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A Salute to Running Wives Everywhere


Meg just walked in after a 9 mile run. She’s sweaty, her face is flushed and she’s breathing hard… I have to say it, she’s gorgeous!


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Thinking Big


When I was little my dad once told me this…

“Small minded people talk about other people.
Medium minded people talk about things.
Big minded people talk about ideas”

So the question stands how are we thinking? I think it’s amazing how we can so quickly get caught up in what people think, or what is the hot new item right now. As we come into the Holiday season I just wanted to pause for a second and ask a simple question. What size is your thinking?

Recently we went camping with Meg’s family and as we were driving away I remember thinking, what have we talked about? I mean we’ve just spent 48 hours with people we love; what did we say? What did we do? How often do we spend time with people we love and when we leave we realize that the sum total of our time was spent talking about the new iphone, or latest gadget, or how bad someone’s style was in the booth next to us. Don’t get me wrong, mumu’s were never meant to be worn in public. But what I am getting at is how quickly we lose the quality of our time.

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California, Part 4


Our last leg of our California trip was a bit of a whirlwind! As you will see we hit the road and traveled south from our previous Northern California adventures. Our trusty navigators, Tim and Anna, made sure we hit all the hot spots; including, the hidden and random along the way.

Cale loves to read and he randomly brought an old western tale by Louis L’Amour on our vacation. It just so happened that the book was based off of an old mining town in California and something that required a detour!

So, that my friends is where our little road trip begins; Virgina City, California.

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California, Part 3


After the river ride and then natural water slide our Cali friends took us to Lassen Volcanic National Park. A few of the highlights included frolicking in a field, getting lost in a lava tube, and hiking down into the boiling sulfur pits!

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California, Part 2


I know what you are thinking; “THIS is California?”. I was thinking the same thing. But that is Tim and Anna. This is what they do. They go on adventures. They explore. They like to pull their car over at random places and say; “Follow us!”

Cale seemed excited and not skeptical at all! I was surprised by this cause he’s usual all about creating tactical games in his mind (War Gaming) like if the bad guys were to come out at this very moment what would you do? We’ll, what would you do?

At this point all I can think about is the fact that this is the kind of place where people get murdered. Like in that one scary movie I didn’t really watch but sorta watched… yes, that one!

But, they are our best buds. And we’ve seen them do crazier things than this… so we continued.

We followed their little toe shoes down, down, down into this…

I know what you’re thinking now; “Not so bad, huh?” Yep, that’s exactly what I thought too.

It sure looks pretty.

The water is nice.


Oh, oh wait, you want me to do what?!

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California, Part 1


For the past two weeks we’ve been hiding away in a blue lagoon.

Climbing waterfalls.

Getting lost under trees.

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A Blast from the Past


This past weekend we packed our bags and headed north on I-35 to a little college town called Stillwater. Since graduating from Oklahoma State I’ve visited often to see friends and to enjoy catching up but I’ve never made time to tour the newest jewel on campus: the Donald W. Reynolds School of Architecture.

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How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck?

GCD 940x360_thumbnail_g2

Ok so it’s time we let you in on a little family secret. Cale is the oldest of 5 kids and although they are all growing up (some married, dating, and college bound) we secretly enjoy working together. While some families loath the holidays or game nights, we tend to actually “plan” weekends together. And our family weekends inevitably turn into something physical like painting, picking the garden, and the latest…chopping wood!

Hawaiian Farm Girl: Final Farewell


It’s hard to believe that what seemed like a lifetime in reality equaled a mere 58 days. A lot can happen in 58 days- especially in Hawaii…

Hawaiian Farm Girl: Week 9


As my time here on the island expands, my vision of the Big Island also expands as I learn and see it through the eyes of others. Seeing it through the eyes of natives can be hard as it challenges me at times to re-think my own culture and opinions on certain issues. No matter if I agree with them or not, I’m finding an open-mindedness is necessary in understanding the island as a whole. I’m opening my ears as well as my eyes and listening to the voices of the people on the island. I’m enjoying the process. With only one more week to go, we’ll see what more I see and hear.

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