My Two NEW Best Friends

Over Christmas Cale and I made a very large purchase. Now, when I say big I mean BIG! Like the kind that makes you throw up in your stomach a little bit after you purchase it? That’s right. That kind. See we’ve been married for a little over three years now so we decided it was time to officially settle in and plan for some larger purchases in 2012. Now you maybe thinking items like a NEW TV (not this year honey)  or (enter announcer voice HERE) a NEW car! But nope, it’s even more exciting than that!

Our list includes the following:

- A New Mattress (please God!)
- A New Fridge
- A New Washer and Dryer

You know you are officially a “grownup” when you find yourself dreaming of a washer that actually spins and a fridge where the door shuts all the way! It’s true, since we’ve been married we’ve been “making due” with hand-me-downs or whatever was the cheapest option at that time. But now… NOW we are at a place to financially invest in some nice appliances that we intend to have for the long haul of our ever-growing family. In Cale’s terms that means; “Let the shopping begin!” :)

I need to clarify something here… we’re not about always having or even needing the best and biggest (Especially if that means going into debt… no way!)! In fact I was quite content with my little washer and dryer (from my Grandma) that did not spin correctly or the one before that, that required pliers to turn the knob. They all “worked” just fine! But “working” and “just fine” are two different terms. And initially when Cale told me about this SWEEEET deal on Craig’s List it felt to good to be true. Seriously, a front loading washer and dryer with pedestals, BRAND NEW in the box, AND a 1 year WARRANTY!? I couldn’t believe it. The cost was 1/3 of the sticker price (including taxes) so when we arrived to “check-it-out” I’m not gonna lie I was a little worried we’d meet some rough looking guy in a back alley who just happened to get his “hands” on these brand new appliances. WRONG! It just so happened it was a REAL company who wholesale appliances to big name retail stores. They had a few “extra” items on their warehouse floor they we’re looking to get rid of so they opened up a small selection to the general public.

So what did we do? We’ll we snatched those babies right up! I’m not gonna lie… I still felt a little sick to my stomach paying THAT MUCH for a washer and dryer but sometimes you have to look into the future and know you’re making an investment for the long haul. There are times where “getting by” is necessary but then there are times where it’s ok to get something nice and new. We work hard everyday to earn a living and I refuse to feel “guilty” about being able to make a purchase when it’s done right.

So for now, the Fridge door situation has been “fixed”… with a bungee cord (Cale is going to kill me for showing you this!).

And I’m enjoying some quality time with my two NEW best friends! I swear they are the nicest/newest thing in our little farm house! Every time I do laundry I start pushing buttons and I imagine I’m loading my laundry into a space ship that transports our underwear to a magical place where little elves sing songs and make our clothes come out perfectly clean. Now, if only they would come out folded!

I swear my new washer and dryer are from the future. I love them so much! They are my NEW best friends. :)

From the Farm

P.S. Some people nickname their car, I’m naming my washer and dryer. What do you think about Thelma and Louise?

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2 Responses to “My Two NEW Best Friends”
  1. 01.16.2012

    I felt the same way when my husband and I took the plunge and bought a shiny new front loading washer and dryer almost five years ago now. I would actually stand in front of the washer and watch it washing. That feeling they can do magic has yet to wear off. One of the best investments we’ve ever made. Enjoy them! (BTW, our fridge is almost to the bungie cord phase.)

    • 01.16.2012

      Glad we’re not the only ones in the “bungee” stage! One step at a time. It’s so good to know that it’s worth it even 5 years down the road. Thanks for sharing Joann!

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