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Easy-To-Use Online Garden Planning Tool: Territorial Seed Company

It’s snowing and I’m excited, not for the normal reasons, like a day off (didn’t get one), or snow angels, or snow ice cream. No, the reason I’m excited is that snow equals moisture and moisture equals growing, and due to some very awesome people at Territorial Seed Company my garden is three steps ahead and no going back.

Garden planning is one of the hardest things for me to do. I love gardening but I’m the type of person who moves in the moment. When the sun comes out I don’t need a jacket anymore, I’m ready to play in the dirt (a.k.a. garden). The problem with this is that I’m always working to catch up (so it seems) and even as I present my Garden Checklist for the month I’m wondering how I’m going to get it all done!? Then I stumbled upon this wonderful digitized and computerized garden planning tool from Territorial Seed Company. I order seeds from them occasionally, and I love looking through their catalog, but what’s won me over is this little jewel.

It’s a simple subscription style online garden planning software that allows you to layout your garden, draftsman style. With actual dimensions, specific pathways, and an overall look you can see our raised bed layout (below) as it looks after the drawing and planting schedule was complete.

Then you add plants! They have a full range of basic plant types and blanks for you to create your own from the seed packet information you have on hand (or look up specific plants online). You can work in standard row gardening formats or as I’ve chosen to do this year try out the Square Foot Gardening Method.

Easy-To-Use Online Garden Planning Tool | Territorial Seed Company

Within each square you can see the number of seeds that need to be planted for that specific plant and how much space it might take up. As you can see (below), some of my zucchini squash and butternut squash didn’t fit the square foot so it’s been planted in rows shown by the pink cloud under the image. When you plant in the row format the number of plants/seeds is shown by the number of vegetable icons present in each row. As you can see with my squash rows they are intermingled with tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. I’ve dedicated approximately 2 squash plants per row.

One great way to use this planning service is to layout your garden design by what you want to eat. Look at how much it takes to provide what you need and size your beds accordingly. This might seem like a reverse planning method but its a very practical place to start.

Easy-To-Use Online Garden Planning Tool | Territorial Seed Company

The best part is that by using the garden planning software you have an easy to follow map of where you’re going to plant and how much you need to buy…

But wait, there’s more!

Not only does this planner allow you to try new bed layouts and planting organizations with the click of a mouse but it also tracks and organizes a planting schedule for you (see mine below). The schedule is the most valuable part of this tool for me, with a giant chart layout showing planting dates for seeds, and young plants, as well as when you can start seeds early inside to develop them for planting in the garden. The garden planner develops this schedule based on the freeze dates you enter so it’s specific to your location and it allows you to ‘split’ your season (which is very handy for us in the middle of Oklahoma where 109 degrees kills most anything except peppers and cucumbers). Splitting your season basically breaks your growing season into two parts working around really hot dry summer months like July and August. Your planting schedule will work to put things in the ground early and allow you to take advantage of a second round late in the season for double use of the garden and a double yield of your good.

Personalized online garden planting schedule | Territorial Seed Company

Another great asset is the email reminder. I’m not sitting at home waiting for the next planting day to come around. Often times I am a day, a week, even a month late sometimes just because I have better things to do than watch the calendar for the best time to plant tomatoes. Now, I’m not saying this takes the work out of planting but it is nice to get a little email saying; “Hey, it’s time to plant those carrots!”

So as the snow is falling, I’m smiling because I know that I’ve got my early crops in the ground and covered against the frost. Stay tuned for more updates from our personal garden plan in our monthly Garden Checklist and in the mean time checkout Territorial Seed Company’s 30 day free trial of the garden planner (If you find it useful the subscription is only $25 a year!).

What garden planning tricks do you have up your sleeve? Share them in the comments.

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