This vs. That: Sweetners

Sweet vs. Better Sweet?
This time let’s look at sugar, white refined sugar, and all the “healthier” alternatives to this.

This: White Refined Sugar

I have recently learned that the 5 lb. bag of sugar I have always purchased at the store has a much less refined version of it out there that actually contains some forms of nutrients…yeah! How’s that for contrary to everything you hear about sugar these days on the main-stream market/news. Nutrients?…in sugar?? There are also a slew of other choices out there to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Want to know a little bit about everything to do with this kind of sugar? Check out this link. BUT if you are not in the mood to read a bunch just go with the flow that you know what I’m talking about and read on! :)

And by the way for some of those crazy recipes that propose that “brown sugar” is healthier, don’t be fooled, it is simply white refined sugar and molasses and caramel color. It is not a more “natural” state of sugar—READ the LABEL!

If any of you wonder why I am not covering Nutra-sweet, Splenda, and those like it…basically those are chemical concoctions that are not found readily in nature… and just not worth putting in your body in any form… ever really! They are REALLY,REALLY, REALLY bad for your health! If you read this and think I am full of bologna and you are going to continue using those products because “it helps you keep your weight down” or “you don’t want cavities from the sugar” or “you want less calories” or “just a little isn’t all that bad”… I highly recommend you do some research on these items!

That: Honey, Agave Nectar, Rapadura, Stevia

Here’s how these measure up!

Honey: we all know what this is ….but did you know it really is a MUCH healthier option? Besides the fact that it will never spoil unless it gets wet, it has a low glycemic index #, and you can find it raw at many farmers markets or your local health food store.

Agave Nectar: Also low on the glycemic index, we love to use this in place of regular syrup for our pancakes—I don’t get near the sugar crash! And my kids are not cranky—this is made from a plant, is usually organic and available even at Wal-Mart (usually right above the pancake syrup!)

Rapadura: Rappa what? Rapadura or Sucanant is sugar in its most complete form and contains nutrients that are typically stripped away during all that processing to make it white sugar. Use this in place of white sugar for most baking recipes. Can be found online, at health food stores, etc. Prices are extremely different so shop around to find a good deal.

Stevia: This little plant extract has been making its way into the main stream for a while, but unfortunately is still not readily available on in those little packets at your favorite diner. I prefer the liquid form to sweeten anything from lemonade, apple cider vinegar, hot tea, etc. Again the glycemic index is really low here too.

It’s worth checking into some of these different types…just see if you feel any different…before finding different sources for sweetness I really didn’t know how yucky loads of sugar made me feel…and now I can definitely tell if I have had more than enough of the white stuff. That’s all I have for this month friends!

Until next time!

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