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Shared Nursery & Toddler Combo Room Design [REVEAL]

After many late night design discussions, floor plan ideas, garage sale hunts, IKEA pitstops, Home Depot trips, and Saturday mornings painting, sewing, sawing, and nailing things to the wall we are finally DONE!! :D

Our original nursery for our first born was a combination room shared with our laundry and dryer. We live in a small house so we have to take advantage of every square foot. When we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 we knew it was time to move the kids into a more permanent space that they could really grow into. Our friends, Andrew and Crystal, fit three little minions in one room so surly we could figure out a way to design and organize a space for two?! ;)

We were originally going to share a lot more design thoughts and details of the room in this post, but felt like that was a whole nother post once we started it writing it all out. Instead, we just want you to enjoy these yummy photos and find some inspiration for your own kids room. Other then a few side notes we’ve added underneath some of the photos, we’ve kept it simple.

Enjoy! :)

Toddler bed was a garage sale find for $10.00 while the white chest of drawers was a hand me down. We just painted the handles orange and called it good.

Buying baskets and/or buckets to fill all 4-6 slots seemed ridiculously expensive. Instead, we made these simple storage units out of old diaper boxes, craft paper, and orange spray paint. Look for a DIY on this project in the future!

Instead of plastic diaper pales we used 6 gallon metal trash bins with locking lids for dirty cloth diapers, laundry, trash, etc.

We used the same handmade curtains from ourĀ original nursery, but made another set to cover all the windows. Who needs fancy curtain rods when you can paint chunky dowel rods any color to match your room! :)

Small metal pails picked up at a hardware store were purchased to match the trash cans. They are perfect for storing and organizing tiny toys.

The whale poster is a free French Paper Sample that Meg had been saving for a few years now. It just fits perfectly in our adventure themed room!

These knitted mini puff balls bring a pop of green to the room, but also make great side tables, stools, and throw around pillows for the kids. Chairs are nice to have in a kids’ room, but they take up a lot of space. We probably could have figured out a way to make these ourselves, but since we were hand making everything else, we decided to splurge a little!

Even though our OSB accent walls were built to help insulate and cover up an unused exterior door, they also help separate private and play space.

We re-used and added a few more blue/gray shelves and orange hardware from our original nursery design.

Our old farmhouse doesn’t have closets in most of it’s bedrooms. Luckily, we have two boys so they don’t have a lot of hanging items. We made a make-shift area behind the door to hang a few fancy shirts, jackets, and daily travel/diaper bags.

Additional toy storage fits perfectly under the bed with these $3 bins from IKEA! James also loves hisĀ IKEA Car Rug, and we love that it was only $15.00!

It was a lot of work, but something we are very proud of. Cale got his white walls, while Meg got to have fun bringing in color through books, toys, and artwork. We’re working on a post now that will hopefully give you some design tips and rules to creating a shared kids’ space that is functional and fun! In our opinion, it doesn’t matter how “cool” it looks, if the space doesn’t work properly, it’s not doing it’s job! We love every nook and cranny about this room and are very pleased with how it works in the daily rhythm of our family.

We shall see how things progress as the boys continue to grow! ;) Look for a more detailed post with our design breakdown of what makes a great shared kid space soon!

What is your favorite element of the new room!?

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