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GCD: Custom Jewelry Design


We are currently in process of creating close to 250 unique charms for our two craft shows coming up this fall! We are VERY stoked about this but also forgot to mention that we do custom orders! In fact, we LOVE custom orders because they give us a chance to work one-on-one with our customers and provide us an outlet that pushes our ideas and keeps them fresh.

We’ve put together a 4-step process to show you just how easy it can be to design a one-of-a-kind Green Couch Design jewelry piece. Here’s what you can expect from us when you are ready to move forward with your custom order.


STEP 1: Go to our online shop and purchase PHASE I of the “Custom Design” Jewelry listing. Leave us any initial design ideas/suggestions you would like us to start with in the comment section when you check out. If you have images in mind, send us a convo through Etsy with attached images or send them to

STEP 2: We will send you initial design concepts in a hand-rendered illustration format. Once the first round of design(s) are sent you can make two rounds of edits. We will also include the additional cost to build each design with each illustration presented. This will ensure that there are no surprises or additional costs (outside of shipping) when you purchase PHASE II.


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2011 Garden Checklist: October

GCHL FreeDwnld

Winterization is the theme for September and October. As you finish up your fall gardening, you should start looking at the plants and things around your home that need to be prepared/protected from the cold.

I hope this helps as we move toward the winter months. If you winterize properly you’ll see a much quicker greening of your garden and a fuller more aggressive growth the next spring. Even though we don’t have frost on the windows yet, that time is just around the corner. So be prepared now and get ready for a beautiful garden this coming spring!

Click HERE to download our October, 2011 Garden Checklist!

From the Farm


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GCD: 2011 Fall Schedule


We LOVE the holidays and actually this year, more than ever, we are totally a head of the game. We’ve learned A LOT since our first show and we are determined to make this somewhat busy season something we truly enjoy.

We are getting VERY excited about our upcoming shows and look forward to meeting some of you in person. Our hope is that you can plan a head now for a fun day of shopping, support handmade and heck… just bring the whole family (we lOVE babies)!

From the Farm


* You can purchase Green Couch Design products year around at Shop Good in OKC, The Onion Tree in Wichita, KS and through our online shop.

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Date on a Dime: Weekend Getaway (i.e. Camping)


This Date on a Dime is a little unique. Since it’s fall, and we just got back from California, we definitely have the adventure bug. We thought it would be fun to give you some basic tips from our “expert campers”, The Parrs, and a few tricks we’ve learned along the way. Keep in mind, these are not hoity toity camping rules, these are for the few and the proud that would dare to venture out into the wildnerness with nothing more than a thin plastic lining separating them from bears, raccoons, hail, falling tree limbs and any other kind of disaster nature might throw your way.

Sounds pretty romantic if you ask me! ;) Ok, Ok… honestly, I’m a little weird when it comes to “romance” cause as much as I love the snuggles and flowers, I also LOVE adventure. I don’t know what it is but there is something that just trips my trigger when I see our truck all loaded down with camping gear! Or when Cale get’s back from a weekend of camping with the guys (which he’s going on THIS weekend) and he’s all dirty and manly. I don’t know what it is but I like it!

So, here’s to roughin it together, snuggling up to a warm fire and reconnecting to nature and your mate even if that is out of fear from the sounds of creepy animals in the middle of the night! :)

STEP 1: Location:

Developed Tent Camping: $10-$25.00 a night depending on location and other amenities. The more primitive camp sites are the cheapest and less touristy. They usually do not have running water or showers but are typically toward the $10.00 per night range. Sites like KOA’s and other private camp grounds will charge you closer to $25.00 a night for showers, laundry, etc.

Dispersed Camping: If you are near a National Forest Land (not park) you can camp for FREE! This is very rugged camping since you basically are camping in the forest at your leisure. Unlike developed sites there are not designated camp sites, toilets or water. Simply put you walk into the forest and pick a place to stake your tent as long as it is a certain distance from the road, water source, and/or developed campground. Rules for this change per forest so make sure you check on your location specifics.

See what parks and campsites are near you by looking up your destination:

STEP 2: Shelter:

Tents: You can purchase great tents from anywhere between $35.00-$300. The cheaper ones are very basic but they are a great starter tent and allow you to find out what type of tent you want before you go a out and buy something really expensive. I’d also look for tents on Craig’s list or just borrow one from a friend if you are not an avid camper. A lot of local college student unions will allow you to rent camping equipment super cheap so check with your recreation center as another option instead of purchasing your own.

Hammocks: For comfort and minimal packing space a hammock is a great solution. Fold the sides over your body and you’ll be as snug as a cocoon. For only $10.00 a person you can find these at any local Wal-Mart or outdoor store. Just make sure you plan to camp around trees and that you bring plenty of warm clothes/blankets since you’ll be hanging free!

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GCD Giveaway: Concrete Slider Necklace


Cale and I first met Ashley last year when she was putting together the Hope for Kenya event with our friend Brie. Right away I was impressed with Ashley’s sweet personality but more importantly her go getter attitude. Ashley is organized, to the point, and understands what it is like to run an event on a budget. She’s creative and has surrounded herself with great resources to pull from for any occasion. Ashley truly enjoys the behind the scenes details needed to pull off any event and is someone we would totally recommend for your next party.

Visit Ashley’s blog and enter to win one of our Green Couch Design Concrete Slider Necklaces. The giveaway runs through this Friday, September 21st so make sure you stop by and see for yourself all the fun things Ashley is up to.

From the Farm


** Congratulations to Emily McClure, the winner of this giveaway!


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California, Part 2


I know what you are thinking; “THIS is California?”. I was thinking the same thing. But that is Tim and Anna. This is what they do. They go on adventures. They explore. They like to pull their car over at random places and say; “Follow us!”

Cale seemed excited and not skeptical at all! I was surprised by this cause he’s usual all about creating tactical games in his mind (War Gaming) like if the bad guys were to come out at this very moment what would you do? We’ll, what would you do?

At this point all I can think about is the fact that this is the kind of place where people get murdered. Like in that one scary movie I didn’t really watch but sorta watched… yes, that one!

But, they are our best buds. And we’ve seen them do crazier things than this… so we continued.

We followed their little toe shoes down, down, down into this…

I know what you’re thinking now; “Not so bad, huh?” Yep, that’s exactly what I thought too.

It sure looks pretty.

The water is nice.


Oh, oh wait, you want me to do what?!

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Fresh and Local: Eclair Bakery (Arroyo Grande, CA)


I know, I know you are probably tired of us sharing about our Cali trip but we simply had such a wonderful time that we want to share every detail! So… with that comes one of our favorite random stops that seriously kept us coming back for more!

Introducing the loveliest little local bakery; Eclair Bakery in Arroyo Grande, California!

We we’re greeted by the nicest tattooed baker I’ve ever met (except for my friend Tom who lives in Portland)! I think it might have had something to do with the fact that he has family in Okemah, OK (represent OK!) but regardless we visited this bakery everyday that we were in Arroyo Grande! Each day we were served by the happiest, most sincere people… the kind that you just wish could be your friends!

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Everday Design: Paper Taxidermy of Sorts


“Anna-Wili Highfield is a Sydney based artist currently making sculptures of animals from paper and from copper pipe.” – Anna-Wili Highfield Website

“Very reminiscent of taxidermy but with a lighter feel, she delicately crafts each piece by using archival cotton paper that is then painted, torn, and sewn into these incredible pieces.” – Strictly Paper

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Dreams Come in all Shapes and Sizes


I’ve been searching for the perfect salt and pepper shaker. This whole time I’ve been thinking something vintage would do the trick. My mom and I like to go antique shopping so this is where/when I tend to get lost in a sea of stories from old things long ago. I’ve been searching for the perfect shaker but have had no luck until our recent trip to California.

Cale and I found the most adorable shop and talked with the owner, a wonderful Swedish artist, who sells the most amazing modern kitchen gadgets around. If you know anything about me I have soft spot for weird and unnecessary kitchen gadgets. So as soon as we wondered into this little shop I could not stop oohing and awing over just about everything. We talked about the taste difference in loose leaf tea, art, and these little salt and pepper shakers.

And slowly… they became my friends.

They became something I had to take home. A memory of this moment in time. A memory of that shop in that little coastal town on our California trip.

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California, Part 1


For the past two weeks we’ve been hiding away in a blue lagoon.

Climbing waterfalls.

Getting lost under trees.

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