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Girls “Work” Weekend in Kansas City :)


I’ve been getting truly spoiled lately! Not only have I gotten to travel to Boston to visit a good friend, but I recently traveled to Kansas City for another girls trip to catch up with Ali from Gimme Some Oven.

Being friends with a food blogger has it’s perks! I’ve known Ali for nearly fourteen years now and have definitely taken advantage of MANY of her yummy recipes. Not only is she a great friend, but she’s a true inspiration to me as a woman, a creative, and a blogger. My time with Ali was pretty simple, but just what I needed. For two solid days her downtown loft apartment became my home (and I saw the real mess of dishes when her kitchen doesn’t look like this!). ;) Together we pounded out blog posts, talked through long term goals for Bringing Design Home, created our own version of Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs, watched cheesy tv shows, and got addicted to Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

Ali, you sure know how to show this pregnant lady a good time! ;)

Isn’t Ali’s dog the cutest thing!?!??? I’m honestly not a little dog person, but I just fell in love with him. He was my snuggle buddy while I was away from James.

This trip wasn’t so much about site seeing, but some of my favorite things included:

It was such a breath of fresh air to have a few days to focus solely on Bringing Design Home. I’m so thankful for my mom who gave up a few days of her spring break to watch my little minion, a husband who told me to “go and have a great time” even when that meant spending a whole week without seeing his family, and a wonderful friend who I got to share life with for a few days and bounce ideas off of.

I’m really excited about the future of Green Couch Design and our blog; Bringing Design Home.

Stay tuned. It’s gonna be amazing!

Thanks Ali. xoxo

From The Farm

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Adventures in Boston: A Girls Weekend

Adventures in Boston: A Girls Weekend

It’s official, Baby #2 is on it’s way! We have been busy, busy, with moving rooms around, going through baby clothes, studying for architecture licensing exams, design work, and just generally hibernating for the winter, but somewhere in the mist of all that I’ve also scheduled in a few fun girl trips before the big arrival. :) Maybe it’s selfish, but I’m just now starting to really enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with James NOT being a baby. I realize we intentionally got pregnant with #2, but until I’m landlocked for another year or so I’m taking full advantage of this season.

Mel and I were dorm room neighbors in college and have been close friends ever since. She’s taught me a lot about life, cooking, and even introduced Cale and I at a random birthday party! I owe Mel a lot and since I haven’t been able to find her a husband (yet) I figured the LEAST I could do was schedule a trip to visit her in Boston?!! :)

The hostess with the mostess Mel had the whole weekend scheduled just perfectly! From historical sites and big city activities, to ‘rest stops” at local bakeries and coffee shops; she even planned an afternoon pedicure for this old pregnant lady! ;) It was a trip of a lifetime, but more than anything I just enjoyed making new memories with one of my best friends.

A few days before the trip Mel informed me that the two toughest decisions during my stay would be, 1. what to eat, and 2. where to eat?! I know we only scratched the surface of the amazing sites and scenes in Boston, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Parish Cafe: BEST Mac In Cheese EVER!! Made this pregnant lady soooooo happy!
  • Boston Ballet: Instead of an entire orchestra the show, Close to Chuck, used a piano only for it’s accompaniment. I loved the warm tone and acoustic feel this created throughout the entire performance. Our seats were so close you could literally see the sweat pouring off of each dancer. It was truly humbling to see how they make each movement appear so delicate and flawless.
  • Getting to know some of Mel’s close Boston friends (you know who you are!).
  • The Top of the Hub at the Prudential Tower: Enjoyed a wonderful aerial view of the city, a live jazz band, white wine, and fancy Boston Cream Pie of course!
  • Boston Public Library: All I could think of was; “Who ya gonna call… GHOSTBUSTERS”!! Oh and yes, the library was beautiful! And no, I didn’t see Slimer floating around, although I kept a good eye out! ;)
  • Museum of Fine Arts: Skimmed through 11 new exhibits, some of the America’s Wing, and stopped by the gift shop of course!
  • Flour Bakery: Lunch, coffee, and a sweet treat!
  • Trader Joe’s: Bought way to much chocolate and wine. Can you tell I wasn’t counting calories?!
  • Newbury Street Shopping: Enjoyed visiting with the local shop owners, drooling over the more high-end shops, Georgetown Cupcakes, and a much needed pedicure!
  • Making homemade pizza at Mel’s house and watching our favorite chick flick; How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days. :)
  • Public Garden and Boston Common Tour: Mel gave me the full rundown of her amazing job with Shakespeare in the Park. She’s so legit!
  • Freedom Trail: Visited the State House, Park Street Church, and followed it all the way to the North End/Little Italy for some pasta with friends!
  • Mike’s Pastry: HOLY CANNOLI!! Best cannoli of my life. Seriously, pistachio all the way!

The older I get the more I realize that good girlfriends are truly priceless and I’m grateful for every moment Mel and I get to share together. Maybe it was the extra sleep, or the 1 or 2 cups of coffee I splurged on, but, either way, my Boston adventure was just what I needed to get refreshed and excited about having two babies in tow!

Daddy Cale did an amazing job watching James all by himself! I was a little nervous about leaving the two of them together, but seeing the bond that had formed while I was gone made the trip even more worth it!

Guess that means I need to go away more often!!? :)

From The Farm

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Bath Time With a 10 Month Old


Bath time has become a very busy time for us. We are learning to swim, and standup, and fall down, and standup, and fall down, and standup… Life is new, and marvelous, and wonderful. We are loving every new moment with our little ginger! :)

From the Farm

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Coffee Rules


I love breakfast! The kind that makes you wanna go back to bed after eating it! Yep, it’s true. One of Cale and I’s biggest arguments after we first got married was over the issue of breakfast. I think breakfast should be something you experience. It’s a process with coffee, fun plates, and good conversation. Definitely not something you rush through.

Cale on the other hand could eat cereal everyday of the week and be fine. When he gets up he’s ready to hit the ground running. Stopping for “coffee” and “breakfast” is simply something he doesn’t have time for.

But occasionally I can convince him to take me out to our favorite local diner.

Where the breakfast is served ALL day.

The old men sit for hours.

And an all day cup of coffee costs $3.00! :)

Are there any other breakfast lovers out there? 

From the Farm

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Slowing Down


So July is HERE! It’s not just coming anymore it’s actually HERE! That means baby is only 5 weeks away and could possibly come at any moment (should he decide to be a punk and come early!).

We have been busy, busy and have found ourselves determined more than ever to SLOW DOWN. For us slowing down looks like time at home. Time with each other. And time to do the things we love… like picking fresh fruit!

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4 Years of Adventure


Over our vacation Cale and I celebrated our 4th year of marriage. Our favorite anniversary tradition is to watch our wedding video and to remember where and how this whole adventure started.

It holds us accountable to our vows and the covenant we made to each other and before God.

To be honest this year has been one of the hardest years of our marriage. Not in the since of fighting or not getting along. This year we lost Cale’s dad to cancer and so we’ve been through a lot of emotional ups and downs.

More so than usual.

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Summertime & the Living is Easy


For us, we know it’s vacation time when:

  • Our home sits on a private lake.
  • Our home has a private dock.
  • The pregnant lady gets to lounge on her stomach… on a raft! :)
  • Old fashion family meals around the dinner table.
  • One word… dishwasher.
  • Two letters… AC! :)
  • No one really knows what time it is.
  • The only laundry to do is your bathing suit, towel, and cover.
  • We have time to dream up life with baby and future vacations as the “3″ of us.
  • Apples to Apples with alcohol (Sassy Water for the pregnant lady) and Twizzlers. :)
  • Backyard games; Bocce Ball.
  • There are moments where no one is doing nothing and nothing is not boring.
  • The only makeup allowed is the natural shine of sun kissed freckles.
  • Watching the water reflection dance across the bedroom walls.
  • Sipping on the latest homemade wine from Meg’s dad (currently on the menu: Current Wine)

It’s summertime and the living is easy! Even if it’s for an extended weekend make sure you take time this summer to “rest” and do the things that refuel your soul.

What does a summer vacation look like to you?

From the Farm

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Early Vacation


With our first baby on the way we have been going back and forth on taking a summer vacation. We have so much to do around the house, prep for baby, on the garden, etc. It’s a little overwhelming.Ok, a lot overwhelming! ;)

But then this opportunity came up to spend a week at the lake with Meg’s family and so we decided to throw all caution to the wind and go for it! And to be honest, we are so excited to leave our “to do” list behind and spend a week with family, playing cheesy board games, sleeping in, and taking time to realize how much our life is about to change (in the most beautiful kind of way!).

Here’s to a week of no internet, no cable, slow cooking, and easy living. We’ll see you back here next week!

Happy Memorial Day!

From the Farm

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Lessons from Altitude Design Summit 2012


My friend Kathleen told me Altitude Summit was like summer camp for bloggers. She was right. With it came the nerves of meeting new friends along with the excitement of finding those few that you’ll forever feel connected to. I felt so thankful to share a room with a local Okie and get to know Allison with Shopcrawlr, spent a night perusing mini-parties with Jana from Wyoming who makes organic soda, had a real heart to heart chat with a diva stylist from New York, and shared concepts of design with an architect/blogger in San Francisco.

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2011 has been a year of endurance.

It’s been a year of diligence. Overwhelmed and empty we’ve pushed through and found inspiration and breakthrough on the other side.

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