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STUFF: YEAH!rentals Stop Motion Promo Video

YEAH!rentals from Son of Shark Pig on Vimeo.

This video makes us happy and although it’s very simple we’re pretty sure it took a lot more work than it shows! Today, push that idea… FURTHER! :)

From the Farm

video from Son of Shark Pig for YEAH!rentals

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STUFF: A Sprawling Work Table


french by design

Over the past few weeks we’ve been moving rooms around in our little farm house. After two years of running our business in two separate rooms we’ve finally compacted everything into “one” lovely office. We are still working on the aesthetics but I’m LOVING the functionality of having everything in “one” room instead of split into two. With this new layout I can actually shut the door when Cale gets home along with the added “distractions” of having stacks of work lying around calling my name.

I truly love the new space but there’s still not room for the one thing I REALLY want… a GIANT conference table.

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STUFF: Girls in White Dresses


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

It’s hard to believe in less than a week I’ll be boarding a plane for the 2012 Alt. Summit Design Conference! A product of ours (to be revealed next week) was selected to be a part of their goodie bags so we decided to send someone as our Green Couch Design “representative” (yep, my job is just aweful!). I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Cale just rolls his eyes cause he knows I’ll love it! I know he’s right. I’m not really a “shy” person (um, not at ALL!) but I still get nervous being thrown into a room full of bloggers that I have either never met or stalk admire. With that said it seems Alt. is pushing me into all kinds of new things. I’ve been on the hunt for a white outfit for one of their evening parties. Honestly, I have not shopped for something “white” since my wedding. I’ve been searching for a piece that is sophisticated and simple. This last year I’ve been trying to “tone down” my wardrobe meaning I’m trying to purchase pieces that are intentional and that actually go together. I found myself stuck with a closet full of individual pieces that I liked but that did not go together.

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Stuff: Chicks with Guns


I think these women are beautiful.

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Stuff: The Beauty of Design

It’s Monday. We know you’re just getting back into the swing of things after a crazy weekend (or maybe that’s just us?), but is there “more” behind what you do everyday? Day in and day out why do you do what you do? Is there purpose? Is there beauty?

Think about it.

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Stuff: Snow White’s Loft Apartment


Ok, so the producers of LOST have done it again! We are so hooked on the new ABC Sunday night show Once a Upon a Time. Not only does it feature all of your favorite fairy tale characters from your childhood story books but it’s got all kinds of dramatic twists and turns along with prince charming (named James) in a modern day setting! Personally, I don’t know what MORE you could ask for!

Last Sunday when watching the show we got all caught up in the cool set design for Snow White’s Loft Apartment. It’s got all the industrial brick and mortar you love with plenty of white paint and green friends. We just had to share this beautiful space with you.

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STUFF: Pantone Xmas Balls


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas around our little farm house. We’re busy stamping our new holiday tea towel prints (Launching November 1st) and the cool air is just crisp enough that it’s calling for my favorite Ozetta Cowl.

Growing up my mom would buy us a new ornament every year. We’d put on cheesy Christmas music and sing and dance (well, I would at least!) while decorating the tree. Then when it would get dark outside, we’d turn off all the lights and sit in the living room with the tree shinning bright. My mom would always say… “This is the prettiest tree we’ve ever had”. She’d say that every year. To the same plastic ole tree we’d had for the last 5 years. But either way, it was special.

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Stuff: A Cabin by the Lake


There must be something in the fall weather that makes you want to run off to a cabin, cuddle by the fire, and hang out with the ones you love. My mind keeps coming back to the “homie” feel in Dan in Real Life. Let’s be honest, don’t we all wish our parents had that lake house that was big enough to house all the kids+grand children+dogs+cats+boyfriends+girlfriends+friends+whoever else was invited to our exclusive family getaway? I swear I can smell the old quilts and feel the breeze coming through the open windows. I can remember days of being packed in a room full of beds and annoying cousins. Waking up to coffee and Grandma’s homemade pancakes.

Sure feels like home to me.

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STUFF: Glamping


A friend of mine mentioned this on a recent hiking trip I took. Glamping he said is something he wants to get into with his family. At first I was giving him a hard time, because he is usually the one that wants a fire, and marshmallows and all that “stuff” on a camping trip. I on the other hand have gotten more and more adamant about truly roughing it…I had been until I google’ed this.

So now I’m interested… Glamping huh? According to Glamping Girl

“Glamping truly originated in the early 1900′s, with the popularization of the safari, The word safari is an Arabic verb meaning “to make a journey”  and an entire industry was created to cater to the needs of the demanding European and American travellers, looking to bag a trophy and experience adventure in the wilds of Africa.  Naturally, the wealthy travellers weren’t eager to part with the creature comforts of home, and instead stayed in luxurious canvas tent lodgings.  These tents were fully furnished with beds, luxurious bedding, Persian rugs, antiques and fully staffed with chefs, guides, porters and butlers.

A new trend of glamping has emerged with luxury camping resorts, safari camps, eco-resorts and campgrounds offering every amenity imaginable, from 5 star dining to spas.  Manufacturers are catching on, offering designer gadgets and gear to bring style to the wilderness.  Regardless of budget, you can enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury.”

-Glamping Girl

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Vintage Illustrations from Grandma’s Stuff: Part 3


And finally the last piece (but certainly not the LEAST) in our series of illustrations found in Grandma’s stuff is all about BBQ! I’m excited about these since fall is nearly here and the summer has been to hot to enjoy grilling outside. I definitely plan on scheduling a few fall parties to get my grilling/bonfire fix.

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