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Nursery & Toddler Room Combo [In Process]

Our 1910 farm house is slowly filling up with babies, toys, furniture, and just the kind of “stuff” that follows you around after 5 1/2 years of marriage (where does it all come from!?)! Although it feels like we are constantly getting rid of stuff, at the same time, we are also re-evaluating how we can better utilize every inch of our 1,000 square foot home.

You could say our house has three bedrooms, but… not really. When we moved in the washer and dryer were in the kitchen so we promptly found them a new home in the smallest bedroom. Although it’s made a great combo laundry/guest room, laundry/office room, and laundry/nursery room, it’s not the best setup. Originally we had switched the office into the largest bedroom in the house for our Green Couch Design Product Line. Now that we are focusing solely on our graphic design and architectural backgrounds our office space needs a little less room for inventory, packaging, and shipping.

With baby #2 on the way we decided to move both the kiddos into the larger bedroom hoping to give them, and their friends, a little more playroom when we have other families over to visit. The laundry/nursery room has worked great up to this point, but with James getting older and more mobile, there’s definitely not enough room to really play in his room. By combining the nursery & toddler room into the larger bedroom we can provide two play spaces, the living room and the kids’ room, and also shove them and their toys into one larger space when entertaining. :)

Poor kid, he has no idea what’s about to hit his little only child world. :)

One of our biggest problems with moving both kids into this room is that there is an old exterior door that is horribly insulated. In reality, it needs to be removed completely and become a part of the exterior wall, but that is a whole nother project that needs to be done when the house is resided. As with most home renovations sometimes you have to pick your battles, and this door issue was exactly that! Looking for a way to insulate AND hide the door (we’ve literally had snow come in the house, it’s that BAD) we had to come up with a really smart design solution that married good-looking aesthetics and function.

Instead of replacing the door AND the house siding the plywood accent walls buy us sometime until we are ready to invest in a more permanent solution. Since the room doesn’t have a closet space we had to get really creative with our storage options. By anchoring shelves to the OSB walls we won’t have to paint and patch as many holes in the future. Also, OSB can hold a lot more weight than sheet rock, so we plan to use the upper storage for heavier baby/toddler items that are not needed on a daily basis. By keeping the OSB sheets raw they add a balance of natural and masculine flare to the room that looks really cool! Not only were they easy to put up, but they provide lots of functional storage space.

What was unusable wall space due to a horribly insulated door, is now a flat, insulated, and usable surface with lots of potential!

We are also looking at putting more shelves on some of the larger wall spaces, but they still won’t be able to hold as much weight as the OSB accent walls.

It only took him about 5 seconds to make the room messy again. We promise we really do try and tidy things up when you guys stop by for a visit! :)

The changing table is another area that needs lots of storage. We are experimenting with one long shelf at the top, and then several smaller shelves toward the changing table. You definitely don’t want to get to close to the table otherwise you’ll have little ones hitting their heads and pulling down things while you are trying to change a poopy diaper!

We plan on implementing a lot of the same furniture pieces from our original nursery room design. Gray, white, and orange are still our main colors… until we find out we are having a girl?! ;)

We should know in the next few weeks!

At this point we’ve spent $10.00 on the toddler bed we found at a garage sale, but other then that furniture in the room has either been passed down as freebies, handmade completely, or given as a gift, like our antique rocker! The only money we’ve spent thus far is on three sheets of OSB and paint. I know the eclectic furniture drives Cale a little nuts cause they don’t always “match”, but I like the challenge of making them work together AND staying within a good budget! :)

How about you guys?

Any advice for creating a shared nursery and toddler room? What items are a must and what can we leave out?!

We’re always open to your suggestions!

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