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Creative Meetup: Plan Wise

Our latest Creative Meetup felt like a bit of a dream. Here we are planning our future and dreaming up designs with little James playing under our desk (the kitchen table!). This has been our vision for Green Couch Design all along. The blending of family and business. The idea that you don’t have to give up one or the other to become successful. It’s beautiful, and although we may have a ways to go before we are “successful”, as the world would see it, to us, we’ve already achieved it.

Right now we may not be pursuing Green Couch full-time, like we had hoped, but we feel like the job opportunities that have opened up for Cale are enabling us to establish a better financial future for our business, and our home. We understand that with every business adventure comes that moment where you just have to leap into it full-time, but right now, we don’t feel like it’s quite time yet.

Honestly, this process doesn’t feel slow to us. We like the pace, and the fact that it’s not tied to a need for survival; but instead it’s from a desire to dig deep, and let our roots grow, flourish, and thrive. How we want our business ran is more about changing an industry standard, the mindset of a culture, and an identity tied to what we do. Trust us, we are not scared of working hard, but we refuse to let our jobs become our life, and take over our families. We work, so that we CAN play. And if work AND play can become one, even better! :)

Lately our client meetings have been accompanied by baby James. It’s been refreshing to have clients who don’t mind our design process truly being a family affair. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying it’s ok to bring your screaming child to a client meeting, but when you can’t seem to find a sitter, it’s nice to know we have cool clients that love us, love our process, and love what we are fully about; embracing a design culture that is family AND business centric.

Our Creative Meetups are getting more and more exciting. We are nailing down some future product ideas that we hope to share with you VERY soon. They are still a work in process, but we hope to begin sharing some of our process with you. We are still figuring out how we will implement these new plans, but we are loving this journey, and sharing it with some of our deepest friends.

This last meetup our discussions were centered around;

What is the value of a kitchen work triangle?

A fun online quiz to select a stylish pen for yourself or a friend!

One elegantly designed shed.

A new book talking about why women are embracing the art of domesticity.

Some one-on-one time with Mr. Tom Collins (+ fresh mint leaves from our garden)! :)

And, this song that has become a big prayer of ours.

We hope your weekdays and weekends are full of time pursuing the things you love. If not, schedule it! As creatives we want art to “flow”, but the busier we get the less time our schedules provide that type of freedom. It’s ok to plan for it! Soak in your favorite music, go for a walk with a sketchbook, or meet an inspirational friend for coffee. Whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing, do it!

From the Farm

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