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This vs. That: Flavored Drinks

This is something I have been trying and experimenting with in the past couple months. I will be completely honest and say I am a McDonald’s Coke drinker. Yes, only McDonald’s…and for those of you who are a groupie to that, only you can understand that their Coke just taste’s better than any other Coke you can get on the market. …I have no idea what they do to it…but it’s different. However, I do not like all the problems that come with drinking soda. Caffeine highs, sugar highs—then lows, $$$, headaches, itchy skin, loss of appetite, and my kids want to copy me…eeek!! So let’s contrast these soda and sugary drinks with some health promoting drinks.

THIS: Refreshing Health Destroyers
  • Soda-pop—leaches calcium from your bones. Loaded with high-fructose corn syrup. For a simple synopsis check out this site.
  • Kool-aid—powdered flavored food coloring mixed with a full cup of sugar…really? …I don’t want to try to face my day after my kids have drunk this!!!
  • Sugar-free mixades/pop—anything with aspartame, nutra-sweet, splenda, etc. may taste good but they are literally toxic and poisonous to your body’s entire system. There is a ton of information out there about this, here is just a snipit.
  • Sweet tea—taste’s amazing right? I agree. But all that sugar and really no health benefits equals a health destroyer. Easy way to add tons of empty energy to your body and when not used that becomes …FAT. Bleh.
  • Pasteurized juice—this is any juice found in stores. Due to the laws you cannot purchase raw juice…kinda like milk. It has lost nutrients by heating process. Often there are added sugars.  Organic is missing the pesticides but still loses most nutrition because of the pasteurizing process.
THAT: Refreshing Health Promoters
  • Kombacha—for those who want bubbly and healthy try this! It is a fermented tea so it has lots of good bacteria for you and the fizzy is natural. I have bought mine for $3/bottle or make your own super easy. Find starters on this site. I am planning to order my starter this month! My kids beg for drinks of this.
  • Water-kefir—bubbly and loaded with pro-biotics and can make it any flavor…very kid friendly. Hoping to try this alternative to soda as well. Tons of great reviews of it at this site as well as kits you can order.
  • Fresh Juice- raw juice made from fresh organic produce. Find or borrow and great juicer and you will never want to buy juice in the stores again. Fresh apple juice is to die for!
  • Fresh Lemonade sweetened with stevia—just amazing!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar—yes! The raw kind. Add water and sweeten with raw honey, agave nectar, or stevia and enjoy loads of pro-biotics and cleansing health benefits.
  • Last but not least…..drum roll please… about a wonderful, refreshing, easy-to-find, completely healthy drink of filtered water! Tada!!

I won’t claim perfection in the area of keeping to the health promoting drinks, but the ones I have tried, I really like, the only con is it just isn’t as convenient. However, the longer I live in America the more I am realizing that easy, healthy and convenient don’t just happen for me. But with knowledge there is power to make a better choice, and that no one can take from me! Or you!

Do you have your own refreshing health promoting drink for the summer? I would love to hear about it! Share in the comments.

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