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Three Pepper Jam: Canning with Joy

Sadly, for those of us here in the Midwest, we’ve reached the end of our summers bounty. It’s always during this time of year when the heat starts to really kick in and the only thing left is your feisty pepper plants. I’ve always had a hard time figuring out how to preserve that last batch of peppers until I recently started experimenting with pepper jams. I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant or what, but I’ve truly fallen for any and all kinds of pepper jams–and any other types of spicy foods really! After staring at a giant bowl of peppers leftover from our garden I decided I had to do something! I couldn’t stand the injustice of just letting them go to waste, so I came up with this lovely Three Pepper Jam that is so versatile, and forgiving… even the worst caner in the world can make it!

I promise!

The thing I love about this recipe is that you can seriously mix and match whatever peppers are leftover from your garden. All you need is three cups of chopped peppers. Personally, I try and break it down some so that I have a good mix of sweet, medium, and hot peppers, but you can mix and match however you’d like! I’ve even chopped and blended cups of peppers at different times and frozen them until I’ve had four cups of peppers to make the jam. Pull out those freezer bags of pepper juice on a cold winter day and I promise this Three Pepper Jam will not only help heat up your house, but your heart as well! :)

If you have never made jam before this is the perfect starter for you! It’s very forgiving and I love all the warm flavors that come out of it. Enjoy!

Canned Three Pepper Jam

Yields: About 8 Half Pint Jars

1 1/4 cup of sweet chopped peppers (banana peppers, green, red, yellow, or purple bell peppers, etc.)

1 1/4 cup of medium chopped peppers (jalapeno, Anaheim, etc.)

1/2 cup of hot chopped peppers (cayenne, habanero, Serrano, etc.

1 cup White Vinegar

5 cups of sugar

1 box of Pectin


STEP 1: Bring boiling-water caner or large sauce pot, half-full with water to a simmer (takes about 30 minutes). Fill a small sauce pan with 1 in of warm water. Keeping it on medium-low heat let the lids sit in the hot bath until you are ready to seal the pepper jam into the jars in STEP 8.

STEP 2: If needed wash the jars with hot soap and water. Place as many as you can (might have to do two batches of jars at a time) in the simmering water without lids or screw bands to heat up the jars. Remove when you are ready to pour the pepper jam into the jars in STEP 8.

STEP 3: Wearing gloves stem and half the peppers in three separate batches. Discard seeds. Blend and pulsate each batch at a time in a food processor or blender until smooth and chunky. You’ll need to blend enough peppers for three cups of pepper juice.

STEP 4: Blend together all three cups of pepper juice and the white vinegar.

STEP 5: Measure exact amount of sugar into a bowl.

STEP 6: Pour the blended pepper juice and white vinegar, and sugar into a large sauce pot. Stir to combine and bring to a simmer.

STEP 7: Once the mixture is boiling mix in the box of pectin. Let the pepper jam return to a boil, stirring constantly for 1 minute, and the remove the pot from its heat source. Quickly skim off any foam from the top of the jelly surface.

STEP 8: Pour pepper jam into hot sterilized jars, within 1/2 inch from the top. Remove any air bubbles by moving a wooden or plastic (not metal!) utensil up and down the middle of the jar. Seal with hot lids and apply screw bands.

STEP 9: Process in a water bath for 10 minutes.

STEP 10: Remove and let the jars completely cool and seal for 12-24 hours. If a jar lid still pops up and down when you press on it, after the cooling stage, the jar did not seal properly. Simply place this jar in the fridge and eat first. Store in a cool dark place up to 1 year.


 * WEAR GLOVES! The first time I prepped the peppers I didn’t think I needed gloves. Thought I could muscle through it and I swear my fingers burned for two days! Seriously, just wear the gloves. You’ll thank me later. :)  

This summer we’ve canned some of my favorite salsas ever! From our Cilantro & Lime Salsa to our Smokehouse Garden Salsa we’ve used up as many peppers as we can. I also use peppers in our Canned Pizza Sauce and Tomato Soup & MORE recipes, but those dang peppers still keep growing! If you find that your tomato plants are finished and all you have is a bunch of peppers, I promise you won’t be let down by this wonderful Three Pepper Jam.

PLUS you can pour it on top of a block of cream cheese and it makes this amazing creamy and spicy treat that will have all your friends talking! It’s sooooo good and such an easy party treat to throw together without having to heat up the house or cook a thing!

How do you make the most of your last few garden peppers?!

From The Farm

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