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Nursery + Toddler Room Combo [In Process] #2

From the Iris’ just about to bloom outside our kitchen window to ALL the cleaning going on around here, spring is definitely in full effect.

That and the fact that I’m nearly 29 weeks pregnant! WHAT!?

I have to say I’m pretty stoked about all the work we’ve put into the new room for our two little boys. We have been busy putting the final touches on it, which is always my favorite part! I love seeing all the pieces come together.

With this room remodel we’ve been able to updating quite a few things and create even more storage space. With that said, I’m definitely on the final stretches of my budget (saving for an IKEA trip next week!) so I’m looking to create or reuse things with what we have on hand. I had totally forgotten about a really cool handmade quilt (image above) I got a garage sale for $7!! It’s just the perfect amount of manly-kid-friendly appeal that I’ve been looking for. I love the colors the quilt adds to the room and the fact that since it’s not a family quilt of ours I won’t feel too guilty if it gets poo on it.

Just being honest. :)

The OSB accent walls are coming along just great! The extra shelving is so functional. Instead of buying more trinkets and things we’ve covered them up with books and specialty toys we already had on hand. This section (image above) sits directly above James’ bed so he can reach the magnet board and the first shelf of cars all by himself. Even though the OSB walls were added to cover and insulate an old exterior door. the raw look brings a very natural and playful feel to the room that we really like.

I’ve been looking for some little chairs that James could sit on while playing with his cars at our coffee table. The problem is they either take up a lot of space, or he can’t get right up next to the table to play because there is not enough leg room. On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby I found these mini puff balls (image above–excuse the laundry!) and seriously can’t get a enough of them! The green is such a fun accent color in the boys’ room and the puffs are so multipurpose. We can stack em in the corner and use them as a little side table for books, they make great pillows to lean up against, tiny stool type chairs for their bedroom or the living room, and even make great balls to throw around the house (cause that is what boys do!)!

Since purchasing the mini puff balls I have become obsessed with finding fun ways to bring green into the room. From the quilt, to the puff balls, the color is adding another level of pop that is very different than James’ original nursery. I snapped a photo of this adorable doggy fabric (image above) at Hancock Fabrics, but still haven’t found a good excuse to purchase it yet. Cale thinks it might be a bit too much?! At first I was thinking curtains, but to be honest we are trying to keep cost down so I may throw some pillows together instead.

The room is still a work in a progress, but we are finishing it up slowly and I’m really excited with the outcome. Watching James interact with the different design elements has definitely been my favorite part thus far.

We are looking forward to sharing the completed room very soon. I don’t know if it it’s just because it’s a new space, but the new Nursery + Toddler Room Combo is seriously my favorite space in the house right now! It’s so bright and cheery.

You just can’t go in there and NOT be happy!

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