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Around Here: Homemade Cobbler/Fields of Green/Gender Reveal/Trains/Porch Sitting/Rocking Chairs

We are officially 14 weeks till baby #2 is in our arms. Life has been SO full. It’s the kind of full that leaves you tired of running and going, but so glad you’ve had the time to visit old friends and family. From girls’ trips to Boston and KC, to spring break in Wichita we are looking forward to spending most of April at home. Not to mention there are some really exciting things happening around our little corner of the interweb. We are praying through lots of changes and updates. The good kind! We are brain storming and organizing our task list for Bringing Design Home, updating the nursery & toddler room combo, and Cale is continuing to study for his architectural license. Not to mention we ALSO picked out the perfect spot to build our dream house, of course now we can’t stop designing our future farmhouse, and Meg has officially started to waddle like a duck.

It’s definitely a busy season, but an exciting one! And to be honest, we don’t really see it slowing down anytime soon.

We’re trying to take it one day at time!

Learning to spend more time TRUSTING and less time WORRYING about ALLLLLLL the details.

Over spring break we visited this really cool train museum where the kids can climb on and inside all kinds of old trains in Wichita, Kansas! If James was a little bit older, we could seriously just let him roam around freely. The museum is just small enough you can keep tabs on the kiddos, and the train tracks run right by it (separated by a giant fence of course!) so the kids get to see real-life moving trains up close and personal.

If you are ever in the area pick a nice day and definitely visit the Great Plains Transportation Museum.

Don’t know about you all, but there is something extra refreshing about having a few extra hours left in the day. Thanks to daylight savings we’ve been enjoying lots of evening walks in the field next to our house. Now that James is old enough to run walk by himself, it’s so exhausting fun watching him explore every. little. detail.

We’ve also been thankful for some quality family porch time discussing deep thoughts on life with our 19 month old. Pretty sure Cale has waited his WHOLE life for THIS daddy moment. :)

Meg made it her mission to use up ALL of her canned fruit from 2013. Apparently she thinks that when we run out spring will get the HINT and hurry up and get here! We’re ready for fresh garden veggies, fruits, and more!

Anyone else?!

In the mean time we’ll be stuffing our faces with cobbler and homemade skillet desserts before the weather gets to hot to bake anything in our current farmhouse! :)

And lastly, we revealed the gender of baby#2 with a silly string fight! Any guesses on the gender?! :D

Looks like our life is gonna be surrounded by even MORE cars, trucks, plains, and trains.

It’s a boy!

Full speed ahead! :)

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2 Responses to “Around Here: Homemade Cobbler/Fields of Green/Gender Reveal/Trains/Porch Sitting/Rocking Chairs”
  1. 04.05.2014

    When I read your blogs and stories it makes me really rememeber why I love writing and how amazing it makes you feel to read something so well written. You guys have a knack for story telling that is beautiful. Love you all

    • 04.07.2014

      Awe, thanks cousin! We truly love sharing our stories. The good and the sometimes ugly! ;)

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