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Around Here: Lady Bugs/Homemade Swords/Messy Bedrooms/A Baby Belly/Making Biscuits/Potato Stamps/Fancy Doorstops

Spring is here and not only can you smell it in the fresh Iris’ growing outside my kitchen window, but you can feel it in the breeze, and hear it in the bugs when nighttime is near and the stars are out. It’s seriously our favorite season, but with that comes more yard work, and the reminder of all those outside projects that we didn’t complete last year! :(

It’s funny how your first pregancy you find yourself counting up; like I am 6 months pregnant, or 28 weeks along. With baby #2 due in July we find ourselves counting down! 9 weeks till baby! I can hardly believe it!? From working on a branding project for a new natural birth and baby event in OKC to putting the final touches on our Nursery + Toddler Room Combo, I’m really proud of the progress we have made to prepare mentally and physically for baby #2 thus far. Nesting is definitely in full swing as I’m making a list of meals to prep, re-organizing our cloth diaper stash, sorting thru teeny tiny clothes, and cleaning out drawers I haven’t touched in YEARS!

I don’t know what takes over a woman when she’s about to have a baby, but suddenly the urge to organize and prep is at the top of her list and nothing (I mean NOTHING!!) will get in her way! Now, if only I was this motivated to keep things this tidy year around! :/

This may sound a little creepy, but we know spring is on it’s way when our bathroom starts to fill up with lady bugs. It must be something about the moisture, probably the super hot showers I prefer to take, but there’s always a good batch of em that randomly show up around this time. I used to get really disgusted with it (bugs… in our HOUSE!!), but now they’ve become my little friends, and a part of what I love about this old farmhouse.

Plus… if they get to be too much I just help them find their way outside. :)

Cale–being the ultimate dad–recently took some scrap wood from some shelves we were making and made James his first sword. It’s still a little heavy for the little guy, but that doesn’t stop him from running around with it and chasing squirrels with Josie (our dog).

Papa would be so proud (he hates squirrels)! :)

For us, another sign of spring is when the weather is just cool enough that the windows stay open all day and all night. Since our old doors don’t really latch anymore, the breeze through house makes the doors slam over and over again. It gets annoying hearing the doors open and close and can easily wake up James so I’ve found a great cost-effective doorstop solution; Cale’s old work boots.

These steal toed babies are heavy like bricks and our fancy doorstop solution has given them a new found purpose in life (besides just taking up room in our closet)!

You could say it’s upcycling at it’s best. :)

One of my favorite recent memories with James is when he helped me make 40 biscuits for our little Spring Music Yard Party. He’s getting to the point where he wants to be involved in everything I am doing and although this gets annoying at times, I’m trying to make the most of it by letting him help and learn new things. With that said, he got board after our 2nd of 4 batches we had to hand make and decided to rollout his cars instead. :)

In my head I just keep hoping maybe I’m raising a future Bobby Flay or Tom Jackson that will cook me lots of wonderful food when I’m an old lady! ;)

We’ve been working on updating other spaces in our house including our Master Bedroom! It’s tiny, but it’s my little piece of heaven so I’ve been trying to come up with simple ways to make it new again without spending a lot of money! :/ It’s exciting knowing that we are going to build in a few years, but it’s been hard NOT spending extra money on updating things around here. I’m trying to focus on reusing things we have or coming up with ways to make old things new again.

It’s only taken us close to five years to hang pictures in our room, but we finally got the wall art up above our bed just like we wanted. Most of these pieces are things that Cale has made, handmade wedding gifts we received, or items’ we’ve purchased together that represent our story. I love having them above our bed because they constantly remind us of our start, where all our dreams of family and taking over the world came from.

To most people they are just cute pictures and sweet words, but to us each piece reminds us of our vision, our purpose, our hope, and our love and excitement for the future.

James still prefers playing with cars, trucks and tractors over anything else, but every once in a while I’ll get him to play with something else. It’s been so much fun watching him start to use his imagination and pretend play. Most of the time he is just reenacting things I say to him or how I interact with him, but it’s amazing to see what he actually remembers from our daily interactions¬†(WAYYY to much!)!

And lastly, I spent a few days obsessing over potato stamps. I was trying to give the blah curtains in our bedroom a fresh look, but then pregnant brain switched on and I completely changed my mind! :) The circle and triangle pattern does make a cute runner though don’t ya think?!

Oh and my feet are slowly being eclipsed by my baby belly. Nothing new there. Just thankful to be pregnant with a healthy baby and eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Any baby prep advice from you other parents out there? What did you do before your wee one arrived that really helped you later down the road?

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