples shower so instead of playing cheesy games there were fun activities for the whole family! Included was an “As You Wish” decorate onesies craft corner, an “Inconceivable Sundae Bar”, a photobooth with a life size tree (that we had to cut down with a chainsaw just to get in the door), Iocane Powder (Pixie Sticks), a “Cliffs of Insanity” Cookie Cake, Grilled “R.O.U.S.(chicken strips), along with the movie being projected on the wall. Believe it or not there were actually people who attended who had never seen the movie! Good thing we were able to educate them before baby Wiggles gets here.

Thanks to Karen and Kerry (the brains behind the operation) the shower was a smashing hit and one we will never forget! It has been so fun walking out this next phase of our life (parenthood) with some of our dearest friends.

Maybe someday their baby Buttercup will be calling our little man her “Farm Boy“. ;)

From the Farm

* Review more work like this and others by visiting our graphic design portfolio at Green Couch Design.


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Creative Meetup: Defining Home

2013 journal dreaming | Bringing Design Home

Home is…

Where Cale is. Where James (our baby) is. Where I rest. Where I feel safe. Where I feel sexy all day without makeup and my smelly pj’s, Where Josie (our dog) snores, where it smells like home cooking, where the sun comes in from the window just so and time stands still, where God speaks to me, where God sings to me, where I dance like no one is watching, where I sing loudly, where I eat more chocolate chip cookies than I should (there is always room for ONE more), where I keep all my clothes, where my family and friends come to find rest, where I cook all my favorite meals, where plum is my favorite color (at least for this season), where my heart is full, I can hide, I can be me, and I can figure out me.

Home holds all of my favorite things.

The Best Client | Bringing Design Home

Healthy Breakfast | Bringing Design Home

We recently had another old fashioned creative weekend with some of our dearest friends. Armed with old school pen and paper we doodled, dreamed, then dreamed even bigger of our life and what we really want out of it. In that place of dreaming we kept coming back to our personal definitions of home.

For me, home is a place where we get to do collaborations from our hearts, heads and hands.

A place that celebrates heritage, legacy, and all things local.

A Spirit-led life full of creativity, integrity, and love.

A place that doesn’t let us skip the process.

The definition of home holds all of my favorite things.

How do you define home? What does it look like, smell like, what parts of home do you miss the most when you are gone?

From the Farm

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An Old Fashion Backyard Wedding :)


Remember that Comic Book Inspired Wedding Invitation we designed a while back? Turns out the wedding was just as memorable! We should probably be fare and let you know that it was pretty special since Cale’s brother was the groom. But still! The bride’s Italian family arrived from Connecticut armed with good food and cheek kisses. Paired with some good old fashion Okie hospitality it was truly a wedding weekend to remember. Not only was it a beautiful day but the weekend was full of friends and family.

Here are a few of our favorite moments…

From the potluck dinner served family style to the old records serenading the evening it was truly one of our favorite weddings (outside of our own of course!). ;)

Congrats to the newlyweds!

From the Farm

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A Manly Baby Shower (w/ Beer & Cigars)


Have I mentioned to you all just how crafty my sister-in-law is? Look out Martha Stewart cause her glue gun could do some serious damage! She’s been planning our baby shower (with the help of our OK family) since we found out we we’re pregnant. This entire last month she’s been all giddy every time she’d talk about (keeping everything a surprise of course) and claiming that she was planning the Baby Shower of the Century.

Now that is a tall order to have to fulfill, but man did she EVER deliver!

Between our Kansas and Oklahoma family and friends we have had THREE showers thrown for our baby. We have felt completely overwhelmed by all the love and excitement surrounding his arrival and cannot tell you how blessed we are to have so many people wanting to share in this journey with us.

Our “Little Man” has been completely spoiled and he is not even here yet! ;)

37 weeks and counting!

From the Farm

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The Fourth of July: This Is How We Do It


Our Fourth of July was a little bitter sweet. It was the first time we have celebrated the Fourth since Cale’s Dad passed away over a year ago. The Fourth of July was his favorite holiday AND his birthday. Cale said it best; “It was like getting back on a horse after being bucked off”.

It was a little rough getting back into the “true spirit” of things.

But, 68 Artillery Shells later… it started to feel like old times. :)

We hope you exercised your right to blow stuff up and celebrate our freedoms this past Fourth of July!

From the Farm

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Life, It’s Better With Friends (& Babies!)


This weekend we put on our party hats and headed into the city. Our friends Robb and Courtney are welcoming their second baby to the world, a baby girl in June, and we couldn’t be more excited to share in this journey with them! Let’s just say Meg and Courtney have had lots to chat about and compare (like baby bellies!). We were spoiled with fresh burgers and veggies off the grill along with homemade ice cream (served in the cutest little mason jars)!

Life sure is better when shared with friends! ;)

Handmade decorations in pink and purple… definitely the “cutest” BBQ we’ve ever attended (and Courtney claims she’s not that crafty)! It was the perfect way to welcome their little girl and celebrate with friends.

Thanks for spoiling us with great food and great friendship! We love you both and are still considering that arranged marriage if you are interested! ;)

From the Farm


PS Get Courtney’s recipe for Pink Lemonade Layered Cake in the 2012 May Better Homes & Garden Issue (you’ll have to become a member to get the recipe online)!

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Celebrating 90 Years of Living


There are not many things that live to be 90 years old. I’ve heard of cities celebrating 90 years, or award ceremonies, but rarely do you get to know someone personally that is 90 years old. I’m blessed to say that I’ve had my Grandma Mac around for 90 years (and my other Grandma for 80!). The older I get the more I realize what a special and rare occasion it is to have had so much of your life spent with Grandmas/Grandparents. There are a lot people that have never known the safety of a Grandparents hug, the warmth of their laughter, or the taste of their cooking. :) It’s moments like these that hold some of my fondest childhood memories.

Last Sunday my mom, my Grandma B (my mom’s mom), and I took off on a road trip to KC to celebrate my Grandma Mac’s 90th Birthday. It was truly a momentous occasion with handmade brunch (my favorite!) and family that I have not seen since I was a kid. It was one of those afternoons where time stood still and it felt refreshing to stop the busyness of the hour and celebrate the gift of 90 years.

My mom wrote the following speech about my Grandma Mac and I thought she did terrific job describing all the in and outs of this wonderful lady and sharing a few new things that I didn’t even know!

Read More…

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