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Mother’s Day For REAL!

This past Friday my friend Shelley (shown in the photo below) suggested we treat ourselves and attend the Love Mom Well Event in OKC. Collected Thread, who hosted the event, has been one of my favorite local shops for simple jewelry, beautiful paper goods, and adorable handmade baby gear. Of course Lindsey, the owner, stopped at nothing to invite some of the best vendors in town to make the event special. Just for attending we received a free momma and baby portrait from the husband and wife photography team Ely Fair Photography, giveaways and a mini pop-up shop of the new spring baby collection from Love Well Handmade, free coffee cocktails from Mariposa, and we even enjoyed the aromas of freshly cut blooms and stems from Juniper Designs.

It was the perfect way to do something fun with our kiddos while celebrating all the things that moms love (like sneaking liquor in fancy teas and coffees)! I don’t know if it was because I attended a special event for moms, the fact that I’m pregnant with #2, or if it’s because James is old enough to say; “I wuv voou”, but something about this Mother’s Day has felt very different.

For the first time it felt REAL!

As far as I know I don’t think there is anything that reeeaallly prepares you for Motherhood. No matter how much “experience” you have, there are still days you hope and pray you are doing it all right. From making sure you’re kids are growing up into outstanding citizens (whatever that means!), to eating enough vegetables, it’s all the things we plan and worry about throughout their whole life. Are we doing enough? Are we giving them the focus they deserve, the focus they need? Are we taking timeouts for ourselves? Are we being too hard on them? It can get overwhelming and I guess something about this Mother’s Day has made the task of Motherhood feel more real than ever. Now that James is not a baby anymore it has definitely changed my focus from worrying about things like cloth diapers vs. disposables to much more important parenting issues (sorry baby #2!).

Here are a few examples of why this Mother’s Day felt REAL:

My needs and wants have changed. Cale asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I nearly cried when he asked (that was probably the baby hormones kicking in, but still!). I’ve been wanting to wash and vacuum my car and was trying to figure out how/when I was going to accomplish this with a toddler and an ever-growing baby belly of 32 weeks! I try and keep the car clean, but can’t seem to keep up with James’ new habit of dumping his snacks all over my backseat (watch the dump truck, mom!) :/. As it’s gotten hotter, the raisins are slowly melting and I’ve been totally stressing out about it! When Cale asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day it wasn’t flowers or a fancy dinner, instead my priority was about taking a task off my “To Do” list.

On a side note: Not only did Cale detail the car inside and out, but he installed air freshners to make it feel even more “clean”. Oh babe, you know the way to my heart! :)

A new found respect and appreciation for mothers everywhere. I think I sent a Mother’s Day Card to every mom I know! I kept having to go to the store and purchase more cards cause I would think of other friends or family who have really encouraged me in this season of my life. I’m so thankful for the wonderful examples I’ve had growing up, and even as an adult I’m forever appreciative of my Mother-Girlfriends God has given me to walk this journey with; however near or far! I promise, you can never tell a mom too many times, or any woman really, how much you appreciate them! :)

A deeper understanding and realization that I am forever shaping a life. I know this one is mainly from being pregnant, but dang our pastor made me sob like four times at Church on Sunday! They played several funny, but sentimental, mom videos, and then shared lovely stories of how moms have impacted their personal lives. It was good to be reminded that throughout the long hours and days of being a mom there is a lasting impact we are making on our little minions. That impact is WAY bigger and much more important than any pile of laundry, or the stress of getting to your doctor appointment on time. Years from now, those won’t be the things you remember, or the things you miss. Instead it will be the early morning cuddle sessions, and seeing the beauty of the world through your child’s eyes.

With baby #2 due in July I’m definitely full of hormones right now, but the weight of Motherhood is definitely heavy on my heart as I look towards balancing/finding my rhythm with two babies, a husband, a blog, graphic design clients, and oh yes, maybe a few trips to Collected Thread now and again. :) I’ve found comfort in this quote on Design Sponge from an author of a book I can’t wait to read; Mom, Inc.

“Like I said, motherhood and business operate on similar tenets. It’s not making gobs of money that makes you a business owner; it’s the process of building a business that makes you one. And it’s not producing a kid that can speak three different languages by age four that makes you a mother; it’s the process of understanding your child’s needs and connecting with your child that makes you a mother. At the end of the day, remind yourself of how astonishing your accomplishments are in nurturing and molding multiple entities that will one day go out into the world and make some kind of impact — even if one of them is doing the potty dance in the grocery store aisle.”
Meg Mateo Ilasco; Author of Mom, Inc.

This Mother’s Day I was reminded again that raising kids is taking over the world. And if on our way to accomplishing that we have an awesome design business, that is great, but ultimately, for me, it’s about being a mom and enjoying the journey. It won’t last forever. The late nights are not going to kill me (although it feels like it sometimes). I don’t want to get to the end and realize I didn’t enjoy the process. Let’s step back and celebrate this past year, this past week, and what all we’ve accomplished!

We are doing amazing things. We are shaping lives. We are moms. And we are kicking ass (sometimes literally!)!

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* PS Checkout behind the scene photos of the Love Mom Well Event 2014

** PPS See more beautiful momma and soon-to-be momma portraits like the ones featured in this post at the Ely Fair Photography Facebook Page.

*** PPPS I really enjoyed getting to chat with Candice and John from Love Well Handmade. They didn’t know me from a hole in the wall and we immediately started chatting up a storm at the Love Mom Well Event. Some of the nicest, most down to earth people I’ve met in a long time. Read more about their story and how they blend their creative work+life with twins(!) in an interview from our friend &Kathleen.

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  1. Mackenzie

    You are precious! I love this post. and funny thing…my gift was the car detail too, it had been almost 2 years since a scrub down…since I was prego with Katie! eek.

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