Happy Anniversary: A Simple Master Bedroom Haven

One of my (other) major pregnancy projects has been the redesign of our master bedroom. After six years of marriage, an overly bright green accent wall, and decor we had kept around since college, it was time to give our tiny bedroom a much needed update! Our current old farmhouse is just under 1,000 square feet. With baby #2 on the way this momma was looking to create a little nesting oasis to truly call her own!

My goal for the room was to create a light and airy space with subtle moments of color. I think the color plum is sexy and used varying shades of it as the base for the room. What’s funny is that when we finished, most of the plum color was hidden. So the “sexy” is sorta our little secret. ;) Another beautiful element to the room, that we intentionally pursued, was to find a wall color that changed with the seasons and lighting. After hundreds of color samples, and paint swatches we decided on “Smoked Oyster” from Home Depot. It’s perfect! The images don’t do it justice, but the room literally changes shades from morning to evening every day.

If you know anything about my husband you know that, like most architects, he would live in a completely white washed house, with white furniture, and white floors and white ceilings. I on the other hand, tend to like a bit more life and flare in my home. :) Our different interior design opinions and love/hate relationships with color have been a battle in our marriage. We are both designers and we are both very opinionated, but we have always tried our best to work through our difference and see eye to eye. Over time we’ve realize that marriage is truly about two people becoming one, and that doesn’t just happen overnight! It’s a lifetime of working through your issues, big or small, and striving to find a common ground. Although there are also times you have to agree to disagree, I’m happy to say our aesthetic is finally meshing into something we are both really proud of.

Cale and I are super mushy and we love, love. There are so many neat pieces of art and writings that we have made for each other over the years and it was important to pull those pieces out and actually display them. After narrowing things down to some of our favorites we put together a good collection of small, yet unique, elements that truly tell our story and the way we see love. From canvas artwork and poems Cale made for me our first year of marriage (when we were broke!), custom portraits and drawings friends and family have given us as wedding gifts, the first few photos of our babies, the wine cork from the birthday party we met at, and just quotes and inspirational prints that we have connected with over the years, each item in our new room truly reminds us of our love for each other and for family. Even the found objects are rocks from a river in Oklahoma and a volcano in California, to a tiny handmade vase from a street vendor in Panama. Each piece is part of a collection from all the adventures we have shared together thus far, and an inspiration to pursue more in the future.

I love being married, but there are days when love feels far away, and it is something you really have to work at. You have to choose love. You have to remember what made you fall in love with that person in the first place. It’s on those days when the house is a mess, everyone has been sick for what feels like months on end, and Cale is working late again, that you need a reminder of where it ALL started. You need to know that this is a season, and that not all seasons of your relationship have been this challenging! Our new master bedroom update is not only a little oasis, but more than that, it helps me feel connected when we are in a busy season. On a bad day I know I can spend time in our room soaking up remnants of our roots, our adventures big and small, and our commitment to constantly pursue and keep love alive no matter how hard this season may feel.

Unfortunately, that still doesn’t stop the sounds of little feet and a screaming child from getting through our old bedroom door. For those days, I just snuggle down in my sexy plum sheets and let a pillow drown out the craziness for few moments of mommy silence (Only when Cale is home of course… or until James finds me in a good game of hide-and-seek)! :)

What makes your bedroom special? Is it the colors, the furniture, the artwork, or something else?

From The Farm

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