Slow Sundays

Welcome to 2012! I know we took an “extended” break from blogging and such but it was something that our sanity required. Christmas was sorta of whirlwind of busy excitement and emotions (we’ll fill you in later). With that said this Sunday was the first Sunday in months that we’ve been able slow down and do things “our” way. We slept in (we’ll I did… Cale got up and pittled around outside like an old man) and then once I got up we had breakfast/lunch together at our kitchen table! A small miracle I might add since our table has been covered with products and other Green Couch Design projects since August.

One of our goals in 2012 includes more meals around the table (even if that means we get stuck staring at each other from time to time with a bit of awkward silence, and the sound of food chomping). We need that time for us. Where home feels like “home” and not just the place where we run our business.

This past Sunday we envisioned our 2012 landscaping plans, penciled in our cold weather planting schedule (Can you believe it’s that time already?!), and came up with more efficient ways to keep our little farm house nice and organized (like getting rid of extra crap stuff).

But, most importantly… we just enjoyed a slow Sunday without deadlines, events, or errands to run.

It’s the “New” Year so what are you doing differently? Have you slowed down long enough to even consider some of things you might “want” to accomplish in 2012? Everyone needs at least one day a week where they get to do something they “want” to do (like a simple bubble bath or catching up with your favorite book).

I realize we are a week late in actually stepping into 2012 but we’re happy to announce we are officially ready kick-off the New Year… starting with a lot more slow Sundays. :)

From the Farm

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  1. Paula Ewertz

    What a great way to start the New Year……love to hear about your heart’s desire. It is going to be the best year ever! Love Mom

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