One Year Polka Dot Party

So here we are 1 year from the start. Last year this time we posted about new beginnings, and told a story about a little snail and our first leap into full-time self-employment. Well that little snail isn’t so little anymore, and it’s not something we can protect as much as it’s something we try to keep up with. Right there with us is our beautiful niece Ember who, it just so happens, is turning 1. We spent the weekend in Tulsa for her birthday and were amazed at how much the little snail had grown.

Leave it to a new mom to have the party of the century for her little girl. Everything was in circles…hmmm is she trying to say something about her little ball of joy? She is definitely running us in circles.

We’ve had so much fun watching both Green Couch and Ember grow up. With new adventures awaiting us every day. Meg continues to grow as a designer, with new projects coming in that push us to get ever better. I’m contracting with Studio Architecture now and playing in the garden on weekends. As always we are constantly working on new product ideas… And we still believe in having our cake and eating it too. ;)

So here we are another year down, another trek traveled, another path walked. And we can’t help but smile. Just like our little snail of a year ago, we want to protect this wonderful vision we’ve been given, only to realize, that the vision isn’t what needs protecting. The vision is here in us and our hearts beat with a passion for ‘this simple life’. We love every minute and wouldn’t do things any differently given the chance. As we lay down exhausted every night we smile and know that this is what we were meant for.

We give it all two big thumbs up… or whatever cake covered finger you choose to raise. Just remember the next time you wonder if it’s possible to be this happy, to have it all? Buy yourself a big piece of cake, and enjoy the hell out of it!

From the Farm     

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