Anniversary Apocalypse

At the end of May we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! We had been planning our first 24 hours without Baby James, and it turned into quite the adventure! Nestled in the basement of Cheever’s Cafe in Downtown OKC we sat with several other couples celebrating their anniversary as well. Drinking wine while attempting to eat our ice cream dessert, before it melted completely, we joked about at least this way we would die together?! We have really good Life Insurance (thanks Brad) so James would definitely be taken care of (Cale’s mom, our babysitter, didn’t think that was so funny!) ;) . I know it sounds morbid, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

After the tornadoes passed we made our way to the Skirvin. There was flooding all around the city so we had to watch out for down power lines and rushing waters. What was planned to be a romantic night turned into an apocalyptic-type adventure in the city. Oklahoma may not have giant mountains to climb or ocean waves to ride, but tornado season has proven to be quite the adrenaline rush (take that West Coast peeps!).

Nestled into our fancy hotel on the 9th floor (with AC!) we watched the world around us get a little dark and scary. We snuggled down and in between the latest HGTV Show (we don’t have cable so this was like Christmas to us!) we talked about some of our favorite memories together.

Memories like smoking a pipe on an inflatable river raft in California.

Constantly finding better ways to design our small farm house around our ever-growing family.

Moments where life was good, but still felt a little empty.

Projects we will NEVER volunteer for again (at least in July)! ;)

Saying goodbye to our first baby, our handmade products.

Saying hello to our first real baby, James David.

Taking what feels like two steps back to move one step forward.

Pursuing projects and clients we really believe in.

Being proud of our simple beginnings.

The past five years have been full of beautiful and hard moments. Moments of change and sacrifice. There have been days we have had to choose to love each other. Where love was raw, dry, and a bit bitter. Some days you give 90% and you get 10%. Others it’s 50/50. But we have found that when you push through the hard times, when you stick with it, and you work through it, when you walk through it together instead of alone you come out of it stronger, better equipped to take on future bumps in the road, and more appreciative of all that the other person brings to the table. It’s in that place that genuine love begins to flow fresh and new. It’s there you begin to see your lover through new eyes, and begin to fall for them all over again.

To be honest life is probably the simplest it’s ever been, and we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. We have dreams and visions for new things, but we won’t let the pursuit of those dreams get in the way of enjoying life. Of enjoying our family. Of simply taking time to be in the moment, and being in the day to day. Green Couch Design might be changing, but the heart behind why we do what we do is the same. Our dream of designing and building a modern farm house gets closer everyday, and we love sharing our journey with you as business owners, designers, parents, and friends.

The good, the bad, and the sometimes awkward. :)

From the Farm

Our hearts and prayers truly go out to those who were affected by the storms this spring in Oklahoma. If you are able donate or volunteer you can find more information here.

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  1. Mackenzie

    Great POST! Love you both tons and tons…and can’t believe you two were right in the middle of that crazy crazy storm! Love your hearts!

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