Fresh and Local: Eclair Bakery (Arroyo Grande, CA)

I know, I know you are probably tired of us sharing about our Cali trip but we simply had such a wonderful time that we want to share every detail! So… with that comes one of our favorite random stops that seriously kept us coming back for more!

Introducing the loveliest little local bakery; Eclair Bakery in Arroyo Grande, California!

We we’re greeted by the nicest tattooed baker I’ve ever met (except for my friend Tom who lives in Portland)! I think it might have had something to do with the fact that he has family in Okemah, OK (represent OK!) but regardless we visited this bakery everyday that we were in Arroyo Grande! Each day we were served by the happiest, most sincere people… the kind that you just wish could be your friends!

The first day we stopped in each of us picked out one pastry. The second day we purchased two boxes full of goodies! :) Let’s just say we purchased so much that the lovely woman who helped us was excited to be one step closer to selling out and getting to go home early!

Now, before you all start calling us “fatties” let me clarify. We had to make sure we had lots of fuel both before and after this…

See, totally worth EVERY calorie! Let me just give you a list of our top favorites:

- Cranberry Scone
- Ham and Cheese Croissant
- Blueberry Muffin
- Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie (The name escapes me on this one but they remind me of Laura Bush Cookies only bigger and REALLY gooey!)

The Parr’s are typically really healthy eaters but I’m not gonna lie, it makes me feel a little better knowing that they have a soft spot for buttery, freshly made pastries! :)

We’ll, Parr’s you can rest assure knowing that the Eclair Bakery

“…uses only the finest ingredients such as Plugra butter and Valrhona coca–never artificial flavors, trans-fat or preservatives”. – Eclair Bakery Website

See, totally healthy!

We found lots of other great local shops along the main strip in Arroyo Grande (like Stella Casa and Verena’s Go Gourmet) but Eclair Bakery was truly one of our favorites. Now I know food tends to lure you in like that, but deep down I think it was Eclair’s balance of European-style pastries and old-fashion customer care.

“By offering clients personalized made-from-scratch creations, Eclair Bakery demonstrates a commitment to high quality production served with tender loving care.”
Eclair Bakery Website

And that my friends is exactly what we felt from this little local bakery. Totally worth the drive if you are ever out on the California coast!

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