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His & Her Summer Reading


You can learn a lot about people from the books they like to read. Books say a lot the way a person thinks, the type of topics they enjoy discussing, and what stories inspire them.

I had to laugh the other day as I was cleaning out our bedroom and noticed our stack of books on opposite ends of the headboard. Now, before I brag to much I am not the consistent reader here! Ever since we have been married Cale is a much better reader than me but I’m trying really hard to get into it more and more. The library of birth/parenting books that my sister-in-law and girlfriend Mackenzie have been supplying me with have been the perfect thing I’ve needed to really get started.

Although, I should probably spread out my topics a little bit more! It’s pretty obvious what is on my brain and constantly moving in my belly! ;)


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CNY: Tim & Kara [Kara Paslay Designs]


This week we are super stoked to be sharing with you another talented and fun loving couple! Not only are they practically our neighbors, living in Tulsa, but they are one super cute and powerful team that truly enjoy working together. In fact, you might have seen some of their fun projects in magazines, blogs, and even TV with their easy DIY’s and functional decor affordable for any budget!

Meet Tim and Kara Paslay with Kara Paslay Designs:

“We do a lot of different creative jobs, all which fall under our business “Kara Paslay Designs.”  It is a full time, all consuming business and we love it.  Basically, we will take on any job that involves creative design.  We do or have done interior design for residential homes, retail design for Anthropologie and other Tulsa boutiques, window displays, we write a daily blog, we host DIY classes, we serve as art directors/set decorators for commercial, TV shows, & movies, and we are in the process of developing our own design TV show! :) Basically we love creating and will take every opportunity to do so!”- Kara Paslay

Q1) What was the inspiration behind starting Kara Paslay Design?

A1) Kara- Growing up I promised myself that no matter what I ended up doing that I would love it. I refused to work at a job that I dreaded every day. There was a problem though- my college days were focused on playing basketball. Around my junior year, I realized that I wanted to do interior design after my basketball days were over, but my college didn’t offer the major. So, I went about the rest of my college days trying to squeeze in furniture redo projects and small things I could take on in my apartment. After college Tim and I bought a home. Tim took a job at a construction company to learn the basics of construction/building so that we could apply that knowledge to our home and one day our business. Meanwhile I worked at home honing different skills- designing and redesigning rooms to create a portfolio for myself. We looked at our home as a hands on learning university where we could get the education that we needed to eventually start our own business.

Tim- I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do out of college, but I knew I needed to try things to figure out what I did and didn’t like. I took on the responsibility of bread winning while Kara was getting established and now the rolls have reversed a little bit. I still pitch in, but with a better understanding of what I enjoy doing, I am working on some projects that aren’t necessarily making money yet, but will one day be an enjoyable (and hopefully profitable) business of my own.

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Happy (Future) Father’s Day


When you meet “The One” there are things that are both beautiful and intimidating about that person. A lot of times those are the things you fall in love with. The things you would never want them to change.

For me, one of those things about Cale is the fact that he’s always wanted to be a dad.

The oldest of 5 kids I think fatherhood was sorta birthed into him.

He has this innate since with children that totally intimidates me.

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GCD: Concrete Jewelry & Kitchen Line CLOSING SALE


It is today that we share with you a bittersweet announcement. As of July 3rd, 2012 we are officially closing our online shop and will no longer be selling our Green Couch Design products (If you want to skip this whole explanation and get to the sale scroll on down friends)!

This has been a very difficult decision for us and one that has been thought through again and again. For those you who don’t know Cale has been working full-time at a local architecture firm for the past year now. This was a big transition for us as Green Couch Design went from 2 full-time employees to 1. Ever since then we have been trying to balance products, production, marketing, graphic design clients, and blogging and to be honest it has been really challenging to keep up with everything. We have struggled with many pieces and parts of Green Couch Design feeling like we could not give our 110%. Within the last year there have been  many nights where Cale would work late, come home mentally exhausted, and have to turn around and make jewelry, or create a blog post. It was during this time that we realized this was not the life that we wanted. Sure there are seasons where you work hard and push through but ultimately our hearts are for design and to be designers. Production is not our “thing” and the more we have jumped into our products the more we have realized how much production is needed to establish and maintain a great product.

Especially a handmade product.

And THEN we got pregnant (which was NOT planned)!

And Meg freaked out! :)

And we realized that something had to change. Green Couch Design started with a heart to be a design firm not a production firm. We want to be a place that produces great ideas and if products come out of those ideas GREAT but we don’t want to base our business around products and the marketing efforts needed to truly see a product take off.

We are in a transitional stage and still defining exactly what that will look like. Don’t get us wrong, Green Couch Design is NOT shutting it’s doors entirely. We plan on focusing more on our blog and our design work. The products are the only thing that are taking a back seat while we get our brain and hearts wrapped around our new life with a baby. We will always be a husband and wife design team, pursuing the simple life. We still desire to have our kids playing under our feet as we pound out design work but it just may look a little different than what we expected. We feel blessed in so many ways that God has allowed us to walk out this adventure over the last few years and are so thankful for the MANY friends we have gathered along the way. We have learned so much from our retail friends at Shop Good, Dwelling Spaces, and The Onion Tree and we ask that you please continue to support them! There have been times your purchase of a necklace or an apron has literally paid our grocery bill and we seriously could not have made it without your love and support. We have had so many people behind us who have been cheering us on and it’s because of your encouragement and kind words that we have been able to find joy in even the most stressful of times!

So it is with a bittersweet heart that we close our product doors on July 3rd, 2012. For so long our products have been like a child to us and we simply are not willing to let that compete with the real thing!

We need time to breath.

To give Green Couch Design’s blog and design work 110%.

To know what it means to be a family.

To be in love.

And to truly enjoy this “simple life” we are so quick to tout about! ;)

We are very excited to see what this next phase will look like. We hope that these changes will not steer you away but instead pull you alongside this adventure even more as we experience life as a real family (with babies!) and balancing our own business and NEW creative endeavors!

All from our 1910 farm house in a little town in Oklahoma!

Concrete Jewelry Line:

(Purchase Green Couch Design Concrete Jewelry here)

Kitchen Line:

(Purchase Green Couch Design Kitchen Line here)

Purchase the last bits of our Jewelry and Kitchen Line through our online shop till Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012! Enter Promo Code: GCDFREESHIPPING!

Leave us a comment and tell us what’s been your favorite Green Couch Design product over the years?!

From the Farm

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Things have been super busy around here as we are in full baby prep mode. One of the bigger items we have been looking for is a unique rocking chair. What good momma doesn’t need a cool looking rocker to keep her weary body moving in the wee hours of the night?

Luckily for us Meg’s Aunt and Cousin love to collect old furniture and reupholster them. They found this beauty at a garage sale for only $20.00!

I don’t know what garage sale they have been shopping at but I think we need to follow them around the next time they go bargain hunting!

When they found this Shaker Style Rocker it’s cushion’s were still filled with original straw! They wanted to paint it because of the veneer chip on the top right corner but we were not quite ready to see this piece covered in paint. I think it adds character. So they are sanding it down and putting a dark stain on it. Other then that and some new fabric this piece is gonna be just what we need to welcome our new little one to the family!

Can’t wait to show you the finished piece! We’ve got our first baby shower this weekend. It’s getting more REAL and little Baby Noodle is moving more and more everyday.

What weekend projects are you planning on tackling this weekend?

From the Farm

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4 Years of Adventure


Over our vacation Cale and I celebrated our 4th year of marriage. Our favorite anniversary tradition is to watch our wedding video and to remember where and how this whole adventure started.

It holds us accountable to our vows and the covenant we made to each other and before God.

To be honest this year has been one of the hardest years of our marriage. Not in the since of fighting or not getting along. This year we lost Cale’s dad to cancer and so we’ve been through a lot of emotional ups and downs.

More so than usual.

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Canning with Samantha Lamb: Pectin Free Strawberry Jam


Today we are super excited to share a canning recipe from the lovely Samantha Lamb. We first met Sam at a local craft show where we shared neighboring booth space. She’s a true farm girl after our own heart with chickens, cows, and garden all her own. She lives in a little farm house near her family in OK and loves baking pies for the locals!

Hello my Darlin dears, wonderful meadow creatures that live in the orchard & you darling Gnomes that are wonderful at picking Strawberries,

Miss Lamb your canning & fanciful farmer here,

Today, I am honored to be the guest blogger here at Green Couch Design & I am happier than a peach to share with you my favorite canning recipe for Strawberry Jam, that uses no pectin

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Summertime & the Living is Easy


For us, we know it’s vacation time when:

  • Our home sits on a private lake.
  • Our home has a private dock.
  • The pregnant lady gets to lounge on her stomach… on a raft! :)
  • Old fashion family meals around the dinner table.
  • One word… dishwasher.
  • Two letters… AC! :)
  • No one really knows what time it is.
  • The only laundry to do is your bathing suit, towel, and cover.
  • We have time to dream up life with baby and future vacations as the “3″ of us.
  • Apples to Apples with alcohol (Sassy Water for the pregnant lady) and Twizzlers. :)
  • Backyard games; Bocce Ball.
  • There are moments where no one is doing nothing and nothing is not boring.
  • The only makeup allowed is the natural shine of sun kissed freckles.
  • Watching the water reflection dance across the bedroom walls.
  • Sipping on the latest homemade wine from Meg’s dad (currently on the menu: Current Wine)

It’s summertime and the living is easy! Even if it’s for an extended weekend make sure you take time this summer to “rest” and do the things that refuel your soul.

What does a summer vacation look like to you?

From the Farm

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