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GCD: FORGE [Branding]


We have crazy friends who start entire ministry’s while they are still in college. Somewhere between the 2am-6am slot they must find time to invest in it because in between class, studying, eating, sleeping and having a life… I don’t know how they fit it all in? But, this is not your average “church”.

Welcome to the Forge Community.


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STUFF: Pantone Xmas Balls


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas around our little farm house. We’re busy stamping our new holiday tea towel prints (Launching November 1st) and the cool air is just crisp enough that it’s calling for my favorite Ozetta Cowl.

Growing up my mom would buy us a new ornament every year. We’d put on cheesy Christmas music and sing and dance (well, I would at least!) while decorating the tree. Then when it would get dark outside, we’d turn off all the lights and sit in the living room with the tree shinning bright. My mom would always say… “This is the prettiest tree we’ve ever had”. She’d say that every year. To the same plastic ole tree we’d had for the last 5 years. But either way, it was special.

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Creatives Near You: Hailey [Ozetta Handmade Shop]


Have you ever met one of those artists who’s work just reaches out and grabs you… we’ll, that’s Hailey. We were first introduced to Hailey when Cale purchased a handmade gift for me through her shop, Ozetta. He didn’t realize until later that he was ordering a cowl from someone right here in Oklahoma! We we’re so impressed with Hailey’s handywork we decided to order several of her pieces for gifts last Christmas. They were of course all hits and since then we’ve been Ozetta addicts.

Get ready to fall in love with Hailey and everything in her shop.

Q1) How did you get started knitting?

A1) I started crocheting when I was ten years old, but took a long break from it and picked up knitting. However, I have found that both are equally important in this industry. So, I do both. This art form appeals to me because you start with yarn and needles. That’s it. And with great care and process I begin to create something. It’s amazing what you can create with so little and make something so extraordinary. When I work on an order, I like to look at it as something entirely different than just an order. It means so much more to me than that. Each piece I create is full of meaning, love, and high attention to detail. According to my father-in-law I am building a piece. And I guess in reality, I really am.

Q2) Define what makes a great knitted piece?

A2) The definition of a great knitted piece depends on what you are trying to create. Each piece I envision I sketch, create a swatch, and then start on the bigger piece. When creating a specific look, it comes natural to me what stitch I should use. When the piece is finished I test all of them by wearing them out and about, I like to know how it will feel and if something is not perfect, I start over. It is a process of trial and error. My favorite material is a chunky super soft blend, this combination creates the most perfect scarf.

Q3) What is the inspiration behind your shop name?

A3) Ozetta is the middle name of my great grandmother. What’s surprising is the name was never really an issue; I always knew my shop was going to be Ozetta. My Memaw was the brightest person in any room. She had the best advice, was so very patient, and dropped subtle hints of what she knew you could become. She would always say “little Hailey, you can do anything”. I would sometimes stay for weeks with her in the summer months. We would wake up early to cook a huge breakfast for the two of us, watch movies, curl up in her handmade quilts while crocheting and talking talking talking. I think she always knew what I could become with my creative abilities. I wish she could see the skill that she alone taught me from just a chain stitch, has grown into something bigger than maybe even she imagined. Well, maybe she knew all along.

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Stuff: A Cabin by the Lake


There must be something in the fall weather that makes you want to run off to a cabin, cuddle by the fire, and hang out with the ones you love. My mind keeps coming back to the “homie” feel in Dan in Real Life. Let’s be honest, don’t we all wish our parents had that lake house that was big enough to house all the kids+grand children+dogs+cats+boyfriends+girlfriends+friends+whoever else was invited to our exclusive family getaway? I swear I can smell the old quilts and feel the breeze coming through the open windows. I can remember days of being packed in a room full of beds and annoying cousins. Waking up to coffee and Grandma’s homemade pancakes.

Sure feels like home to me.

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Date on a Dime: Time Capsule


Recently, with a scratching record sound effect, the idea struck my wife and I that there’s one day going to be a little one and her doey eyed look questioning what life was like just 11 years from the turn of the millennium. In a whirl of activity to try and push the other consequences of this idea aside, we decided to make a time capsule together, with a mix of things which we treasure and some information about things at this current time in history. (Now, should those beseeching eyes start looking our way, we can simply hand them a shovel & a treasure map, and teach them the valuable lesson of digging out their own answers.)

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Re-Defining Legacy


Lately I’ve been questioning what it looks like to leave a legacy. Thinking about the life that we live, about looking back. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting older but the things that inspired me as a youth are not the same things that inspire me today. The things that inspire me today are the people I see that have left a legacy of a life well lived.

I think about Cale’s dad who passed away recently. I think about the man that he was and the man that I see in my husband as a result of that. I only knew my father-in-law for 5 years, but because of Larry’s love for family and how he raised his kids I continue to see pieces of him today. I see him in my husband who believes in the idea of family when the world would have you believe that it does not exist. I see the childhood roots that have grown Cale into the man he is today. The roots that are a result of a legacy.

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GCD: Oklahoma Sustainability Network [Campaign]


Every once in a while you get to work on one of those projects that just really hits home. We’ve done a lot of graphic design work for a variety of clients but when we heard about the details of this project it just felt right. Like this project was suppose to be ours. With Cale’s architectural degree and our passion for smart and efficient home building we we’re just beside ourselves when we started in on the initial campaign design. Not only were we tasked with designing the brand but also naming it something that would speak to the general public while staying away from the typical “green” associated stereotypes.

“The Bring It Home initiative was developed by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN) and the Phillips Murrah-C.H. Guernsey team to assist interested Oklahoma communities in the adoption of sustainable residential building codes that will reduce energy consumption, decrease costs and have a long-term impact on the environment and economy.” - OSN (Oklahoma Sustainability Network).
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California, Part 4


Our last leg of our California trip was a bit of a whirlwind! As you will see we hit the road and traveled south from our previous Northern California adventures. Our trusty navigators, Tim and Anna, made sure we hit all the hot spots; including, the hidden and random along the way.

Cale loves to read and he randomly brought an old western tale by Louis L’Amour on our vacation. It just so happened that the book was based off of an old mining town in California and something that required a detour!

So, that my friends is where our little road trip begins; Virgina City, California.

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STUFF: Glamping


A friend of mine mentioned this on a recent hiking trip I took. Glamping he said is something he wants to get into with his family. At first I was giving him a hard time, because he is usually the one that wants a fire, and marshmallows and all that “stuff” on a camping trip. I on the other hand have gotten more and more adamant about truly roughing it…I had been until I google’ed this.

So now I’m interested… Glamping huh? According to Glamping Girl

“Glamping truly originated in the early 1900′s, with the popularization of the safari, The word safari is an Arabic verb meaning “to make a journey”  and an entire industry was created to cater to the needs of the demanding European and American travellers, looking to bag a trophy and experience adventure in the wilds of Africa.  Naturally, the wealthy travellers weren’t eager to part with the creature comforts of home, and instead stayed in luxurious canvas tent lodgings.  These tents were fully furnished with beds, luxurious bedding, Persian rugs, antiques and fully staffed with chefs, guides, porters and butlers.

A new trend of glamping has emerged with luxury camping resorts, safari camps, eco-resorts and campgrounds offering every amenity imaginable, from 5 star dining to spas.  Manufacturers are catching on, offering designer gadgets and gear to bring style to the wilderness.  Regardless of budget, you can enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury.”

-Glamping Girl

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GCD: Pollard Theatre 25th Season [Campaign]


For those of you who don’t know Cale and I also take on graphic design clients through our design firm Green Couch Design. Design has always been a part of who we are, it’s what we love. Here’s some of our latest work…

Located in Downtown Historic Guthrie The Pollard Theatre needed a new campaign design to celebrate their 25th Season. To showcase the depth of their history we scanned in large format photographs that are displayed in the theater’s main entryway. Taken in the 1980′s-1990′s these photographs created an elegant foundation for our design. The black and white themes relay accents of silver, a typical color associated with 25 year anniversary’s. A different photograph was used for each collateral piece acting as simple “keep sake” or “collector’s item” of the Pollard’s 25 year history. Overall, the general layout and design remained consistent through all mediums to ensure campaign recognition.

25th Season Collateral:

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