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Waiting for Baby


Things have FINALLY slowed down around here.

We’ve come to terms with the fact that we don’t live to work. We are at a place financially where things can go on hold for a bit and instead of feeling guilty about this we have decided to take it in and be grateful.

We’ve currently stopped selling our products and our client work is on hold until September.

The baby showers have all been had and the nursery is done (photos coming soon!).

And now we are just waiting for baby. People say this is a terrible idea and will make you stir crazy. But honestly… we are really enjoying it.

Enjoying the quietness of the moment.

Feeling the anticipation in the air.

Taking in the small movements in Meg’s belly.

The ones that tell us our baby boy is nearly here.

38 weeks and counting! :)

From the Farm

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(fake) Canning with Jennifer Jo: Oven-Roasted Roma Tomatoes


Due to being 8 months pregnant canning this year has been a little bit harder than I had expected. I have not been able to tryout as many new recipes as I had originally hoped, but I was recently looking up some recipes for canning Sun Dried Tomatoes and found Jennifer Jo with Mama’s Minutia. A momma of four she’s been busy canning and preserving all summer long. I was super excited when she agreed to share her easy recipe for Oven-Roasted Roma Tomatoes in our “Canning with…” Series. Especially since it’s SUPER simple and doesn’t require actual “canning”. Since each batch is fairly small (2 oven trays full = about 2 pint jars) Jennifer just freezes her tomatoes in a jar and calls it good. Maybe this makes me a sellout canner, but this 100 degree weather has my ankles so swollen I swear they could be a prop in the up and coming The Hobbit Movie (minus the hairy feet of course!).

So bare with me this year! I’m cutting canning corners wherever I can (Ha!)! ;)

Why does Jennifer love these tomatoes?

They’re delicious! Meaty and flavorful and chewy and sweet. They add a wallop of a flavor punch. They are easy to make—no peeling or seeding the tomatoes. They use up lots of in-season herbs. They roast while you sleep.

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A Manly Baby Shower (w/ Beer & Cigars)


Have I mentioned to you all just how crafty my sister-in-law is? Look out Martha Stewart cause her glue gun could do some serious damage! She’s been planning our baby shower (with the help of our OK family) since we found out we we’re pregnant. This entire last month she’s been all giddy every time she’d talk about (keeping everything a surprise of course) and claiming that she was planning the Baby Shower of the Century.

Now that is a tall order to have to fulfill, but man did she EVER deliver!

Between our Kansas and Oklahoma family and friends we have had THREE showers thrown for our baby. We have felt completely overwhelmed by all the love and excitement surrounding his arrival and cannot tell you how blessed we are to have so many people wanting to share in this journey with us.

Our “Little Man” has been completely spoiled and he is not even here yet! ;)

37 weeks and counting!

From the Farm

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Why Every Good Blogger Should be Friends With a Food Blogger :)


As a blogger and local designer I’ve meet all kinds of interesting people but the type of friends that are REALLY good to know are food bloggers!

It’s true! They’ll do things like drive 6 hours just so you can teach them a certain cooking art that they “think” you know and bring fresh blueberry bread for breakfast! :)

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Coffee Rules


I love breakfast! The kind that makes you wanna go back to bed after eating it! Yep, it’s true. One of Cale and I’s biggest arguments after we first got married was over the issue of breakfast. I think breakfast should be something you experience. It’s a process with coffee, fun plates, and good conversation. Definitely not something you rush through.

Cale on the other hand could eat cereal everyday of the week and be fine. When he gets up he’s ready to hit the ground running. Stopping for “coffee” and “breakfast” is simply something he doesn’t have time for.

But occasionally I can convince him to take me out to our favorite local diner.

Where the breakfast is served ALL day.

The old men sit for hours.

And an all day cup of coffee costs $3.00! :)

Are there any other breakfast lovers out there? 

From the Farm

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Slowing Down


So July is HERE! It’s not just coming anymore it’s actually HERE! That means baby is only 5 weeks away and could possibly come at any moment (should he decide to be a punk and come early!).

We have been busy, busy and have found ourselves determined more than ever to SLOW DOWN. For us slowing down looks like time at home. Time with each other. And time to do the things we love… like picking fresh fruit!

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The Fourth of July: This Is How We Do It


Our Fourth of July was a little bitter sweet. It was the first time we have celebrated the Fourth since Cale’s Dad passed away over a year ago. The Fourth of July was his favorite holiday AND his birthday. Cale said it best; “It was like getting back on a horse after being bucked off”.

It was a little rough getting back into the “true spirit” of things.

But, 68 Artillery Shells later… it started to feel like old times. :)

We hope you exercised your right to blow stuff up and celebrate our freedoms this past Fourth of July!

From the Farm

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