Beauty in Chaos

Since I’ve gotten back from ALT Summit I’ve had a hard time re-gaining my focus. We’ve had several life changes and new developments in our business that have been difficult to transition into. I’m having a hard time taking all these pieces and things we want to do and the things we should be doing and knowing where to even start? To be honest it’s made me desire house chores over Green Couch Design! Which to me is a HUGE sign that I’m totally avoiding the process and proves just how annoyed I am with “not knowing” exactly what to do.

It’s in this time I find myself relating to a style of imagery where all the “pieces” are still there but organized neatly. I find the white space around each item to be a breath of fresh air and hope in this time of chaos and confusion.

I know all these “pieces” won’t go away. I don’t want them too. I like all of them, I like the ideas behind all of them and have a passion to do each and every one of them but I’m just having a hard time knowing where to start?

Before Cale started his full-time Architectural job we were both working from home. It was our second year in business so money was very tight and although we were “making it”, it was really hard to grow a business while we lived off of the same income. The extra income that Cale is bringing in now has changed everything. It’s made us question the reasoning behind some of the choices we made for our company during that year since we were in “survival” mode. Looking back we were really happy and very passionate about what we were doing but now that Green Couch doesn’t have to support us (for the mean time) it’s taken off a weight that we didn’t even know was there. It’s also made us face some hard decisions about the way we ran our business then vs. how we want to run our business in the future. All the sudden it feels like money is no object (within reason!). The relief of that has changed our entire perspective and is giving us a freedom that we didn’t even know we needed.

All the sudden the pressure of needing money to “survive” is gone and we’re allowed to step back and figure out what it is that we really want to be doing? Don’t get me wrong we are proud of what did last year but we are looking at 2012 with new eyes and it’s a little overwhelming. The heart behind Green Couch is still there but we don’t know if the end result will look like products, graphic design, books, blogging or a mixture of everything! We are thankful for the journey and the things we learned this last year. We realize we wouldn’t be here without that process but there are new pieces to this puzzle that haven’t been there before. Goals and dreams that a year ago seemed so far away and impossible are now an arms reach away. It still feels messy and confusing but we’re figuring it out and starting to figure out how to get organized and re-focused.

One “piece” at a time.

Is anyone else having a hard time knowing where to start on your creative endeavours? What has helped you stay focused and organized on reaching your goals?

From the Farm

Images: sushipot/lovely clusters anthropologie newsletter/be inspired/Itonooukan

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