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We have a friend who recently sold us several pounds of pecans for a really great price! When I asked how he managed to get such a good deal his wife informed me that he’s developed quite a new hobby. In the early morning hours he walks around Oklahoma City and hunts down the local pecan trees. He knows where all the best trees are and has slowly gathered gallon buckets full of pecans! Apparently there is quite a sub-culture of people that do this because he’s even made some friends along the way.

And it got me thinking… how many people walk by these pecan trees everyday and have no idea what they are missing out on?

As I was sifting through my stash of pecans I started thinking about Cale and I and this season we are in. Lately life’s been asking us to crack open some of the deepest issues within our hearts. With the death of Cale’s dad, job changes, new baby, business changes, grandparents being sick… it’s been a long season of just “surviving”. For to long we’ve just walked by those feelings not wanting to feel them or say what we truly felt so they just stayed tossed on the ground.

A few nights ago we finally slowed down enough to notice some of the deeper issues and it was a really great moment in our marriage. We have been trying so hard to just do life that we were not aware of how truly unhappy we were. I guess we just thought if we kept going, ignore all those annoying shells on the ground, that eventually things would just get better. But typically things don’t just “get better”. There is not a magic wand that will automatically crack open pecan shells.

I can’t enjoy my pecans without some work invovled.

Pecans are sweet nuts and unless you are allergic I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like pecans?! But before you can get to the nutty goodness you have to get past the rough and tough shell. It takes time, attention to detail, and patience to pry open each shell and find the yummyness hiding inside. But when you sift through each shell not only do you find one pecan… you find a stash of pecans!

Of course you’ll always find some bad nuts along the way but you have to sift through the bad ones to get to the really good stuff.

And then what do you do?

You make pecan pie of course!

Or put em on your ice cream.


Coffee Cake (Yum!).

Finally, after a not so fun conversation Cale and I are getting to the real core issues. Some of them hold truths that are still hard to swallow but when you face them life becomes so much more than just survival and hoping that you don’t get stepped on.

Instead life is something you can open up and enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get crackin! Even if you find some painful nuts along the way you’ll eventually get to the good stuff.

Can anyone else relate to being in this season? What has helped you “get crackin” (wine, good friends that make you laugh, baby giggles, etc.)?

From The Farm

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