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16 Positive Sides to Carrying Your Baby Well Past Your Due Date :)

(NOTE: Our baby boy #2 arrived healthy and happy exactly at 42 weeks! Even though I wrote this a few days before that, I still wanted to share it for those mommas that need an extra boost of encouragement and humor to get them through those last few days of waiting for baby. Hang in there!).

I’ve fought against sharing with you all that I’m over my due date (again). Not just over my due date, but approaching the 42 week mark (again). A lot of people freak out about this, so I’ve been a little hesitant to share my exact status, but you know what… it is what it is. I can’t help it that for whatever reason both my pregnancies have ran late. Either way I’m thankful to be surrounded by a birth team of professionals that I trust, that are willing to wait alongside us, and do all that we can to naturally let my body do it’s thing. Apparently our babies like to bake till their extra crispy, and outside of our septic tank collapsing into a giant sink hole in our backyard, the wait hasn’t been that bad! :/

It’s true… you can plan and plan for the perfect birth and yet the most random things will happen. We are doing our best to be patient and trusting this process. Even with this being our second time around, it’s still a day to day struggle of looking at the positive side of things. That in the end, someday… we will laugh about the poop hole in our yard right now (even though I may or may not have been crying about it earlier today). And that someday, like in the very near future, all that will matter is that we have a healthy baby and a new septic tank! :)

16 Positive Sides to Carrying Your Baby Well Past Your Due Date:

  1. You get everything done on your “nesting” to do list!
  2. You get to add more to your to do list, and then even MORE to that to do list! :)
  3. You are ready for labor! No matter how hard it is gonna be, you are willing to do whatever it takes to not be pregnant one more day!
  4. You are a master at prepping meals in bulk. The last few weeks have come and gone and each week you prepare a handful of crockpot and throw together meals for when the baby gets here. They are of course quickly gobbled up within the following week of “waiting” for the baby to get here. The pattern continues… you buy, you cook, you plan, and then you eat. Push repeat.
  5. Your friends on Facebook who had their babies “early” (and were due after you!) start sharing encouraging status updates about their babies being close to a month old (awesome!)! :/
  6. Any maternity shirts that have not already been stained on, have fully been worn to the point of being worn out and covered in stains. Meaning next pregnancy you’ll be due for a good shopping trip! :)
  7. You have a copy and paste message ready to go for when people text you and want a status update!
  8. You give yourself permission to take more naps. What else are you gonna do when you’ve finished everything on your to do list and your ankles swell up like vienna sausages within 30 minutes of attempting any other kind of physical activity?
  9. You begin taking on new crafts and planning for a “Homemade Christmas”… thinking this will be the year you make ALL your gifts from scratch (until baby gets here of course)!
  10. Since you are already peeing every 30 minutes and having to switch sides every hour during the night your body is prepped and ready for the 2 1/2-3 hour feeding/sleeping cycle when baby gets here! You’re gonna rock this breastfeeding thing!
  11. You have time to visit all the antique malls you’ve been wanting to checkout all year long. Where else are you gonna walk this baby out in the heat of July!?! Plus, your husband doesn’t question any weird vintage purchases you bring home, he’s just happy that you are happy! :)
  12. You get to eat your own words about “not skipping the process” (see #4!). :/
  13. You get some extra one-on-one cuddle and snuggle time with your first born (been enjoying that a lot)! 
  14. You are an encyclopedia of momma information (experienced or not) because you’ve had time to read and re-read any and all books on baby, birth, breastfeeding, sleeping, and any other problem that could ever come up within your child’s first year. Guess you could always get a head start on potty training ideas…
  15. You get the royal treatment by total strangers who constantly offer to help you carry your bags and open your doors because it’s that obvious that you are indeed THAT pregnant!!
  16. You can sell off your newborn clothes and use that money to buy yourself a BIG FAT ICE CREAM CONE, cause let’s get real… you’re not birthing a 6 pound baby!

Whether you find yourself approaching 40 weeks, or well past… hang in there mommas! They can’t stay in there forever! ;)

I’d love to hear some of the positive things you’ve experienced going over your due date or just general encouragement really!? 

Happy waiting, and laughing, and crying… xoxo

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4 Responses to “16 Positive Sides to Carrying Your Baby Well Past Your Due Date :)”
  1. Kyla

    Great post, Meg! I went past my due date with my first (as you know) and it was rough but worth it. You’re a superwoman for doing it twice! Oh, and might I just add that you look GORGEOUS in that picture! Love it!

    I really enjoy reading your blog :-)

  2. 08.01.2014

    I didn’t relax and let nature run it’s full course until my 4th baby. It was the only birthing experience I had that didn’t require any intervention to “help” get the baby out. To me, I didn’t notice the biggest advantages to waiting until the waiting was over. My labor was short. Very short. She was born 15 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Significant difference from 12,10 and 14 hour labors with my 3 older ones. It took me 8 weeks to recover after my first born. With my 4th, I was sitting comfortably Indian-style on my wood floor 2 days after she was born. No cuts, rips or tears can make a huge difference in recovery. It takes a significant amount of patience from Mom and the medical professionals to achieve that. But practicing waiting prepared me for parenthood so much better than anything I had experienced in childbirth before. I am a more patient parent than I had been before. My character has grown from choosing to wait. If I were to have another, I would be patient. Good for you, Meg for knowing from the start what took me so long to figure out. Miss you guys. Your family is beautiful.

    • 08.02.2014

      Thanks Christy, and thanks for sharing so much of your process. I think we could all use a little more patience when it comes to waiting. I agree with the recovery time as well and the faster labors. I have found that to be true… at least in my experiences thus far! ;)

      Miss you guys too! xoxo

      • 08.02.2014

        Thanks Kyla! Of course now that it’s over and he’s here we are all happy, happy, but during the process it was a lot harder than it sounds. Finding the silver lining, even in humor, is part of what helped me enjoy the wait! Appreciate your comments. :)

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