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The beauty of a home is what it says about you. Why you like it, what it means and how that all reflects your values, lifestyle and culture.

Since meg and I are even now embarking on the journey of designing, building and living in our very own “modern farmhouse”. I thought it would be fun to collect a few plans that have at least inspired our thoughts, and impressed our eyes. I hope you enjoy these, I’m always browsing around the internet plan rooms looking for fun new designs and something with the proper rural charm that meg and I enjoy.

Architecture studio “Arch L.A.B.”

This home is the most contemporary design I’ve selected. I really like the play on verticality with the vertical cladding that runs from the peak of the roof to the foundation. It gives the home a sense of grounded-ness that I like, as if the building were growing out of the ground.

Breaking that verticality are two elements which are a lot of fun but could detract from the country charm that we like. These are the monolithic entry awning that expresses itself as an L covering the entry. Not sure what material they are expecting a simple country boy to use there. Also the white slats on the side of the home. I wish the slats had a little more purpose. They just kind of appear there.

All in all it’s a beautiful home that has inspired the shape and form that meg and I want to use. But we might “play” with the materials a little more.

Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc.

The cottage, I had to include a home like this, it just wasn’t right not to. The truth is, a big front porch, a simple roofline and that “sit and chat for a while” charm is what we all remember about the farmhouses we love. So this one made the list more for what it represents than any specific design feature.

I hope to take the feel of the home above and blend it with the style of the first house we looked at. That to me is the true “modern farmhouse”.

So note the big porch, and the quaint feel, and let’s keep moving.

Nicohlas Lee (below and cover photo)

The home in the cover photo, and the one above are almost the same design. The one above is the jumbo sized version of the cover photo. I wanted to show that simple doesn’t always mean small. Think about a castle, since meg and I want 3-4 bedrooms many people kinda laugh when we say it will be simple. The truth is simple has nothing to do with size, it has everything to do with function and composition.

The long low profile of the house above inspires the prairie, much like Frank Lloyd Wrights prairie homes. Horizontals can be fun, and even awe inspiring. I like the way this home starts to open up and welcome people in, the full length porch begs for someone to sit on it, and a rocking chair would just look great right there.

I want a little more verticality, meg and I are working off of a two story idea at the moment, so we want to see the home rise above the plains a little more than this one does. But this inspired our heart for the farm, for the comings and goings on the porch and the early mornings or late nights sitting looking across the land.

I like how this plan orients each room to a porch access. Privacy isn’t a big deal when you live in the country, but independence can be. I also like the central hub that is the kitchen and living space. Everything moves off of that, and our home will be the same.

I’ll be back to share more as we continue to work through the design. I hope to share the Pinterest boards that we are building and the mood boards as we work through them. Stay tuned for more as we unveil our process and our home.

Thanks for reading.

Share some of your favorite home design links in the comments section.

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