Adventures in Boston: A Girls Weekend

Adventures in Boston: A Girls Weekend

It’s official, Baby #2 is on it’s way! We have been busy, busy, with moving rooms around, going through baby clothes, studying for architecture licensing exams, design work, and just generally hibernating for the winter, but somewhere in the mist of all that I’ve also scheduled in a few fun girl trips before the big arrival. :) Maybe it’s selfish, but I’m just now starting to really enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with James NOT being a baby. I realize we intentionally got pregnant with #2, but until I’m landlocked for another year or so I’m taking full advantage of this season.

Mel and I were dorm room neighbors in college and have been close friends ever since. She’s taught me a lot about life, cooking, and even introduced Cale and I at a random birthday party! I owe Mel a lot and since I haven’t been able to find her a husband (yet) I figured the LEAST I could do was schedule a trip to visit her in Boston?!! :)

The hostess with the mostess Mel had the whole weekend scheduled just perfectly! From historical sites and big city activities, to ‘rest stops” at local bakeries and coffee shops; she even planned an afternoon pedicure for this old pregnant lady! ;) It was a trip of a lifetime, but more than anything I just enjoyed making new memories with one of my best friends.

A few days before the trip Mel informed me that the two toughest decisions during my stay would be, 1. what to eat, and 2. where to eat?! I know we only scratched the surface of the amazing sites and scenes in Boston, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Parish Cafe: BEST Mac In Cheese EVER!! Made this pregnant lady soooooo happy!
  • Boston Ballet: Instead of an entire orchestra the show, Close to Chuck, used a piano only for it’s accompaniment. I loved the warm tone and acoustic feel this created throughout the entire performance. Our seats were so close you could literally see the sweat pouring off of each dancer. It was truly humbling to see how they make each movement appear so delicate and flawless.
  • Getting to know some of Mel’s close Boston friends (you know who you are!).
  • The Top of the Hub at the Prudential Tower: Enjoyed a wonderful aerial view of the city, a live jazz band, white wine, and fancy Boston Cream Pie of course!
  • Boston Public Library: All I could think of was; “Who ya gonna call… GHOSTBUSTERS”!! Oh and yes, the library was beautiful! And no, I didn’t see Slimer floating around, although I kept a good eye out! ;)
  • Museum of Fine Arts: Skimmed through 11 new exhibits, some of the America’s Wing, and stopped by the gift shop of course!
  • Flour Bakery: Lunch, coffee, and a sweet treat!
  • Trader Joe’s: Bought way to much chocolate and wine. Can you tell I wasn’t counting calories?!
  • Newbury Street Shopping: Enjoyed visiting with the local shop owners, drooling over the more high-end shops, Georgetown Cupcakes, and a much needed pedicure!
  • Making homemade pizza at Mel’s house and watching our favorite chick flick; How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days. :)
  • Public Garden and Boston Common Tour: Mel gave me the full rundown of her amazing job with Shakespeare in the Park. She’s so legit!
  • Freedom Trail: Visited the State House, Park Street Church, and followed it all the way to the North End/Little Italy for some pasta with friends!
  • Mike’s Pastry: HOLY CANNOLI!! Best cannoli of my life. Seriously, pistachio all the way!

The older I get the more I realize that good girlfriends are truly priceless and I’m grateful for every moment Mel and I get to share together. Maybe it was the extra sleep, or the 1 or 2 cups of coffee I splurged on, but, either way, my Boston adventure was just what I needed to get refreshed and excited about having two babies in tow!

Daddy Cale did an amazing job watching James all by himself! I was a little nervous about leaving the two of them together, but seeing the bond that had formed while I was gone made the trip even more worth it!

Guess that means I need to go away more often!!? :)

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2 Responses to “Adventures in Boston: A Girls Weekend”
  1. Marissa

    Yay! Glad you girls had fun!!! We still want to make that Boston visit one day. NYC was close but we didn’t get to meet any of Mel’s friends! Love you two!!!

    • 03.10.2014

      Yes, Boston definitely has it’s own vibe and you know Mel would host you guys anytime! Looking forward to having you back in the States… whenever that might be. ;)

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